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Readers's Views on Clinton's Speech
Clinton, Lewinsky, Starr
Did the president's speech answer your questions?

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The real question is not whether the president has answered my questions but whether or not I believe his answers. Mr. Clinton seems to have developed a habitual pattern of lying about many different things, and I therefore am forced once again to doubt the truthfulness of his comments. So far, his accusers have a much better record of telling the truth. His denial of having lied about this in the past or of asking anyone else to do so is something I find hard to believe. So I'm afraid I must aga in rely on one of his accusers for accurate answers to my questions: independent counsel Ken Starr.
Kevin Callahan
Railroad, PA

President Clinton violated Federal regulations regarding sexual harassment. I am a Federal employee and if I had an "improper" relationship with an intern, I would lose my job. Why should he be any different. This isn't a matter of privacy. Had he had sex with a movie star, or even some person off the street, that would be a "private" relationship; however, he chose an unpaid intern working for the Federal government, and that makes it EXTREMELY bad! Then he lied about it, breaking even more regu lations. He is lower than whale feces!
Larry Crutchfield
San Diego

It may be just sad that people didn't listen to what Clinton said about the investigation, but for the media to hype their idea that he was critical of Starr is shameful. He obviously pointed out that the lengthy proceedings had cleared of the allegations made by that small group of scandal mongers who continue to make unfounded accusations - many of them are printed in your pages. I doubt if this or any "mea culpa" will satisfy these viscous folks.
J. Howard
Kingsbury, TX

The President's "apology" was an insult to all the people he has lied to and lied ABOUT! He was not contrite; he was defiant. It is obvious that he cares as little about others as he apparently cares about himself. Bill Clinton is a mean, despicable little man.
Sacramento, CA

He's done an excellent job for America!! His private life has nothing to be bothered about unless it affects the nation's interest.
Nicole Lee
Sarawak, Malaysia

Absolutely not. Knew from the beginning that he had lied about the Lewinsky matter as he had also lied about Jennifer Flowers. He has abused his presidential power in "our house" not his, has covered it up for months, betrayed his own people, endangered foreign relations and who knows what else, and is attempting to slip out of the noose by attacking Ken Starr. There's a lot more to come. What kind of dancing shoes will be worn only time will tell. As for me, it was a disgusting display of arrogance
Charles Franklin
Painesville Township, Ohio

Because the President is rhetorically sophisticated and politically sophistic, many have been mollified by his "explanation." The matter of honesty is relativized by commentary, so that Clinton's integrity is "relative" to that of former presidents, less important than the tobacco bill, etc. As a scholar of Greek tragedy, I understand the presence of Hamartia--literally missing the mark-- and usually translated to mean character flaw. We are, as a culture, tolerant of character flaws while proclaiming religious morality totally at odds with our "real" expectations.
Sherryll S. Mleynek, Ph.D.
Hilo, Hawaii

No. With his carefully crafted statements, Clinton avoided taking responsibility for any possible perjury or obstruction of justice. His lawyerly words did not evoke any sense of contrition or humility. His speech demonstrated to me that he is in deep denial.
Al Staves
Eau Claire, WI

No!!!! Another example of Clintonspeak .... what he says is not exactly what you think he says!! He's dishonest and a liar! I'm ashamed that he's our President! He should resign!!
Albert C.
Millbrae, CA

The President admitted that he did something wrong without being specific about it. He also attacked Ken Starr which was a mistake. He did not answer my questions about what he did. I may be embarrassing to him and his family, but he brought it on his own head. He needs to take the blame and keep it on his own head. If he can't keep his pants on when ever there is a woman who tickles his fancy, then he should resign, resign!!
Philip D. Park
Honolulu, HI

