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Virginia Democrats Brace for Embarrassing Debate (Washington Post, Sept. 17)

Virginia Democrats Table Resolutions Blasting Clinton

Saturday, September 19, 1998; Page A11

RICHMOND, Sept. 18—Virginia Democrats avoided a potentially bruising fight tonight by tabling two party resolutions condemning President Clinton.

Instead, party leaders directed their chairman, state Del. Kenneth R. Plum (Fairfax), to convey to the "appropriate" people a sense of how the activists feel about Clinton and the ongoing inquiries into the Monica S. Lewinsky scandal.

"Some awfully good things happened tonight," Plum told the party's steering committee after members spent an hour venting their emotions.

"The president did some really stupid things," Plum said. "He fell into [Republicans'] hands. . . . But we haven't been stampeded into doing something that's knee-jerk."

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