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Readers's Views on Clinton's Speech
Clinton, Lewinsky, Starr
Did the president's speech answer your questions?

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I feel very sad that the President allowed an ego trip of being pursued by a starstruck young woman to ruin his chance at greatness. I am disappointed he could not resist this temptation. I am sad about that, but am mostly furious at the lack of checks and balances in our government to allow a demagogue like Ken Starr to travel down the President's sex life and cause this to become an ugly American Experience rather than what should have been a private matter for the President and his own family. He is the true Villain and should be stopped now.THe damage is already done. He has in effect, brought down the Clinton Presidency. I cant believe no one can stop this individual.
t. johnson
redondo beach, california

Yes. Enough already Kenneth Starr.
Evelyn Gasdek
Charlotte, NC

NO WAY! Ronald Reagan wouldn't take his suit coat off in the oval office because of the respect that he had for the office of president..this president will drop his pants..lie...and have his staff lie for him. NO the Federalist Papers Bill Clinton...get a clue.
Memphis TN

He answered questions nobody had any business asking.
Ethan Schwartz
Silver Spring

The President answered what I needed to know. And yes, I agree with the President that Ken Starr should shut up and go back to helping the tobacco industry's hook young children on cigarettes.
Hank Margolis
San Diego, California



No. The speech was about what I expected. Clinton did not really apologize for anything. He sounded scripted and arrogant. What it most unfortunate is that this speech may help Clinton avoid the perjury issue. Lost in all the inane pundit comments about sex, is the seriousness of lying under oath. One of the fundamental elements of our judicial system is that when a person takes the oath to tell the truth, he must do nothing less than that. To fail to hold the President to that standard is to d damage the very foundation upon which our court system is based. I am ashamed I voted for him in 1992.
C. Lee Abernathy
Oxford, Mississippi

Just more stonewalling. Instead of "Slick Willie" we should call him "Stonewall" Clinton.
Charle E. Knight
Atlanta, GA


When a President of the USA has sex with a White House Intern in the Oval Office or for that matter anywhere else then you bet it is the public's business and we have a right to pursue an investigative process to determine the truth
June E. Mohr
Chincoteague Island, VA 23336

Until the speech I was certain that the President would survive. After the speech I am not so certain
Thibodaux, La

The king has spoken and we, his humble peasants should accept his majesty's royal declaration without question. Obviously, I'm not satisfied. Bill's busy "fiddlin" while Rome burns.
Ryland Whitehorn
Asheville N.C.

I agree with the point that this is his "private life" but that should have been said long ago. President Clinton is not the first president to be guilty of straying outside his marriage, however this does seem to be the first time a president was ever forced to go public with the information. I wonder what past presidents would have done if put in the same situation.
South River, NJ

Yes. However, he made a terrible mistake. The Starr investigation should now end. I believe the Congress and the panel of judges who appointed Starr order him to end the investigation on a certain date. Submit his report. Let Congress decide if further action is necessary.
F. Harry Stow
New York, NY

Yes. Let your great President get on with his job. God help the Republicans for their terrible deed in this farce. We all know you are behind it all. You managed to shoot America in the foot. I for one would hate to be a Republican candidate for President.
Jesse Hunt
Vancouver, BC Canada

I hope all of you in the media are happy now that you have embarrassed the president and this country to the point of public disclosure of a private matter. Can any of us be perfect enough to point the finger at anyone else. Can we now drop the subject and go on to the important problems facing us? I think our President showed great courage to wash his dirty laundry in front of the entire world. I for one intend to mind my own business and I hope you do too.
Sally Headley

Clinton's "inappropriate relationship" with a promiscuous 21 year old intern was a misuse of power. In today's climate, military officer's would have been court martialed or forced to resign, government and industry executives would have been forced to resign. Even if he is not found to have committed perjury, the honorable thing for him to do is resign. Of course we know that honor is sorely lacking in this president. Where is NOW now in the their support of Clinton?
Jim Selzer
Evergreen, Colorado

I knew Bill Clinton in high school. At that time he was the darling of all the teachers and most of the other students. His future was obviously bright and his popularity the envy of others. But now, some 35 years later he has revealed himself on national TV to be a hollow edifice, void of any moral conscience. His shallow apology and belligerent attacks on the prosecutors simply show how far this once shinning and promising star has fallen.
Cliff Ellis
Woodstock, Georgia

Yes he answered a question that I and the whole country knew, that he did have a sexual relationship with Miss Lewinsky. I also believe that he lied under oath to protect himself, however he did not use the office of the Presidency to do so....That is a big difference which does not provide grounds for " Impeachment"....Unlike Former President Nixon... who clearly used the office of the Presidency used to cover up serious crimes that were already evidenced on the Watergate tapes.
Ihsan AL-Din

No, not at all. Worse yet, this man (sic) offered no apology at all. What he has done to his wife and daughter is shameful. What he has done to the office of the President is terrible. He should resign immediately and devote himself to his family to the extent that they will trust him. He should remove and even banish himself from any further (dis)service to our country. His abuse of his office may be forgiven by God, but not by this proud American veteran.
Martinsburg, WV

If I gave someone a blow job in my office I'd be fired (and I work for a private company). When you are a public official and receive oral sex in your office it is no longer about your "private life."
Washington, DC

Yes, The President is also human..
Euler Uy
Washington, DC

Yes, and now this witch-hunt should stop.I'm going to vote a straight democratic ticket in November, and I never do.
Janet Compere
New York City

Enough already, please let's get back to the country and move on from the sex life of our president. How much more money must we spend to investigate sexgate. This is a politically motivated attack and everyone is aware of it. Although, President Clinton should have exercised common sense and not put his wife, the presidency and this country through bedroom politics. If you are under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct, the least president Clinton should have done was walk a fine line of straight ethical conduct so as not to feed the Republican and media frenzy for anything against Clinton.
Norman Gregory Keith
Washington, DC

I believe that when Clinton wagged his finger on TV and said that he did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky, that he lied directly to the American people. This to me is serious than any of the legal implications he may have. The lying is not a private matter any more. He deceived the American public.
Joe Hilinski
Red Hook, NY

I believe that the office of the President is an institution, and it does not reflect the opinion of one person. I think that President Clinton did have a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky, but I do not believe that his actions has stop him from doing a good job as Leader of the country. If he was not a good President, then why was he elected for two(2) terms? No matter what the independent counsel finds out, this matter is still a private issue that needs to be dealt with as such.
Dwayne L. Brown Sr.
St. Simons Island, Georgia 31522

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