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Tuesday, September 22, 1998; Page A30

Prosecutors questioned President Clinton extensively in his grand jury testimony about the exchange of gifts between him and Monica Lewinsky and even sent some of the gifts out for independent appraisal. In his testimony, Clinton dismissed the gift-giving as "not a big deal," noting that he receives and distributes many such gifts each year. What follows is a gift inventory compiled by Lewinsky that was included in notes from an interview Starr's office conducted with her on July 27, 1998.

Lewinsky gave the following gifts to the President.

1. A poem by LEWINSKY on behalf of the White House interns and presented to the President by Karin Abramson {former Director of the White House intern program}.

2. In November, 1995, a tie delivered to the President by Betty Currie {Personal Secretary to the President} and worn in the Oval Office the day that Madeline Albright was appointed Secretary of State.

3. End of March, 1996 on the day Ron Brown {former Secretary of Commerce} was killed, a tie from Bloomingdale's.

4. August, 1996, a tie worn by the president in Sept. 1996 while signing the Defense Bill. Lewinsky has a signed photo.

5. Fall, 1997, a Calvin Klein tie worn on California trip.

6. March 1997 a tie worn to a Governor's race rally in Virginia.

7. Dec. 6, 1997 a tie from London.

8. Antique book on Peter the Great from 1802.

9. Lewinsky's personal copy of "Vox" (no inscription). Lewinsky replaced her copy of the book at Kramer Books. Observed in back study of the president on Nov. 13, 1997.

10. A copy of "The Note Book' by Nicholas Sparks.

11. A copy of "Oy Vey", a book of Jewish jokes. Observed in back study of the president on Nov. 13, 1997.

12. A book on golf.

13. An old school book entitled "Disease and Mispresentation" which was about race relations.

14. A Banana Republic casual shirt.

15. A wooden letter opener with a frog on the handle. Observed in back study of the President.

16. A plastic pocket frog.

17. A puzzle on golf mysteries.

18. A card game

19. A copy of Sherlock Holmes.

20. An antique standing cigar holder on Dec. 28, 1997. [Valued by appraiser at $65]

21. A tie on Dec. 28, 1997.

22. A Harrod's mug on Dec. 28, 1997.

23. A hugs and kisses box on Dec. 28, 1997.

24. A penny medallion with a heart cut out.

25. An antique paperweight with a painting of the White House on Nov. 13. the day {Nancy} Hernreich {Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Oval Office Operations} testified. Purchased at flea market at 6th and 7th. President Zedillo of Mexico at White House. In political collection in cabinet in back dining room. [Valued by appraiser at $10]

26. A Starbucks mug from Santa Monica. {Bayani} Nelvis { White House Steward} observed the president using the mug.

27. A book about Theodore Roosevelt.

28. A pair of sunglasses in Fall, worn by the president in Africa, photo in US News in Jan. 1998.

29. A pumpkin pin that the President wore in his lapel on Halloween.

30. A care package in March 1996 when the president injured his leg.

Lewinsky received the following gifts from the president:

1. A lithograph on Feb. 27 or 28, 1997 (placed in her purse unwrapped).

2. A hatpin on Feb. 27 or 28, 1997 (placed in her purse unwrapped). [Valued by appraiser at $3]

3. A large Black Dog canvas bag from Martha's Vineyard.

4. A large Rockettes blanket from New York. [Valued by appraiser at $50]

5. An ugly but sweet pin of the New York skyline. [Valued by appraiser at $5]

6. A small box of cherry chocolates.

7. A pair of joke sunglasses.

8. A stuffed animal from Black Dog.

9. A marble bear's head from Vancouver. [Valued by appraiser at $200]

10. A London pin wrapped in a Casual Corner box

11. A Shamrock pin. [Valued by appraiser at $3]

12. A compact disk of Annie Lennox.

13. Some "Davidoff' cigars.

© Copyright 1998 The Washington Post Company

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