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Readers's Views on Clinton's Speech
Clinton, Lewinsky, Starr
Did the president's speech answer your questions?

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I am angered that the President would play the American public for the fool for over seven months and then, without any substantive apology, expect that wee should put this issue behind us and go on with he business of the nation. Where I come from, the business of this great nation has always revolved around a bond built on trust between the public and those that they elect to lead them.
Michael Robinson
Corning, NY

Yes, I want this whole matter to go away. This is a personal issue between the President and his family. Anyone who goes beyond that is doing it solely for political purposes and has ulterior motives. I hope he can make amends with his family and get on with the Nation's business. We've been distracted for far too long when we have far far more important issues at hand. I'm sorry to say that I would discourage my children from ever wanting the goal of being in political office.
Gary H. Rittinger
Great Falls, Virginia

The answers were there, the apology to the nation was not. Think of any CEO that has sex with a starting employee in the corporate office. The board will surely hand him (her?) walking papers five seconds after the news comes out. And what about sexual harassment laws? There is room for more apologies and admission of guilt with no more blaming other people for what is clearly Mr. Clinton's poor behaviour and judgement.
Robert E. Nicholls
Arlington, MA

Not really, but just enough to let us all know it is time to say good bye to President Clinton and say hello to President Gore. It will be done.
Reston, VA

Truth under oath is the fundamental building block of our system of justice. The President of the United States cannot violate it. I sure can't.
Joe Loiacono

A university professor who did the same with a student would lose her job and be publicly disgraced. A corporate exec would face firing and a lawsuit. The president uses a public volunteer his daughter's age in a public office while conducting public business and while holding an office that makes the man, as Jefferson said, a "public trust", and he whines that it's solely a private matter. Well it's not, any more than Clarence Thomas's vaguely sexual jokes with Anita Hill were a private matter. The president has demeaned the office -- and all of us who voted for him.

Mr. Clinton did not answer any questions in last night's speech. He did not apologize nor retract his statement when he denied to the American people that he had a sexual affair with Lewinsky. Mr Clinton should have the courage for once to take full responsibility for his despicable acts and resign, only that would satisfy me. It is clear that he continues to lie about these matters in the serious areas of perjury, obstruction, and abuse of power. I think yesterday will mark the end of the Clinton cult of personality when the all the facts are known, or it will mark the end of the rule of law in this country.
Michael Mantho
Cleveland, Ohio

After months of watching Clinton spar with reporters and dance around questions about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky, it was refreshing to see president Clinton fire out what I believe is a sincere but stern apology. He's suffered enough humiliation. Though it may have been a carefully worded and 'lawerly' speech, it was enough for me to think "I've had enough -- let's get on with our lives." Whatever one may think of Clinton's impulses, one can't ignore his job performance.
David Chapman
Gaithersburg, MD

I did not vote for Bill Clinton and I have never been fond of him. Yet, when he gave his speech last night I did not feel vindicated. I felt strangely dispirited and profoundly disappointed. Even though, I knew that he had a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky, I still was subdued. As much as I dislike the guy, I am really sick of this whole thing. I am also getting angry with Clinton because he is the guy who was stupid enough to have the affair in the first place and too proud to admit it. Instead he continues to drag his feet and try to outlast this thing at the detriment of the country. Disgusting.
Thomas Gorrie
San Diego, CA

Yes, and now let's not beat an old horse to death. Let's get over it, and get on with the business of living and let the president run the country. If nothing else, than to give Hillary and Chelsea, especially Chelsea time to grieve, heal and get on with their lives without the glare of the public in their faces. Thank you.
Juidith A. Cryts
Solvang, CA

As a foreigner that lived in the U.S. for 10 years I watch from abroad in dismay. It is unbelievable that someone spent 40 million dollars to prove that Clinton cheated on his wife. Any cheap private eye could have found the same for 40 dollars.
Luiz Rizzo
Sao Paulo - BRAZIL

JFK had women in the white house all the time. Roosevelt died in his mistress's house. Nobody cared. I don't want to know what every man is doing out there. Why do we have prostitutes? If every man would be all so much different the divorce rate in this country would be cut by 95%. Lets be glad nobody is putting us on the stand for everything we might have done.

Slick Willy should put his pants back on, and get out of town.

