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Readers' Views on Clinton's Speech
Clinton, Lewinsky, Starr
Did the president's speech answer your questions? Thousands of readers sent us their opinions. Read excerpts below.

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"Just saying it doesn't make it so." Clinton said "he takes full responsibility" but then turns around and blames Starr. Taking full responsibility is more than just saying the words. What actions will he do to take responsibility? I would guess none. I am still waiting for an apology from a man it seems I can no longer trust. I voted for Clinton for change. What has changed? It's politics as usual.
Tom Huff
Manassas, VA

The President did not answer my questions, nor did I think his speech was not as contrite as it should have been. He again took the opportunity to attack Starr, who is only doing his job. I feel that he is still not telling the full truth in regards to whether or not he encouraged Monica Lewinsky to lie.
David L. Fithian
Berlin, MD 21811

NO!! What about the "other matters" he has emphatically denied he knew about such as Filegate, all about White Water, Travel Gate, other women, money from the Chinese, etc.? Was he lying then, too?
Dorothy Sayre
Racine, Ohio

It only sounded like a man who was extremely sorry that he got caught -- and who was only "willing" to take responsibility because he had to (due to mounting evidence, etc.). To me, this is just an unfortunate story of the American people getting what we deserve -- when we are willing to elect an individual with an extreme lack of integrity to the highest office in our land.
Tim Birch
Colorado Springs, CO

President Clinton is repulsive. The way he treats women is repulsive. I will be glad when he goes away in 2001. I am a republican and I would rather have Al Gore as president than that despicable man occupying the office now.
Julia Bilskie
Covington, Georgia

Absolutely. Now, please let the president do the job we elected him to do.
J, Scott Leurquin
New York, NY

Hallo America - no other problems ?
Robert Koop
Lingen (Ems), Germany

Partially. I know he has regrets, what I don't know is how will he go about picking up the pieces. Not only the personal family impacts, but the plan to gain credibility in once again leading the nation. How much energy can he and his staff give to the Presidency vs how much will be drained in fighting off Starr's report.
Tom Millard
Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Frankly, I hope that all this drives a stake through the heart of this idea of an "Imperial Presidency;" that our leaders have to be larger than life. We elect these people to lead the nation -- not our bedrooms.
Alex Vincent Shumway

Yes. Starr has exceeded his bounds. He should be fired.

What has me the most upset, beside Clinton admitting he's a liar and a cheat, is the fact that he also admitted to having "...a critical lapse in judgement". If he can't be trusted to make the right decisions to be faithful to his wife, then how can we trust him to make the right decisions about our country? Selling missile technology to China is just one example of how he sold us out just like he sold his wife out - he has made a mockery out of the presidency and shamed all of America. Impeach the lying, cheating coward!

Yes. He should never have been asked about it to begin is nobody's business. The Bill of Rights guarantees us the right of privacy. His rights have been violated.
Wanda Naumann
Houston, Texas

Frankly, Clinton sounds like a sore loser! He is not at all remorseful for what he had done but instead blamed in on Ken Starr. His friends and confidantes are not much better. They all made it sound like it was Ken Starr's fault that he had to lie. As far as I know, the President is a public figure. What he says and does means a lot to his citizens. What makes him think that he can screw around and then expects his citizens to pretend nothing ever happens. What we have now is a President who thinks he can get away with anything; he has no moral, no character, no integrity and has no respect for his citizens, country, or the law. Having said all these, I think the saddest part of the whole ordeal is that there all people out there who agree with him and that we should all pretend nothing ever happened! I wonder what these folks with teach their children. What values? What morals?
Kim Xiao

He said what was necessary and, rightly, told people it was nobody's business. It's not. I've long been tired of this media spectacle.
Tom Carten
Wilkes-Barre PA

Indirectly - His defiant attitude convinced me that this is a self-serving President. A simple "I'm sorry America for my actions" would have changed my opinion of the whole affair.
Jay Beckstead
Fresno, CA.

The speech was a culmination of the right wing conspiracy that Hillary has talked about. The right has not gotten over the fact that Clinton, poor white trash from Arkansas, actually won the presidency. The Starr investigation is the thin edge of a very wide wedge that will continue to blur the lines between public and private life. Our future presidents must have pockets of privacy - someplace where the media and political investigators are banned. I think Clinton fell into temptation, and let's face it, th ere are women and men out there who will use anything, including sex, to get what they want. Clinton is in the big leagues, so he should've have expected this barrage of hate. It's between Hillary and Bill - if she comes out against him, so be it.
Jay Gormaniac

If this is the kind of explanation Mr. Clinton gives when he is "telling the truth" about a deeply divisive and wrenching national subject, how are we to believe any of his other denials and explanations? The essence of leadership is trustworthiness. This President is throwing that quality in our faces daring anyone to distrust him. The evidence will conquer political spin.
Keith Guidry
Pacifica California

He answered my questions alright. I wondered if he was capable of talking straight for once in his life, and he demonstrated that he is not. He's a slick word manipulator, and a blame shifter.
Silver Spring

deceptive speech and had an air of self pity to it.
rachel philpot
marietta, ga

Yes, my question was answered. His sex life is not important to me. The independent counsel started out investigating the president and his wife's financial investment and ended in investigating his personal and sexual life. Ken Starr has gone to far. He is on a fishing expedition. No saint has ever been elected president and no saint will ever hold this office. Starr is a republican that is hell bent on getting the president at the american taxpayers expense. I find this appalling. The investigation should be dropped. We are all sick and tired of it. I think the $40 million could have been used in a more effective manner. Let us investigate Ken Starr.
Norman L. Williams
Austin, Texas

Deny, delay, demonize the opposition. The Clintons' game plan hasn't changed at all. Amazing that this country has fallen so far that it even thinks about buying into their lies. I guess we get what we deserve, and that only the ensuing pain will teach us to change our ways. This thing ain't over. When Starr produces his report, it likely will be clear that last night's speech was another total lying diversion.
Paul Batchie
Carmel, NY

The President at first, seemed quite apologetic and genuinely remorseful about this whole thing. Toward the end of his speech, however, his challenge to Ken Starr seemed a bit too strong. He needed to be more humble.
Cindy Knight
Los Angeles, California

Yes. I think, though, that whatever his faults as a family man, he should have been permitted to avoid such public humiliation. He's a fine President, evidenced in part by his ability to concentrate on his job as President to the extent that he has recently.
Elizabeth Robinson
Boston, MA

It answered my questions, and proved my disappointment in a man I thought was more honorable than this. He could have put a stop to this long ago by not lying to his family and to the public. What a waste of what could have been a brilliant presidency.

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