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Readers's Views on Clinton's Speech
Clinton, Lewinsky, Starr
Did the president's speech answer your questions?

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Yes. Now let's drop it and get on with other more important things.
Dee Ellison
Houston, TX

No, he was dancing around the whole subject as he always does. However, at this point this whole subject needs to go away and let our tax dollars be spent on something more worth while.
Germantown, MD

I don't want to know such things about anyone, much less the president of the United States. I had very few questions about all this in the first place and I don't think the country particularly needs the answers.
Thomas Threlkeld
Bethesda, MD

Yes, and I don't want to hear any more about it from anyone, especially Starr.
Anne Whitaker
Bethesda, Md.

No,it was not a private matter -- he is the president and she was a presidential intern. He was in position of power. He failed to address that entire aspect of the issue.

I had no questions. I was certain that the president had done what he was accused of. His statement only served to confirm that he remains unrepentant. He did not say he was sorry, only that he deeply regretted his actions. I think that the only thing he regrets is that he got caught. He remains one of the most skillful liars it has ever been my misfortune to observe.
Dale Work
Oak Hill, VA

Once again the First Liar has weaseled, lawyer talked and dodged the truth. There is no question that his performance was another example of his moral depravity. How can he effectively lead if any thing he proposes will be questioned.
ed riley
placerville ca

No. Plus: I want an apology for wasting 7 months worth of investigation dollars while defending something he knew all along was al lie.

The man's personal life is NONE of my business. He had consensual sex with a willing partner. This is inconsequential to what he was hired to do--RUN THE COUNTRY. I am sick of Ken Starr and his stalkers. I have voted Republican in the past, but NEVER will again.

I think it is time for Mr. Starr to pack up and leave town. Americans are ready for closure.
Chuck Wade
Raleigh, NC

Yes, it's time to move on. If there is any cover up, it's not a coverup of a crime a la Nixon. This is no way to change governments, by resignation, or by impeachment over this kind of issue. The cost, in terms of national divisiveness and poisoning of future political processes, is simply not worth it at this time.
Robert Thaler
Saginaw, Michigan

No, I do not feel the President was apologetic at all. Defiant is an appropiate description of his speech. The President did not experience a "lapse" in judgment for 18 months. He demonstrated his lack of discipline and lack of respect for his own office.
Winston-Salem, NC

No. His assertion that this is a private matter is wrong. Sex with a White House intern in the oval office and then using the instruments of government (secret service, Betty Currie, White House lawyers, assorted government-paid spinners)is anything but a private matter. Moreover, his attack on Starr was a reflection of his delusional personality in which he sees himself as the victim. He's scary.
Barry Mandinach
Rockville Centre, NY

No. He was evasive, confrontational rather than contrite and still trying to blame everyone else for serious mistakes whereas his own behavior was only a minor misleading.
Glen Barksdale
Orem, Utah

No, absolutely not. He still doesn't seem to want to take complete responsibility for his actions. And a note to everyone who keeps asking what business we have prying into the President's private life: Excuse me, didn't these events take place in the White House, during the course of business and with an employee young enough to be his daughter? I think he forfeited any right to privacy when he conducted himself in this fashion.
Theresa M. Potter
Miami, Florida

No. The President didn't really say or admit anything. The entire speech was a study in obfuscation.
John Pierce

What I want to know is, will Clinton now apologize to all of the people his staff has been attacking in the press for the past 7 months? The list includes (but is not limited to) Linda Tripp, Paula Jones, Ken Starr, Jennifer Flowers, Lucianned Goldberg, and Kathleen Willey. And why did Clinton feel he had to attack Starr? Clinton is a lawyer. He also signed legislation extending the Independent Counsel statute. He, of all people, should know that Ken Starr is doing a job that he has a mandate to perf orm. If, as he stated early in his speech he wanted to take complete resonsibility, why did he attempt to fix blame on Starr?
Doug Harris
Kemah, TX

After having seen Clinton caught in lies before and suspecting him of many more lies, half truths, stonewalling I wasn't surprised at his speech. Remember it is never his fault. The only thing I was surprised at was the shock and disappointment of others at Clinton. Where have they been? In a Cave?
Allen Bolen
Oroville, Ca

Dear Sirs, The President did not answer my questions. He did not acknowledge that the investigation was caused by his actions. He is the sole reason there is investigation. He does not seem to believe he has done wrong and has surely has not apologized for having done so. HE must resign..
Charlotte Evans
Fairport, New York

