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Readers's Views on Clinton's Speech
Clinton, Lewinsky, Starr
Did the president's speech answer your questions?

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I am very supportive to the president. It is very unfortunate and shameful that the independent counsel would like to pursue such a ludicrous investigation. It is time to leave the elected president alone. Mr Starr is out of control.
M Fiaani
Goderich Canada

Already knew the answer! President Clinton is incapable of distinguishing between the truth or a lie. He's made a political life out of being able to look the public straight in the face and lie. In his mind, there is probably nothing wrong with the way he has treated the American people over the past 6-7 months. He certainly believes in what he said last night, but those who understand the seriousness of his actions and the harm he has done to the presidency, know that the American people can ill afford to just move on without the President being held accountable for his actions. He has embarrassed us all and continues to do so.
Tom Trumps
Carlisle, PA

No, it didn't answer my questions, because my question is, "How can you now convince me that you are fit to lead our Nation?" His lame speech demonstrated that he continues to be the same evasive character, and will never again convince the Nation, when looking at us straight in the eye, that he is being truthful. When he goes into the revered Oval Office he cannot, as no one can, leave his "other character" behind upstairs. Character counts, and he does not have the character to lead this Blessed Nation.
Jaime Cruz
Elkridge, Maryland

NO, I've heard better explanations from my daughter. Water down the truth and deflect the responsibility or blame someone else for their problem. Clinton did not apologize to the people he hurt because of his lies, or apologize to the youth of this nation for his actions. That is why I know he just don't care except he got caught this time. What about the next time he lies. This president has done more to cause the break down of family values more than any one man in recent history. This is his legacy.
Wayne F. Johndrow
Fort Smith, Arkansas

President Clinton is the truly the greatest president since President Kennedy. He is a caring person that walks into any crowd of people and really listens to what they have to say. The polls suggest we, the people are still behind our president. The republicans and the media need to put this X-RATED investigation to rest. We are so tired of hearing this. There are times that I try to find out information of news worthy items or events and it just isn't there. We are a large nation in large wor ld. I know there are many news-worthy happenings and events that aren't covered. News talk-shows are beginning to sour my stomach. Each show is a rerun of the last, mostly with the same people.
Barbara Johnson
Memphis, TN

Mr. Clinton did not answer anything. He should have apologized to the American people, Mr. Starr and Monica Lewinsky, and then have gone on Larry King Live and had distinguished journalists ask him questions about this entire affair, so that we could have gotten an adequate explanation for his behavior. Then we would have had a basis to judge him. I am not sure that this would have exonerated him, but as things are, we just have more stalling and lying. He has only one option now: he must resign.
Tatiana Nicolej

Yes. The investigation should have focused on the Whitewater in the first place and absolutely should not step into his private life. If America is so obsessed with our leaders' sexual purity, why don't we just invite the Pope to be our president?
James Yan
New York City

Not at all. At the very least, I expected an apology, not an attack on the prosecutor. The man is a liar and a cheat who thinks he can fool all of the people all of the time.

Bill, are you really concerned about the forty million dollars spent on this investigation? If your answer is Yes, then you should resign. For if you don't, it will cost the American people another $40,000,000.00 to impeach you. You are no better than any executive or officer that has been held accountable for the same offenses. You took an oath, that you have not lived up to.
Bob Keysar
La Plata, MD

Why blame Mr Starr? He is doing his JOB. It is like someone blaming the cop when he or she caught speeding!!

Yes.... I wondered if he would shift the blame.. I suppose there has never been a crook that didn't tell all around that the cops were the real problem here.
Tony Neeley
Monroe, Va.

No.! President Clinton has weaved a pattern of lies that finally caught up with him. The only reason he even discussed this with the American people and the grand jury was because the evidence was about to tell us what most of us already believed. Rather than show remorse, he did what most criminals do blame those that trapped him in his lies and deceit. He's only sorry he got caught not for his actions. How can we trust this man? Does anyone really believe he didn't try to cover his tracks or block the investigation? Heaven help us if he continues to get away without consequence for these despicable actions.
David Andrews
Provo, Utah

Absolutely. I didn't need to know in the first place. It's about time he stood up for his own personal freedom. If this kind of scrutiny keeps up, no one will want the Presidency and it will just be one more job to cruise over in the classifieds.
Rain Dziedzic
Vienna, VA

Clinton's Speech was vague and defensive and unapologetic. The only thing Clinton is sorry about is getting caught, otherwise he would have come forward truthfully a long time ago. His marriage is nothing more than a front and he has yet to prove he can be trusted. Whether the American public wants to believe this or not doesn't matter but Clinton did in fact put the country's national security at risk with his behavior!!!!!
Vincent Leffler
Memphis, TN

