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Readers's Views on Clinton's Speech
Clinton, Lewinsky, Starr
Did the president's speech answer your questions?

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No. God help us if we have to count on President Clinton's moral character and strength to lead us through a national crisis.
William Bell
Hilton Head, SC

It just reinforces the fact that you can't trust a draft dodger!
Cecil Boyd
Richland, WA

President Clinton continues to twist words to his use. I really do not believe he really understands (or cares about) what is true or not; or what is right and wrong. How sad.
Tim Gallagher
Glenville, PA

Yes. Leave him alone!!!! Most of his accusers no doubt have sexual peccadillos too. As the Bible counsels,"let him who is without sin throw the first stone." They were honest men and all walked away.
san diego

Are you kidding me?
Jonathan Scott
Olney, Maryland

I don't really care if the president had or has affairs. Did he lie under oath and commit perjury? If yes, he should resign or be impeached. He broke the law and not even the president should be above the law. I'm very disappointed in the attitudes of some of the American public that ignore this, just because the economy is doing well and they think Clinton is doing a good job. This I think shows how selfish, naive, and self-involved many Americans have become.
Downey, Ca

President Clinton is a sad case of a man who believes that he can do whatever he wants and get away with it. I am sorry for his family that he cannot be responsible to them because regardless of the sexual affair with a woman almost as young as his daughter, his family had to be embarrassed and humiliated by his lies a second time. Please Mr. President, just do your job and keep your personal affairs away from the White House.

He had sex with an employee and lied to the country about it. He lied under oath. Clinton has shamed the nation and should resign immediately or be impeached. Did he really not inhale?
Seth Zirin

Yes; we all suspected that what he said was the case. Why doesn't the US get out of the "Jerry Springer" dirtdigging mode? I still support the President.
Katherine Drew
Hyattsville, MD

President showed he has no respect for sworn testimony and no respect for the job he holds. The office of president is very important; it is not important he remain in it. He needs to resign and let us make a new start. He needs to seek help for his problem.
Roger Phillips

Clinton should have apologized to Monica and her family. After all, she was a young intern and suffered greatly all during those months in which he assumed no responsibility.
Onie Fritts
Boca Raton, FL

Todas. Espero que K. Starr deje vivir tranquila a la familia clinton y espero que tambien los norteamericanos entien- dan que hasta el presidente tiene derecho a su vidaprivada. Lo demas es problema de la seqora Hillary
h. morales

We as a society do not tolerate sexual misconduct in the chain of command in the military or private sectors. There is no reason to tolerate it in the executive branch. Clinton should resign; sooner rather than later.
S. McClellan
Panama City, FL

Yes, its very unfortunate that President of United State had to go through such a humiliation. What he does with his personal life is none of our business. We should have some respect for the leader of the country - leave him alone - let him do his work. I think the investigation of Starr should start now - he is wasting our tax money.
Akhtar Begum
New Jersey

You are kidding right? The man lies and obstructs an investigation, and then has the gall to blame the independent counsel?? President Clinton now wants us to believe he is telling the truth. When has he EVER told the truth??
Stafford, VA

I didn't have any questions since it's not my or anyone else's business but the President's and his family's. So I am satisfied and would like it all to end quickly.
David G. Link
Arlington, VA

Yes, I am now convinced that President Clinton and personal integrity are strangers.
Ed Alex
Sterling, VA

Yes, Now let's move on to more important issues like national security, education, health, widening income disparities, campaign finance name a few.
Mukesh Shah
New York, NY

I think that what Clinton has done is worse for the United States than burning the U.S. flag. He strikes me as arrogant, he showed little or no remorse for his actions or concern for those many individuals he has misused. Many men have given their lives to support the character and honesty of this country. In my view this man will lie, cheat and steal to get what he wants. How in the world do I explain to a nine year old grand daughter what the values of integrity and honesty are when even at age nine she can see/hear that the President of the United States has admitted that he has forsaken these basic values. His speech did not answer my question and to my view only served himself as usual.
f. webb maddux
danville, va. 24541

Lets forget about the whole thing.
P Hess
Oak Ridge

As a future officer in the US Army, I am disappointed that my Commander in Chief has committed a breach of trust with the American people. Had this been a superior officer sleeping with a subordinate, he would be courtmartialed.
C. Johnson

WHY oh why do publishers waste so much press space with OJ Simpson, Bill Clinton & other trash?
Sue Hemingway
Auburn, NY 13021

San Francisco

As a now-former Clinton supporter, I am very disappointed that the President did not apologize to the American people for his months (and years?) of deception and semantic games. His tone suggested strongly that he sees himself as a victim and that he does not yet accept any blame for the torment he has caused us all. It is true that he is entitled to privacy, but he is not entitled to lie and mislead and evade the truth in his public communications. In his unmitigated arrogance, he fails to recognize that he was elected to be our "leader" and that he has a responsibility to hold himself to a high standard of conduct, not only in what he does but in what he says. I am ashamed of him for his personal behavior and for what must be either a lack of courage to accept full responsibility or a contemptuous regard for us, the People, whom he seems to regard as naively gullible. He has betrayed our trust repeatedly.
Jim Cunningham

It is embarrassing for the nation throughout the world. He holds the highest office in the world and he knew that he shouldn't do anything like this in the first place. He is the main contributor of this whole mess which costs us $40 million and disgraces the presidency. He should be resigned to restore America's reputation.
Frank Nguyen

Reporters, print and video, have adamantly refused to acknowledge that they are trashing not just this sad president, but the Presidency. Your insistent addiction to sex and gossip has aided those financing this political circus we abhor. Thanks for nothing.
Arshile Gorky

Not at was all politics with nary a hint of sincerity. He didn't speak from his heart...too polished, too carefully worded. If he is truly concerned about what is best for the country and truly wants to work on restoring his family's privacy...he should resign and let the country move forward.
Mike B.
Cheyenne, WY

Hell no. He continues to evade responsibility and lie at every possible turn. I'll never believe anything he says and I'll never name another child after a President again. My bad.
Raleigh, NC

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