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Democratic Motion on Inquiry

Thursday, October 8, 1998

Text of the Democratic motion to send the impeachment inquiry resolution back to committee with instructions to limit the scope and time of the investigation.

That (a) (1) The House of Representatives authorizes and instructs the Committee on the Judiciary (in this resolution referred to as the ``committee'') to take the following steps within the time indicated in order, fully and fairly, to conduct an inquiry and, if appropriate, to act upon the referral from the independent counsel (in this resolution referred to as ``the referral'') in a manner which ensures the faithful discharge of the constitutional duty of the Congress and concludes the inquiry at the earliest possible time, and, consistent with chapter 40 of title 28, United States Code, to consider any subsequent referral made by the independent counsel under section 595(c) of such title 28.

(2) The committee shall thoroughly and comprehensively review the constitutional standard for impeachment and determine if the facts presented in the referral, if assumed to be true, could constitute grounds for the impeachment of the president.

(b) If the committee determines that the facts stated in the referral, if assumed to be true, could constitute grounds for impeachment, the committee shall consider the evidence fully and completely and determine whether to recommend to the House of Representatives that sufficient grounds exist for the House of Representatives to exercise its constitutional power to impeach the president.

(c) If the committee finds that there are not sufficient grounds to impeach the president, it shall then be in order for the committee to consider the propriety for alternative sanctions.

(d) Following the conclusion of its inquiry, the committee shall convene for the purpose of considering any recommendation it may commend to the House, including:

(1) any article of impeachment;

(2) alternative sanctions; or

(3) no action.

The committee shall make such a recommendation sufficiently in advance of Dec. 31, 1998, so that the House of Representatives may consider such recommendations as the committee may make by that date.

(e) If the committee is unable to complete its assignment with the time frame set out in subsection (d), a report to the House of Representatives may be made by the committee requesting an extension of time.

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