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Rep. Howard Berman Questions Starr

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  • By Federal News Service
    Thursday, November 19, 1998

    REP. HOWARD BERMAN (D-CA): Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I've read the referral and I've listened to the testimony. With one possible exception, Judge Starr has answered the 595(c) "other matter" issues that I had concerns about, and I would like to reserve the balance of my time at this point.

    REP. HYDE: I'm sorry?

    REP. BERMAN: I would like to reserve the balance of my time.

    REP. HYDE: You certainly may. Well, you say he can't -- (speaking to someone else, staff or member) -- but I'm going to let him do it. (Laughter.) He's a good man; we'll let him do it. (Laughter.) But I have a short memory. (Laughter.)

    The gentleman from Texas, Lamar Smith.

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