Whether the president had sex with Lewinsky or even denied it is immatterial. He has been an able and conscientious president and an undoubtedly fine politician in areas that directly contribute to his job. Who in his right mind would readily admit in front of television cameras that he had sexual relations with someone other than his wife. Perhaps a "no comment", but a quick admittance? He's a married man with a teen-aged child. Logically, the initial response should be to deny and face the consequence s later. So what he committed adultery, it is not a gauge of the man's morality as it relates to the office he holds. Let's all grow up and let the man concentrate on his job.
M. Solomon
San Francisco, California

The President's statement was satisfactory. His Presidency is seriously damaged by this matter, but we should get on with the business of the nation now. The press has belabored this issue beyond all reason. Unfortunately, I'm sure it isn't over yet. The damage done to the President's reputation is only matched by the damage done to the reputation of the press. The major networks and news cable channels are now all perceived by the public as tabloid journals. The networks are apparently unconcern ned about this as long as the ratings are high.
Steve V. Cleaves
Lima Ohio

Who among us is without fault? Politics seems to foster an atmosphere ripe for misdeeds, lies and aberrations. Power is a fearsome thing. Our President has committed adultery, as a woman I shake my head at his weakness, it's betrayal of a family, I know first- hand, been there, done that. But if his family can repair all the damage, well and good, it's not for me to judge. But President Clinton has been good for our country, let's get on with the business of governing and holding our place in the world. There are far more important things going on in the world now than the adulterous behavior of yet another President. Show me one politician who hasn't told some type of lie. And please, someone, get Kenneth Starr a worthwhile job!
Lynn Tomicki

No, that adulterer and self-admitted liar in The White House did not answer my questions. He did not mention "sex" with Monica Lewinsky or use the word "sorry". But instead he blasts Ken Starr. Having a sexual affair in the Oval office of The White House with a young lady only a few years older than his daughter, Chelsea, is the actions of a sick man, and he should resign.
Berman E. Defffenbaugh, Jr.
San Antonio, Texas

I am not American and have never even been to the US. Your country is the symbol of strength, democracy, liberty. Today, you give us a sad lesson of the absurd which you seem to be strong at. Clinton has made a mistake, he admitted in front of the world. There is no honor in hunting him, but what courage if you forget about this mad story and care about many other things vital to the nation's future and the world. I feel so sad for him, and really sad for America.
Paris, France

What would happen to the president of the Washington Post or Coca Cola if they would have done the same thing. How many more pay checks would they receive? How do you explain this stain to the youth of America. If character still values to us as a people this poor soul should resign, arrogantly.
larry kerby
panama city, panama

He is not sorry for what he did, but he is sorry that he was discovered. He ridiculed the office of the Presidency and insulted the intelligence of the American public with his televised response.
Robert Phillips
Newmanstown, Pa.

No, he did not answer my questions. I was very disappointed in Clinton's speech.I think he owes everyone an apology including Monica, Paula, Dolly Browning, Gennifer Flowers etc. Everyone keeps forgetting that President Clinton spent 50 million dollars on his trip to China when he took over 1,000 people with him. He spent that in one week verses the 40 million Ken Starr spent in 4 years. Also, everyone is forgetting that Ken Starr was appointed by Janet Reno. Ken Starr has done a wonderful job so far and I hope he continues his investigation. He's only doing his job. President Clinton is a liar and cheater. He will always be in denial. He really needs professional help. His wife should help him get professional help. That is how she should help her husband.
Cathy Farren
Chantilly, VA

The speach was disappointing. It did not reveal a man who was truly sorry for the shameful mistakes he made. He is a person with no moral character. Not the kind of leader the American people deserve.
Tom Rubio
Virginia Beach, Va

Yes and no. The questions we may ask from our part of the world, seems to be somewhat different from yours. We wonder, in fact, what kind of problems you really have??!
Erik W Hermansen
Kongsberg, Norway, Europe

"If a President of the United States ever lied to the American people he should resign." -- Bill Clinton The above comment was made by Bill Clinton at the height of Watergate in the summer of 1974, during his race to become a U.S. Representative from Arkansas. It remains to be seen whether President Clinton will keep his word to the American people and resign or continue to lie. Personally, I think he should go back to Sodom and Gomorrah where he came from.
Pitman Buck, Jr.
Texas City, TX