The important thing here is to set an example for future authority and future generations. Clinton lied under oath PERIOD. No matter how it was worded or danced around, he lied. Then he wasted our tax dollars trying to cover up that lie. I sure hope that Congress sets some new laws for our future President. More so for our future generations so they know that a majority of the nation doesn't think it's proper to lie under oath under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE! And so they don't think its a good thing to be a liar and a cheat. Presidents may have private lives, but we don't have to pay for them and then sweep them under the rugs because no one wants to deal with them!
Philly, PA

The President's complaint about the length of time of the investigation SHOULD include a statement that his stonewalling caused most of the delay.
L. Cottingham
Dallas, Texas

If the president truly cares as much for this country as he says, he should realize that we deserve better than to be lied to and we would respect him a whole lot more if he would just resign and go work on getting his family life back in order.
Bill Bath
Big Bear City, Ca

If Mr. Clinton is ready for Starr to stop "prying into private lives," why doesn't he fire Starr? If Starr's actions are so outrageous, why doesn't Attorney General Janet Reno Jerk his leash back? I was hoping to see Mr. Clinton apologize for his lies to me and the rest of the American people. Instead he couldn't even bring himself to say the word "lie" or any other words of apology. He blamed someone else for his actions and the consequences of them. Forget all this talk of "get beyond this." You lied to ME, Mr. President, and you didn't even have the guts to say you were sorry.
Melissa Boaz
Austin, Texas

The President of the U.S. should be the leader of the world. Mr.Clinton has badly damaged the dignity of the U.S. Presidency. I am afraid that world leaders are losing confidence in him too. I hope he will resign soon to protect position of United States in the world.

I am truly humiliated by Clinton's continued denials of the truth. I am not sure, however, that he truly believes he lied. There are two phrases that fit him: pathological liar and sexual deviant.
Greg Jones
Choudrant, LA

I thought the president came across as a man who was sorry he was caught and blamed the circumstances that caught him, not as a repentant man.

Clinton's "inappropriate relationship" with Lewinsky is a pardonable sin; his not being honest under oath is an impeachable offense for a U.S. President; and his behavior of using men and women and the trust of the public is offense of the greatest degree.
Jon Taylor

All questions have been answered. I hope this story ends quickly, and without further harm to the office of the president. Let the politicians play with it from now on.
Lewis S. Brooks
Kosrae, FSM

The man lied to his wife, child, friends, and American people. He wagged his finger at the American people and said that he "did not have sex with that woman." Now when he is caught in the lie, he wants to play the role of the victim. That is absurd. He is the one who had the "inappropriate relationship" with a very young lady. His so called apology was a slap in the face. The president better hope that he does not have to face another sexual harrassment charge.

No, his speech was carefully crafted to cast blame on others and admit nothing. Nothing in the speech convinced me that he's telling the truth. Has he ever? The damage to the office of the presidency is great. Clinton should resign.
Don Morse

Watching this whole thing has made me wonder if there may not be a vast left wing conspiracy.
San Francisco, CA

No, the president did not answer either "fully or completely" as he promised to do. But what good is his word? Continue the good work, Ken Starr, one brave American.
Paul Love JR.
Glen Allan, MS.

If the issue were justice and not legal technicalities the question would not be should we impeach Mr. Clinton, but should we try Mr. Starr.
Hall P. Beck
Valle Crucis, NC

The president never said he was sorry for lying to the American public. His speach was arrogant and self-serving. How can a nation follow the lead of a president who lies to them?
Disappointed voter
Lockport, Illinois

Mr. Clinton mislead his family and the Nation of the U.S.A. and the World. His speach was political and NOT apologetic .I think that if it would be proven that he lied under oath, he should leave office.
Atef Elzeftawy, Ph.D.
Las Vegas, NV.

No! The man is a total embarrassment - - - He is devoid of morals and keeps trying to put himself above the very law that he has previously sworn to uphold. He MUST RESIGN for the good of the country.
Jim B.
Babylon, N.Y.

