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David Brock/Post
David Brock said he "conspired" to damage the Clinton presidency. (Post file photo)


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Clinton Accepts Journalist Brock's Apology

Tuesday, March 10, 1998

President Clinton accepts journalist David Brock's apology for a 1993 magazine story that sowed the seeds for the White House sex scandal, a White House spokesman said Tuesday.

"The president read the article and he appreciates and accepts Mr. Brock's apology," White House spokesman Jim Kennedy said, referring to an open letter to Clinton from Brock published in the April issue of Esquire magazine.

Brock's article in the 1993 American Spectator quoted state troopers who served as Clinton's bodyguards when he was Arkansas governor as saying their duties included procuring women for him.

The article, which mentioned an incident involving a woman named Paula, led to Paula Jones filing suit against Clinton claiming he exposed himself to her asked for oral sex in May 1991.

It was Monica Lewinsky's testimony to Jones's lawyers that triggered independent prosecutor Kenneth Starr's investigation into allegations Clinton had an affair with Lewinsky and urged her to deny it in a sworn statement.

Brock said in the Esquire piece that the troopers had acted out of greed and anger at Clinton, and he told Reuters Monday that it was "a misjudgment journalistically" to publish the original article. He told Reuters there was "some truth" to first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton' assertion that Clinton's right-wing enemies were behind the story.

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