Dear Americans, you can be happy to have a great president like Bill Clinton.You ask yourself: What good things brings you the presidents after J.F.Kennedy?? Nothing, you haven't jobs, the economy was bad. Is that better?? I like Clinton he is younger than the presidents before. What do Reagan and Bush for you, the national debits gets higher,but for you is important the private live.Why you didn't think about this "clean" girl named Lewinsky?You think she is proper?She isn't nothing especial to risk an impeachment or to risk to lost a lot of credibility. Not for an intelligent man like Clinton.Kennedy risk with women who has had level, or their was beauty- ful.So I think your president was only on the TV because Americans people cry for this show.If he lies or not, but he said what you wanted to heard. When I read newspapers,you aren't satisfied about what he said, you wanted to hear more, you wanted to hear a soap-opera. Let's the president be president, he is the only one who don't eat your taxes. The money who has spent your dear Starr,how much more intelligent thinks you have to do with it ?? But you will understand that one time when he finish in two years, and an other one will get president, and the economy will maybe go down, people lost jobs, you know like in Japan... So you will crying, where is Clinton....
Vajcik Claudia

No! All he proved is that once again, he is more concerned about the political than the moral and ethical. If he is going to be a leader, he must set the example for morality and integrity. He has done neither. Also, he says the reason he lied was to protect his family!! Why all of a sudden, when he is caught, is his family important?? Why wasn't he thinking about them when he had his "critical lapse in judgement"? They were probably the farthest thing from his mind.
Oklahoma City

No! The president is constitutionally a civilian and should be held to the same set of rules as every other American. Remember Clarence Thomas and Packwood? Did America forgive them so they could get on with the business of the country? Clinton's transgressions overshadow theirs by orders of magnitude. He needs to accept responsibility for his actions and step down not blame the prosecutor. If I had sex with an intern in my office I would be dismissed and so should Bill. HE IS NOT A KING!
C Cameron II
Rochester, NY

As someone who voted for Mr. Clinton twice, I have felt betrayed by Mr. Clinton. He has used the Office of the Presidency to conduct his life in a style not befitting a leader of even a truck stop, let alone the leader of the free world. While he should not resign, unless it is proven that he obstructed justice, he needs to acknowledge that his lifestyle is one of lies and covert private acts. He needs to actually use the words "I apologize" and he needs to get into therapy, not just for his sexua l addiction, but for his personality disorder.
Jennifer Legler
Great Falls, VA

I am glad Clinton will be (small) history by the time when my kids are old enough to look up to public role models.
S Theodore

As a Clinton suppporter, I must say that I am extremely disappointed with him and his statement. Owning up to his relationship with Monica Lewinsky was not "doing the right thing". The "right thing" was never to have had any relationship at all. He knew that there was indeed a campaign of character assassination working to smear his reputation and undermine his presidency. Nevertheless, he succumbed to the advances of a 21 year old intern, placing his entire presidency in jeopardy. On top of that, he l ooked the American people straight in the eye and lied about it. How many of his supporters did he lead down the primrose path with that statement? How many campaign contributions will this cost his party? How many Democrats will lose elections this fall because of that loss of public faith in the leader of their party? How much power will he lose in pressing his agenda because of his loss of credibility? Bill Clinton's conduct cost not only him, but his supporters, h! ! is party and the country dearly. Should Bill Clinton be impeached? No. Despite this revelation, the sum total of the Ken Starr fishing expedition has been of little consequence. It has been an enormous waste of the taxpayers money and the government's resources. After four years of investigating the president of the United States, all Starr has to show for his efforts is a revelation about sex. In my opinion, this does not come close to evidence that would justify impeachment. Starr should be cashiered and his investigation closed. Should Clinton resign? Yes. He has lost any credibility for pressing his or his party's agenda. He is a liability to his party in the fall elections. He is a larger liability to his faithful Vice President, who is the likely nominee for President in 2000. For the good of the party and the country, Clinton should resign.
John Heath
Annandale, VA

