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Glitches Affected Online Version of Starr Report (Washington Post, Sept. 16)

Corrections to
Starr Report Footnotes

Web-posted Wednesday, September 16, 1998

The following footnotes were missing, incomplete, contained information that ultimately was deleted from the final version of Starr's referral or did not refer to any citation in the text of the referral published in Saturday's edition. In each case, the footnote deletions from the final report resulted in a skipped footnote in the published text. The report is available on in its final, corrected version.

New footnote information from the final version is in Italic font.

From the section headed:
The Scope of the Referral

30. was deleted.

From the section headed
1. Nature of President Clinton's Relationship with Monica Lewinsky

48. Lewinsky 7/27/98 Int at 6; Currie 5/7/98 GJ at 60; Catherine Davis 3/17/98 GJ at 27; Raines 1/29/98 GJ at 53; Ungvari 3/19/98 GJ at 45; Young 6/23/98 GJ at 47; 1037-DC-0000042 (email from Ms. Lewinsky: "Jeez, I hate being called 'dear.' The creep calls me that sometimes. It's an old person saying!) (spelling and punctuation corrected). When angry, Ms. Lewinsky referred to the President as "creep" or "big creep." Lewinsky 8/4/98 Int. at 8; Marcia Lewis 2/11/98 GJ at 17; Raines 1/29/98 GJ at 52; Ungrari 3/19/98 GJ at 45.

49. was deleted.

291. was deleted and its citation added to 290.

466. Clinton 8/17/98 GJ at 113-14. Later the President said: "I didn't order her to be hired at the White House. I could have done so. I wouldn't do it." Id. at 124. But see Scott 3/19/98 GH at 76 ("When Mr. Bowles came in, one of the agreements that I think he got from the President was that he would control the hiring within the White House and that no Assistant to the President would be forced to take people within their shop that they did not want and were not qualified.")

467. was deleted and its citation added to 466.

570. 1037-DC-0000038, 1037-DC-00000040, 1037-DC-00000167-169. Ms. Lewinsky told several people about the gifts. Catherine Davis 3/17/98 GJ at 31-32, 109-111; Erbland 2/12/98 GJ at 39-42; Finerman 3/18/98 Depo. at 14-15; Raines 1/29.98 GJ at 53-55; Tripp 7/16/98 GJ at 119-120; 845-DC-00000193 (Tripp notes). According to the President and Ms. Currie, he gave the Black Dog items to Ms. Currie to distribute as she wished; he did not bring them specifically for Ms. Lewinsky. Clinton 1/17/98 Depo. at 75-76; Currie 5/7/98 GJ at 73-78. Ms. Currie acknowledged, though that in presenting the items to Ms. Lewinsky, she might have implied that President Clinton had gotten them especially for her. Currie 5/7/GJ at 78.

571. was deleted after parts of it were incorporated in 570.

620. T2 at 27-30. Ms. Lewinsky asked Ms. Currie to leave the packet under the President's desk. T2 at 3. In a recorded conversation on October 17, Ms. Lewinsky indicated that Ms. Currie had received the package. T13 at 33.

621, 622 and 625. were deleted but the citation in 621 was incorporated in 620.

681. Duplicates the content of 680.

726. Was a note to search a transcript for a citation for 725. The citation added to 725. was See Document Supplement B, Tab 36.

738. Lewinsky 8/6/98 GJ at 112-13. See also Currie 7/22/98 GJ at 88-89. Ms. Lewinsky suspected that Ms. Mondale was romantically linvolved with the President. Lewinsky 8/6/98 GJ at 111-12.

739. was deleted.

744. was deleted and its citation added to 743.

772. Lindsey 3/12/98 GJ at 63-64. Mr. Lindsey refused to answer questions about his December 6 meeting with the President, claiming attorney-client privilege and Executive (presidential communications) Privilege. Id. at 66. The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia rejected Mr. Lindsey's claim of privilege, In re Grand Jury Proceedings, 5 F Supp.2d 21 (D.D.C. 1998), and the Court of Appeals denied Mr. Lindsey's appeal, In re Lindsey, 148 F.3d 1100 (D.C. Cir. 1998.) A petition for supreme Court review is pending.

773. was revised and appended to 772.

784. was deleted and a revised citation, Lewinsky 2/1/98 statement at 3-4, was added to 783..

817. Lewinsky 8/6/98 GJ at 131; V004-DC-00000151 (Akin, Gump telephone records). Mr. Jordan asked whether he could bring a potential client to Mr. Carter's office on Monday morning. Jordan 5/5/98 GJ at 135-136; Carter 6/18/98 GJ at 7-8.

818, 857, 886 and 935. were deleted.

939. As originally drafted, Paragraph 6 of the affidavit stated: – In the course of my employment at the White House, I met with the President on several occasions. I do not recall ever being alone with the president, although it is possible that while working in the White House Office of Legislative Affairs I may have presented him with a letter for his signature while no one else was present. This would only have lasted a few minutes and would not have been a private meeting, that is, not behind closed doors." 849-DC-00000634 (emphasis added). Ms. Lewinsky deleted the underlined sentence.

940. was deleted and the citation added to 939.

953. Lewinsky 8/6/98 GJ at 204-05. As to the sentence, "I have never had a sexual relationship with the President," she testified that this was not true. She was also asked about the statement that other persons were present on the occasions she met with the President. She termed this paragraph "misleading," explaining: "[I]t doesn't say the only occasions, but it's misleading in that one reading it would assume that the only occasions on which I saw the President were those listed."

954 and 955. were deleted.