I was very disappointed in Clinton's speech. Guess I was expecting too much but I had hoped that he would apologize for his behavior to the nation, his friends, his aides and all the people who have defended him for over 7 months. Some of these people face hefty legal bills which could have been avoided if he had the courage to tell the truth immediately instead of reverting to the lies, half-truths, and stonewalling which he's employed in the past. He did not accept full responsibility for his acts --- he had to blame Ken Starr for his problems. Bill Clinton is a seriously flawed man who needs to be seeing a professional for his problems. Maybe when he's out of office he'll have the time to take care of his problems.
Jeannie Craig
Hobe Sound, FL

We've arrived in Alice in Wonderland; where oral sex is not sex and a "critical lapse in judgment" can last 18 months! I voted for Clinton in '92. He lied on 60 Minutes. Among other things, he essentially promised there to uphold the office in a moral and dignified manner. I unfortunately believed him. During the Paula Jones litigation in '95 and '96 he was denying the incident while at the same time having sex with Monica L. In '96 Dole campaigned on values, character, decency while Clinton was having adulterous sex in the Oval office. Dole was right. Character does matter. Mr. Pres. why don't you really answer the questions and maybe we'll really trust you. We deserve much better.
Michael S.
San Diego

Yes... His speech Monday night confirmed that the reason he refuses to use the words "sexual relationship" when he describes his relationship with Monica Lewinsky more about trying to avoid a perjury charge stemming from the Paula Jones deposition than it is about trying to shield his family from humiliation. There would be no justification for further inquiry into the details of his relationship with Lewinsky if he admits that he perjured himself. If this investigation drags on any longer, it is Clinton's fault.
Ronald A. Tyson
New Brunswick, NJ

Another play on words. Truth should not have to be rehearsed.
J Harris
Georgetown, SC

Why do the people in the military have a higher standard of conduct for sexual behavior then the commander in chief.
Everett Watts
Kaysville, Utah

Poor Hillary...
Mary Rose Roberts
San Diego, CA

As a certified addiction treatment counselor, my curiosity is satisfied. He displays all the symptoms of a sex addict, including loss of ability to control urges; continued acting out despite adverse consequences; denial of his actions; denial of the consequences and effects of his actions....I have been a staunch supporter of Clinton but I feel very troubled by his inability to control his behavior. I don't expect the man to be perfect, but the fact that he behaved in this way in the Oval Office is deeply troubling to me. We need to get on with the business of this country. That means he needs to step down.
Colleen O'Donnell
Washington, DC

I think the speech served to show just how much the President thinks he is above all of us. He should have come out and said the word "sorry" in his speech and actually acknowledged a "sexual" relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Instead, he skirted around the words, like an ambulance chasing lawyer. The President of the United States is not an ordinary citizen; he must lead by example, or at least show that he's trying. He also spent too much time complaining about Ken Star. It's obvious to me that the only thing the President is sorry about is that he got caught.
J.D. Franks
Houston, Texas

Yes and no. How could his sworn statement under oath, saying that he had no sexual relationship with Monica be "legally accurate"? To all of his supporters -- lying under oath in a court of law is perjury which is a felony. Should a felon be president? That's the big question. I am ashamed that I actually voted for him.
Darryl Putnam
Frederick MD

His speech was sufficient, but he should have avoided references to Starr.

If Hatfield had to resign, so should Clinton.
Bill Moritaq
Hillsboro, OR

I am tired of hearing the words inappropriate relationship. We need to call this what it is, it is called adultery against his wife and lying to his friends, to his wife, and to the people of the United States of America. He has turned the White House into his little love nest, when will this stop. Mr. Clinton has no moral values at all.He never was right for the White House and should now step down and put respect back in the great U. S.A. Thank You
Kernersville, N.C.

Absolutely YES! Didn't Kennedy deny liaisons? F.D.R.? L.B.J.? Too bad Nixon resigned; Starr would STILL be investigating who and what was involved in Watergate!
Dallas, TX

On August 17, the Russian President devalued the currency and the American President devalued the MORALITY.
Ram Chandran
Burke, VA

The President's speech did not answer my questions because it was so vague. As a young adult, I feel that he does not represent this country in a manner that should be portrayed by the leader of the free world. He is not setting a good example for children who look to the President--as a mentor.
Fairfax, Va

I am a Clinton fan who was gravely disappointed by the "speech". The caring and sincerity of previous speeches was entirely lacking. This man is scared by what is yet to come out.
Cheryl Feigenson
new york

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