As a foreign observer, it seems to me that the President had to lie because the American public are a fickle lot and he had no choice in the matter.
Su Guichard
Paris, France

Only to the extent that it confirmed my contempt for the man. He did exactly what I expected him to do - admit that he misled us, act contrite, and claim it was all to protect his family. He has absolutely no credibility. He has abused the power of the highest office in the country. He should resign immediately. If he does not, Congress should impeach him.
Brad Foster
Livonia, MI

This trial has been going on for several months. I agree with the President, it is time to put this behind us. O.k., he had an affair. Has this interfered with his job performance? No. Has this caused the people to loose jobs? No. He said what he had to say. Now lets put this behind us. By next week we will be talking about something else. So, let the man get over this. Because the bottom line, it is between Bill, Hillary, and God.
Gina Nixon
Burlington, NC

I did not have any questions for him to answer that I did not already know the answer to. Come on now, we all new before he even testified that he had done 'something' with Lewinsky. I am so sick of hearing about this matter in the news. Can't we get this kind of story from daytime television (soap operas)? I think that Kenneth Starr has gone way to far, he is not even investigating what he initially set out to investigate. The fact of the matter is, Clinton has done a good job in office and as a nation we have no business prying into his private life, as distasteful as it may seem.
Kelly Schleicher
Bethesda, MD

This "investigation" has gone to far. The only person his sexual affair should concern is his wife, Hillary. Yes, now we know that he is a liar and a cheat, where for our past presidents we have only suspected that they are lairs and cheats. How many of us can say that they don't twist the truth to cover our buts or jobs. Some of the comments I have read and heard are that the President is not a role model for our children, what happen to the parents. It is past time that we hold a president, spo rts star, a princess as a role model for our children. We should look to ourselves to give that to them. I do for mines.
C. Janet King
Landover, Maryland

No, the president did not answer my questions, he merely dogded them in yet another political game of charades. The one question that America needs answered is did Clinton purgor himself, did he in some way obstruct justice through lying or deceit? I don't have an opinion on Ken Starr, and I don't judge Clinton for his personal actions and motives. BUT, if he lied under oath then he broke the law and he needs to be punished-if this punishment is impeachment, so be it.

The President voluntary sought a public office, he voluntary entered into an adulterous affair with a young woman under her charge while at work in a public office (not private quarters), and then when questioned under oath he lied about it and publicly ridiculed those who questioned his truthfulness. He has a right to a private his private quarters, while on vacation, or otherwise not at work. Forgiveness is for the repentant; it is questionable whether someone who boldly asserts their r ights is seeking forgiveness. Bill Clinton should never have placed himself, the women in his life, or the American people in this situation. Once he did, he had an opportunity to make it far he has chosen to continue to satisfy himself.
J. Parrott
Boston, MA

Yes. He did NOT attack Starr personally. He complained about the process. I do NOT believe anyone in this embarrassing situation can behave any better. Who is to judge? There have NOT been any evidences that crimes have been committed. This is just another circuit show and it is over. Those who have high moral standard should show some forgiveness as you have been brought up with. Those who do NOT should calm down and look at yourselves first.

Yes, the President's speech did answer my questions. Now, its time for the republicans to quit waisting taxpayers money on this matter and allow the President to move on to more important issues facing this country.
T. Wilson

I believe President Clinton's speech was acceptable. Though a bit vague, he did acknowledge the situation and accepted responsibility. At this point, I agree that it is a personal matter and God is the only judge to be concerned about. Stop the personal investigations now!
Phil Bailey
Washington, DC

Yes, the speech answered my questions. Now I am satisfied. I think we should move on to the business of the country. Doing those things that makes this country the greatest, those things that make this country the envy of all around the world. This is one leader who has what it takes to to take us higher and farther afield in all our endeavors. Let us support him, he deserves it. Yes, he lied and he deceived us. Yet he has apologized. We should forgive and move on. Otherwise, let anyone who has no sin cast the first stone.
Perkins Oscar
College Park