I think this issue should be stop!!! Clinton express his plea to the public. Spend tooo much money on issue that not concerning the function of the government. Money should spend for the welfare of the peoples. This is tax payer money!!! Next campaign keep talking about sex scandel. Don't expect to get my vote.
Chinh Doan
Houston, TX

He answered my questions. Anyone who feels the need know more should tune to the daily talks shows on television.
Harvey Sory
Collinsville, OK

No!! The speech was just another attempt by President Clinton to pull the wool over the eyes of the nation. He spent about 10 seconds appologizing for his acts, didn't bother to appologize to Monica Lewinsky, and spent the rest of his time criticizing Kenneth Star who was only carrying out an investigation he was hired to do. If President Clinton had just been honest with the American people about everything (which I don't believe he has been to this point) the investigation could have been completed much sooner. This country doesn't need a President like Bill Clinton. I didn't get the impression that he was the least bit sorry for what he had done. There's still a lot to be answered.
Brian Weeks
Leesburg, VA

I am satisfied with the President's remarks. Starr's investigation should end and the media should stop hyping this story way out of proportion.
M. Hindin
Washington DC

YEs, He needed not to get into details. It only proved that he lied to the american public. All public officials do!
Jack Windell
Washington, Dc

It's the kind of response you'd get from a 15-year-old. I didn't really do's someone else's fault...just get off my back... He answered a large question in my mind: Has he matured, learned from his behavior? No. Will he "grow up?" Not in the forseeable future.
Jon Hipps
New York, NY

NO. He did not address the real issues, but instead gave a sliver of truth in an attempt to protect his image, then tried to shift the responsibility for his actions to Judge Starr. He is without shame.
Dottie Gibson
Capitola, CA

No not at all. It seems to me all he did was tap dance completly around the question. I think he should resign. One thing I will say, he sure has a way with words.
Tony D.
Bellmawr, NJ

Yes, now please give us in depth coverage of other, relevant news. Too liltle attention given the 200 dead in Africa. Shame on you. This is not going to be another Watergate, get over it and move on.
Rallph Smith
Manassas, Va

Mr Clinton did exactly what I thought he would do. He made lame excuses for his pathetic and criminal actions and tried to blame someone else for his own moral failings. He is a liar and is not fit to lead this country.
Glenn McIntosh
San Jose CA

The President did not answer my questions. I was shocked at the tone and content of his speech, expecting a more apologetic answer. Instead, we heard more of his carefully worded denials and attempts to both make excuses and divert blame for his situation that represents a behavioral personality disorder more than a commander-in-chief. I was ready to accept his apology for his lies to myself and the rest of America, and he let us all down. Instead of answering our questions, we now just wonder wha t else he has lied about.
Kenneth Roll
Newton, NC

No. We waited seven months for what?
Edward Schwartz
Alexandria, Virginia

No. I don't like his double-standard. Clinton abandoned Hispanic H. Cisneros over a sex scandal, likewise the African American Sergeant Major and a woman Airforce Captain and did not pardon them, that their sexual affairs were private. No President is above the law. I want to see the Starr grand jury report. I want to know why Sen. Feinstein is also so disappointed by Clinton's actions. I'm not going to be a "simpleton" about this abuse of many women in the workplace. Clinton needs psychological counseling for his sexual addictions. I am an independent and vote both Democratic and Republican--not a "party" member.
John Ferrick
Austin, Texas


Unbelievable! President Clinton is NOT the victim in this matter. He is responsible for his predicament--not Kenneth Star, a right wing conspiracy, or Barney the Dinosaur! His speech did not begin to answer the questions that demand an answer.
Bob Berbel
San Jose

I am glad that he acknowledged his mistake. I just wish that he had done so seven months ago. This whole situation is like a severely infected wound or a malignant tumor that was neglected. There has also been so much time and money wasted. Is there a way to make him pay the bill?
Alane Freeman
Muscle Shoals, AL

I was really hoping the he would tell the nation how "sorry" he was and to ask "forgiveness" for his stupid actions.
Henry Sanchez
Sacramento, CA

We all knew he did it, and I am glad he finally came out and admitted it. I heard what I needed to hear, now if we could just stop fussing over it and focus on more important issues facing the nation, then I will feel like he is still our president and in control. All of this mess is too distracting and can wait until he has finished his term.
Arlington, VA

I think Clinton told the public everything we needed to know. He admitted the relationship with Monica Lewinsky and apologized for misleading the public. He owed us the truth, not details.
Sarah McEntee
Arlington, VA

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