No! The Military Code of Justice should be the standard that Mr. Clinton has to live up to. If he can not do that he needs to step down. He has lied, cheated, and committed adultery and should be tried by the military for these crimes. Any other military officer would be handed an article 15 and a dishonorable discharge.
Donna Briedis
Canton NY

No, but how can a lifelong liar convince anyone that he will not repeat? I would "feel better" if he said he will "continue to lie"--that might change his habit!
A. K.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

What did he admit? Was he really contrite? Give me a break!! The guy was cornered into admitting what he did. If his number one concern is his place in history then he finally got what he deserved! If his family is so important then why doesn't he resign and make amends. The partisan apologists for Clinton should not be sympathized for in the least. They either new it was a possibility or should have used their heads that there was a chance he was lying.
Karl Christen
Salt Lake City, Utah

ABSOLUTELY NOT! More rather than less he said. Then a half hearted vague apology for unspecified lies. Lies! Lies! Lies! What a sleaze and he wants to move on. What felon would not want to have his prosecutor forget every thing. Resignation is the only honorable thing for him to do. The law prevents me from saying what I think should happen to him. He is a Man Child and should grow up back in Arkansas.
Lafayette, CA

His speech was the usual Clinton double talk. You think you hear one thing and then when you think it over you know he meant something else. Very deceptive!!! He even blames Mr. Starr for the money spent as he and his misinformed aides caused one delay after another. I was hoping this would help bring it to closure. It doesn't for me. Perhaps not for others as they think of what was and wasn't said. I will wait for the investigation to end to get my answers. Thank you.
Irene Breslin
Cerritos, CA

Personally, I am tired of hearing about Clinton's sexual behavior. If he lied to the American people, then he has betrayed the trust of the people and should be removed from office. If he truly regrets his actions and wants to make amends by doing, as he says, "whatever it takes," and if he truly loves his country, then he should resign.
Dr. John W. Sheppard
Pasadena, MD

No, because I don't believe he answered everything that Starr asked him. He lied to the American people and his family 7 months ago so he probably still is lying. The only reason he is admitting the relationship now is because he was finally caught. He is not sorry that he did it, he is only sorry that he was caught.
J. Fennell
Columbia, S.C.

No, the president did not in any way resolve the reservations I had. I really think he should resign for the good of the country, and for the welfare of his family.
M. Symonds
Prather, Ca

I think he did the right thing in admitting his mistakes and apologizing to the people and his family. We elect human beings to high offices and not angels or a Buddha or a Mother Theresa. We elected him to do the job and let him handle the pressing domestic and international issues to the best of his ability during the remainder of his term.
M. Alam

No, it did not, nor did I expect it to. Almost anyone who has not been on Mars for the past seven months had to have a pretty good idea of the presumed nature of the sexual contacts between Mr. Clinton and the intern. I therefore really had only one question: "How do you justify directly lying to the American people over an extended period of time?" This, of course, was not answered by the President, which in itself says volumes concerning his character. I am not so much anxious to have the Starr probe completed as I am to have the Clinton Presidency behind us.
Nick Hamilton
Oak Grove, Louisiana

No. I believe Clinton did not want to give his speech. I think he was under pressure by fellow Democrats. At the very least he should have said he was sorry about delaying the investigation by 6 months. Instead he tried to put the blame on Ken Starr.
Terry Will
Woodburn, OR

No. The President of our country did not even use the word "apology" for what he admitted (sort of) doing. And for those who think that what he did wasn't so bad, just think about what would happen to you if you got caught in your offices, doing what he did in his. You would be fired (at the very least). And if you had committed perjury about it, you would be on your way to jail. Think about it. Then, having been caught in his web of lies, Clinton tried to blame Starr for his own peccadillos was incr edibly bad. When President Truman said, "The Buck Stops Here", he sure wasn't thinking about little Billy Clinton. Our President is sick. May God help us!
David Groves
Winter Springs, Florida

NO, Clinton is an inveterate liar who cares only about himself. His character is so weak it is pitiful. It does answer the question of why he dodged the draft while I went to Vietnam. It does explain his consistent egregious behavior. What puzzles me is the polls versus the internet and chat responses are diametrically opposed. On the internet, Clinton is trashed by significant numbers - Democrat and Republican. I wish some journalist would explain differences.
Desi Arnaiz

No. He answered only where denial would constitute perjury before grand jury and took the 4th where answering would be an admission of perjury in Paula Jones case. Beside there are far more serious crimes waiting to erupt. Poor America!
Raul Kacirek
Rindge NH

No He only admitted to the lie he was caught in because of the dress. He is still lying.
Judy Walker
Ft. Worth Tx.

No. He's a manipulating, lying attorney and he took the weasel's way out. I can't wait to see what America's response will be when Starr's report becomes public knowledge. How many Americans will change their opinion when ALL of the truth comes out?
Los Angeles

Yes, The speech has made a impression on me. That Clinton is sick and needs help fast.He also needs to resign.That circle has finally come back around to meet him. This is a small spec in the in the big picture. Star is my hero.
Samuel Whitmire

I voted for Clinton in the last two elections. I'm very disappointed in his speech. What he appears to have completely ignored is the fact that if he had told the truth in January the pain and expenses of the following seven months would not have taken place. How can he blame Star for something he is at least partially responsible for?
Ralph Young
Alexandria, VA

If my local married 52 year old High school principal had sex in the school office with a 21 year old student teacher, we would not only tar and feather him, but run him out of town. The President of the United States should be held to higher standards than that even. He should resign. Didn't he make Dick Morris resign for having an affair? Lastly, who said "If an American president ever lied to the people of the United States, then he should resign"? Answer, William Jefferson Clinton, 1974.