I think that Ken Starr's investigation is having a negative effect on the country. I am sick of the whole story. Let Clinton finish his term.
Marilyn Hardin
Columbia, MD

Clinton did not address the situation frankly enough. He did not apologize. He showed no true contrition. Everything he said appeared to be programmed by his spinners. He should not have criticized the investigation. In short it was a bummer.
Juan Castano
Can Cun, Mexico

I thought the President's speech was insulting. He was not remorseful and did not ask for forgiveness. He quickly brushed through the "I did something inappropriate" part to get to an attack on Ken Starr, which was also inappropriate. Ken Starr is only trying to find out if Clinton lied and obstructed justice, the main point of all of this. Unfortunately, most of the emphasis is on sex. If Clinton and his entourage had not stonewalled on this and every other issue that has been investigated, this would have all have been over long ago. Don't lose sight of the fact that Clinton is responsible for making this last so long, not Ken Starr. President Clinton has significantly tarnished the office of the President of the United States, as well as our reputation around the world. It is a sad day when people are willing to accept Clinton's use of his power to have sex with a young subordinate in a public building while on duty, supposedly working for the people. If he had been an officer in the armed forces and done the same thing, he would be in Leavenworth by now. In short, his abuse of power in using his office for sex sickens me, and his cover up and continuing word games infuriate me! I am more than ready for this whole thing to go to Congress, which is the only place the truth can come out without the Administration putting "spin" on it.
Joe Henderson
Southlake, Texas

I thought that the president should have merely apologized contritely rather than choosing to again attack Kenneth Starr's investigation. Because of this choice, Mr. Clinton seemed almost arrogant and angry. He also seems as if he were a spoiled child who is unwilling to admit fault even when everyone else seems to know the truth. Although the American people don't know the full story and are unlikely to ever receive this knowledge, it has become increasingly obvious that referring to his relationsh ip with Ms. Lewinsky as "inappropriate" is quite an understatement. I also don't understand how he can in good conscience place all the blame for "hurting people" squarely on Starr's shoulders, when Clinton could have ended this saga long ago by being more truthful. I was extremely disappointed with his speech and I suspect that he failed to accomplish one of his major goals: to end the speculation and investigation.
Scott Tarpley
Hamilton Square, NJ

A few of my friends have said that this act of adultery by the president should be put behind us; that he shouldn't be criticized for what he has done. In my opinion, Clinton's private life became accountable to the American public as soon as he took the oath to become president. The president should stand for what is best about America, and I sure hope that Clinton is not all we have to offer.
David Tsou

The candidates of the 1992 presidential campaign focused on two fundamental themes. President Bush focused on "character and integrity." Bill Clinton focused on "its time for a change." This speech makes it clear that these two themes are important now. We need character and integrity in the White House, but Bill Clinton is incapable of giving us this. It is time for a change and Bill Clinton should step down.
Dale M. Johnson
Keedysville, Maryland

Yes, he did. But Monica is only a portion of Kenneth Starr's investigation. We Americans must be patient. Starr will continue his job, send the report to Congress, and then we will know what legally must be done.
Camille Symons
Milford, Ct.

The President should be proud to be impeached and tried in the Congress. He swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. Now is his chance.
John Zajac
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

It is a mistake to say this is just a private matter. There are aspects of this that must be dealt with on the personal and family level, but when a high ranking Federal official misbehaves, it is a public issues as well. The President is not the King, he is not above the law. The rules he has set out for the rest of the Federal government should now be applied to him as well - regardless of what Congress eventually does.

