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Rep. Berman Questions Starr (2nd Time)

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  • By Federal News Service
    Thursday, November 19, 1998

    REP. HOWARD BERMAN (D-CA): Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

    I have one question, with a possible follow-up, depending on the answer. Did the 23 members of the grand jury sign off on this referral?

    MR. STARR: No. We did not asked -- ask -- excuse me -- the grand jury to review the referral. We briefed them on our obligations. It was our view of the statute, it's our reading of the statute, that it's the judgment of our our office.

    REP. BERMAN: No, I understand the statute in no way obligates that.

    My follow-up, given that they didn't sign off on it: Did they vote on or review the allegations, the credibility determinations, or the inferences that the referral draws?

    MR. STARR: No, we did not ask the grand jury to make specific judgments on specific witnesses. These were our assessments. These are our evaluations.

    REP. BERMAN: Thank you very much.

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