Bill Clinton's speech solidified my previously held beliefs that he is a liar, a coward, and generally one of the worst leaders this country has ever produced. Having said that, I do not feel he should be impeached unless Ken Starr has sufficient evidence to prove obstruction of justice. An impeachment based on anything less than a clear violation of law would stain the Presidency, which thanks to Mr. Clinton, has already been damaged enough. Unfortunately, I believe that Clinton's double-speak, Starr's relentless nitpicking, and the media's sensationalism has given the United States of America a reputation around the world that is inferior to what it once was. I just hope that the next President elected (republican or democrat) has strong moral character, but more importantly, an ability to lead and command respect from not only Americans but from all the world's leaders and citizens.
Eric Hartung
Herndon, VA

President Clinton's four-minute performance was shallow, couched in legal double speak, and unrepentant. He showed the regret of an exposed and embarrassed fraud, not the sorrow of an honorable man trying to make amends.
Gregory Brown
Orem, Utah


Clinton's testimony and brief speech did nothing to improve my views of him as a politician nor as a man. He has consistently shown a blatant disregard for thinking Americans who will unfortunately have to endure this face for two more years.
Michael Teleshuk
Thomasville, N.C.

The speech answered none of my questions. Thanks to the Post, I already have all my answers, except: How long can he last? This could be the most irrevelant half-presidency ever. Who is going to take the man seriously the rest of his term?
Dennis Womack
Duluth GA

No apology. No remorse. No contrition. NO FORGIVENESS. I own as much of the White House as he does, and he has disgraced it. I hold the strange reticence of the press responsible for supporting toleration of his outrageous behavior - and I fully intend to hold my congressman and senators responsible if they fail to deal appropriately with this matter.
David M. Shiffman

Bill Clinton, is nothing more than a confirmed liar. What about Kathleen Willey, and Paula Jones? If what they said is true, then Bill Clinton is guilty of sexual harrassment. Bill Clinton has proven that he lied about Monica, my money says that he lied about the other two also. He doesn't deserve the Presidency!
Cache Valley

President Clinton's private life should have been kept in his own bedroom. What goes on in the Oval Office is the American public's business. His behavior is appalling.
Julie Bilow
St. Peters

His speech did absolutely nothing to change my view that he is a dishonest, deceitful, arrogant and selfish man who possesses sufficient political acumen to be elected president. His shrewd intelligence masked the real man. He is now unmasked. Unfortunately, many still prefer to see the false image and only the substance that supported their views.
R. A. Grimaldi
Polebridge, MT

President Clinton's speech answered the question I had if he could ever act in good faith with regard to these matters. He cannot. He was defiant, not apologetic. Instead of accepting responsibility, he launched an ad hominem attack on Mr. Starr. He has done the same either personally or through proxies in the past on Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers, and every other accusor who has come forward. It's never his fault, always the other persons. His inclusion of his wife and daughter in his speech is nothing more than a cynical attempt by a selfish person to use even his own family to garner pity. They are a pathetic part of yet another attempt to divert attention from his own abominable lack of self-control, his poor judgement and his utter lack of decent moral character. I had the distinct impression that without the physical evidence of Miss Lewinsky's dress, he would again have refused he had engaged in any sexual act with her, just as he has in every other case! His every word is a quibble. H e didn't tell anyone to lie? Well, did he suggest ways they could deceive the press, prosecutors, and American people? A "suggestion" from the president is tantamount to an order. To state otherwise is disingenuous at best. Did he carry on "conversations" with Miss Lewinsky, Mr Jordan, and others regarding her testimony? Such conversations are conspiracy as far as I am concerned. Oh yes, Mr. Clinton certainly answered my question alright!
A.J. Merchand
Rutland, Vermont

Are you kidding? This president is the most corrupt President in my lifetime. He is incapable of telling the truth. He needs to resign and spare the country.
Larry Cole

The President seemed not to be speaking not of the Lewinsky matter at all...But instead speaking of his private and political life to date.
John H Poland Jr.
Ava, New York

President Clinton did NOT really come across as being sorry he lied to the American public. This country does NOT need a liar at the helm. What parent could have their child look up to a leader who lies ?
Susan Cunningham
Laramie, Wyoming

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