My only question was whether his speech would include the words "I resign". His speech answered my question. I was disappointed with the answer.
Mike Sultan
Alexandria, Va

The President seems again to be blaming others for his misdeeds. He still does not seem to want to accept total responsibility, and I believe only confessed as the evidence was too great to deny it any longer. I believe he would have continued to deny the relationship if he thought he could have gotten away with it. And he continues to state that it is his personal business and people should not be prying into his sex life. As of yet, I have not read of any questions concerning his legitimate personal sex life with his wife, only his illegitimate liaison with Ms. Lewinsky. And I believe the country has a right to understand his personal moral values, as I believe they to an extent reflect the values of the country. He is not only providing a poor example to our children concerning his sexual morals, but continues to mislead (lie) to us about many of his escapades. And how can we justify reprimanding other officials or even ourselves, if we cannot hold our President to uphold the law. Although I would hate to see the results of Mr. Clinton's resignation, I think it may be the best thing he could do for himself and our country. The possibility of impeachment and the repercussions are too great.
Robert Koenn
Merritt Island, FL

No, he did not even come close. He did not apologize. He accepted personal responsibility, then in the next breath started attacking others. It was an insulting speech, designed to get him out of his self-made problems. It will not work, because his crimes go much deeper, as the report will detail.
Middletown, RI

He answered my question. Was he sorry he did it or sorry he got caught? He's just plain SORRY. He's a sorry excuse for a husband, a sorry excuse for a father, and a sorry excuse for a President. I was ready to forgive him had he asked. Now I'm ready to IMPEACH HIM!
Joe Jenne
Melbourne, FL

The speech was an outrage. The president was there to say he's sorry about lying to the american people and all he can do is attack Ken Starr. This will only make people who already disagree with him want to remove him. I believe that impeachment is the only recourse for the nation now.
Erik Tillisch
Plano, TX

Absolutely not - if anything, it was defiant, unrepentant and insincere - sounded like a man who wanted to stick to power at all costs - but then the American Public deserves it, since they knew of his previous dalliances and chose to ignore them by reelecting him. Frankly, I am even more disappointed at the public's willingness to "get it over with" and "not hear any more of it" - it only reinforces the double standards that America always has had - I mean when the separated Princess Diana's amorous sojourns were being televised, no one seemed to think "enough of this", but now that it has hit closer to home, the Americans want to shove it under the carpet - even though it is unfaithfulness and a blatant abuse of trust on the part of a married president? No wonder Americans lack family values...

Clinton should resign. He has lied over and over to the American public. He thinks we are idiots and he is arrogant and responds indicating: "I am the President; you can't touch me!" He thinks he's above the law. Starr needs to continue and if there is proof of obstruction of justice, he needs to be impeached. Clinton has set a horrible, horrible example for our children. He is a disgrace.
Marijane Ensminger
Sugar Land, Texas

Six 1/2 years ago, I was involved with three different women before being struck down with acute kidney failure, which nearly killed me. After this experience, I cleaned up my act and went back to school for my MBA. God deals with everyone on his or her level. The President now has an opportunity to clean up his act and hopefully, he will take advantage of this opportunity.
Phil Secada
Hialeah, Florida

Pres Clinton has violated the trust of the American people. A fundamental underpinning of leadership is a set of values. The only values Clinton has, relate to his survival and quest for power. In a crisis, we need a leader who is truly selfless, we can trust will be honest with us, and will make decisions that are in the interest of our country. I have no confidence that President Clinton would be that leader.
Stan Kwieciak
Graham, Washington

No - too little too late - could have taken a leaf outta former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke's book (who broke down and apologized on TV for being unfaithful and was re-elected).....And for the American public which seems to suffer from a case of eclectic morality - so what values are we gonna teach our children? That it is ok to sin as long as you own up to it? Of course no human is perfect, but then no one who is so imperfect either should be the President of this country.
Fairfax, Va

NO! While I was prepared to forgive an apologetic President, I was enraged by his lack of contrition and his attempt to blame others for his own misdeeds. Talk about a cancer on the presidency
Columbia, MO

This was a most ingenious speech from a hypocrite who would rather place the blame on others than admit that he has consistently lied to his wife, to his partisans and the American people. Mr. Clinton there is a huge difference between regret and contrition. No where did he indicate that he would never lie again.
D. Hayden
Odenton, Md

No. My biggest question right now is what does Bill Clinton consider to be "the job of being President"? In my opinion, he failed to act Presidential when he brought Monica into the hallowed oval office and broke his oath of office by lying in a court of law. Now he and his supporters say we should let him get back to his job. Isn't it his job to uphold the constitution and respect the office of president? What does he think his job is? He didn't apologize for failing to act like a President.
White Bear Lake, MN

I think it's a shame that the media and independent counsel can interfere with people's private lives, especially the President of the United States. I feel that Kenneth Starr should be investigated. Leave the President and his family alone. Enough embarrassment already, not only to the President, but to the American people. This matter should never have been plastered over the media. I agree with President Clinton, it's not anybody's business about his private life. The Lewinsky affair has nothing to do with his ability to perform his duties as President.
Wanda Gross
Newark, Ohio

No, the President left many unanswered questions in my mind. To me there was no act of contrition, no expression of remorse, nor giving of an apology or asking for forgiveness. The fact that he went on from a meager attempt to 'just get by' indicates a deeper ethical flaw in our President's character. I believe he showed the true purpose of the address, turning from a pathetic excuse of himself and his actions to a denouncement of our judicial system and processes, culminating in an arrogant attack ag ainst it's very agent, Mr. Starr. What the President fails to recognize is that he, and he alone has brought this on himself. He is the perpetrator. He has broken the laws of the land. He is not above them and thus should be held accountable for his actions.
Walt Loope

President Clinton did indeed admit to having an" inappropriate relationship" with Monica, but what does he mean by that? He has not admitted to the people that he has had sexual contact with her, and thus has left himself wiggle room with Clintonspeak to say later that the " inappropriate" he meant was he should never have sent her gifts or called her at home. Until he clarifies this publicly he is still misleading the people.
Douglas McNulty
Ontario , Canada

What the president did was wrong. What Ken Starr did was even worse. The president should not have been asked to testify about personal, private matters. Under certain circumstances one may be justified in doing whatever one feels necessary to protect oneself and one's family against unjust and improper intrusions into one's privacy. While two wrongs do not make a right, for one side to continue to play by the rules when the other side has clearly abandoned them is to naively and foolishly put ones elf at a distinct disadvantage. Mr. Starr's efforts are clearly nothing more than a politically-driven attempt to remove a democratically elected president, by whatever means necessary. Only a fool would have let Mr. Starr have his way.
John J. Crane
Washington, DC

No, the president's speech did not answer my questions! Perjury and obstruction of justice is a very serious offense and nobody; not even the President is above the law. I resent the fact that Clinton and his advisers blame Ken Starr for the amount of money spent for this investigations. Clinton's legal maneuvers, delaying and withholding is the main cause for all this money spent,
Tony Flores
Las Vegas

No. He did not. He did not answer questions, he did not appear to be regretful, and he still wants the country to believe that he did not lie in his Paula Jones testimony. On top of that, he looked angry at a prosecutor who is doing his job under the authority of the General Attorney.
Joy Bryant
New Braunfels, TX

He lied again, but what did anyone expect. This is the most dishonorable President in the history of this great nation. There is nothing private about the criminal acts this man has committed against the American people. Just to look at him makes me and many millions sick to our stomachs. Leave now!
Elizabeth, NJ

I have been a Republican and voted likewise in every election since 1973. I, initially, wanted Clinton to leave and always thought that he did not deserve to be the President. Sadly, I have also witnessed that my fellow Republicans have become morally bankrupt also. Many of those in the forefront of the "Get Rid of Clinton" Drive, smell blood and want to go for it without any concerns for USA. Am I or my family to keep voting for them. No way. Republicans have lost our 5 votes. I could still support N ixon, Reagan and Bush but not these current bunch. They do not deserve it.
pervez Shamim
beaverton, Oregon

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