973. Jordan 5/5/98 GJ at 231. Asked whether he had ever spoken with Mr. Perelman in the past in the context of a job referral, Mr. Jordan could remember three persons for whom he had made referrals: David Dinkins, the former Mayor of New York City; an attorney at Mr. Jordan's law firm who "was good and they actually stole her away from Akin Gump because she was so good"; and a graduate of the Harvard Business School who was considered for the top position at Marvel Comics. Jordan 3/5/98 GJ at 56-58.

974, 975 and 976. were deleted and the citations added to 973.

978. Perelman 4/23/98 Depo. at 11. In his testimony before the House Government and Reform Oversight Committee, Mr. Jordan testified that he helped former Associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell be retained by Revlon by introducing him to Howard Gittes, Vice Chairman and Chief Administrative Officer at MacAndrews & Forbes. Mr. Jordan initially testified that he "certainly" also spoke with Mr. Perelman about retaining Mr. Hubbell. He then testified that "it was entirely possible" that Mr. Perelman was present on April 6, 1994, when Mr. Jordan accompanied Mr. Hubbell to the New York offices of MacAndrews & Forbes to introduce Mr. Hubbell to Mr. Gittes, General Counsel Barry Schwartz, and Richard Halperin, who was in charge of government relations. Jordan 7/24/97 House of Representatives at 35-37. As stated in the text, Mr. Perelman does not remember Mr. Jordan ever contacting him regarding Mr. Hubbell.

979, 980 and 981. were deleted and the citation added to 978.

1005. was deleted and the citation added to 1004.

1060. Currie 1/27/98 GJ at 74-75. Ms. Currie's testimony that the President wanted her to agree with his statements shifted somewhat between her first grand jury appearance and her last, which occurred five months later. On January 27, 1998, nine days after her conversation with the President, Ms. Currie testified that she understood from the President's questions that he wanted her to agree with him. Currie 1/27/98 GJ at 72-76. By July 22, 1998, however, Ms. Currie claimed that although the President stated "right?" at the end of the statements, Ms. Currie understood that she could agree or disagree with them. Currie 7/22/98 GH at 23. Ms. Currie indicated during her first grand jury appearance that her memory about the events was "getting worse by the minute." Currie 1/27/98 GJ at 71. Later, Ms. Currie acknowldeged that "closer to the event my recollection would be better." Currie 7/22/98 GJ at 182-183.

1061 and 1062. were deleted and part of the citation added to 1060.

1087. See Telephone Calls, Table 48. At 7:02 a.m. she paged Ms. Lewinsky, leaving the message: "Please call Kay at home at 8:00 this morning." At 8:08 a.m., Ms. Currie paged Ms. Lewinsky again. After calling Ms. Lewinsky's home number at 8:29 a.m., Ms. Currie paged Ms. Lewinsky again at 8:33 a.m. Four minutes later, Ms. Currie paged yet again, leaving the message: "Please call Kay at home. It's a social call. Thank you." (Ms. Currie testified that these calls were, in fact, not of a social nature. Currie 7/22/98 GJ at 161). Receiving no response, Ms. Currie paged Ms. Lewinsky again at 8:41 a.m. She then placed a one-minute call to the President. Currie 5/7/98 GH at 104-05; 7/22/98 GJ at 160-62.

1088, 1089, 1090 and 1093. were deleted, and 1089 was incorporated in 1087.

1118. was deleted and its citation added to 1117.

1125. was deleted and its citation added to 1124.

From the section headed: There is Substantial and Credible Information that President Clinton Committed Acts that May Constitute Grounds for an Impeachment

137. was deleted.

160. Currie 5/6/98 GJ at 142 (relating incident where the President asks Ms. Currie about the hat pin he gave to Ms. Lewinsky). After this criminal investigation started, Ms. Currie turned over a box of items – including a hat pin – that had been given to her by Ms. Lewinsky. Ms. Currie understood from Ms. Lewinsky that the box did contain gifts from the President. See Currie 5/6/98 GJ at 107. Ms. Lewinsky testified that the box contained gifts from the President, including the hat pin. Lewinsky 8/6/98 GJ at 154-162.

161. was deleted.

163. Ms. Lewinsky testified that Leaves of Grass was "the most sentimental gift he had given me." Lewinsky 8/6/98 GJ at 156. Ms. Lewinsky made near-contemporaneous statements to her mother, her aunt, and her friends Ms. Davis, Ms. Erbland and Ms. Raines that the President had given her Leaves of Grass. Davis 3/17/98 GJ at 30-31; Erbland 2/12/98 GJ at 40-41; Finerman 3/18/98 Depo. at 15-16; Marcia Lewis 2/10/98 GJ at 51-52; Marcia Lewis 2/11/98 GJ at 10 ("[S]he liked the book of poetry very much."); Raines 1/29/98 GJ 53-55.

164, 165 and 169. were deleted and parts of them incorporated in 163.

177. V002-DC-00000471. Ms. Lewinsky testified that she bought and gave the President that book in early January 1998, and that when she talked to him on January 5, 1998, he acknowledged that he had received the book. Lewinsky 8/6/98 GJ at 189-192. When testifying before the grand jury. the President acknowledged receiving "a particularly nice book for Christmas, an antique book on Presidents. She knew that I collected old books and it was a very nice thing." Clinton 8/17/98 GJ at 36.

178. was deleted and the citation added to 177.

183. Lewinsky 8/6/98 GJ at 27-28, 182-183; GJ Exhibit ML-7. Ms. Lewinsky saw a copy of the book in the President's study in November 1997. Lewinsky 8/6/98 GJ at 183. White House records list Oy Vey and Vox on an October 10, 1997, catalog of books in the West Wing. 1361-DC-000000029 (Catalog of Books in the West Wing Presidential Study as of 10 October 1997). The President did not produce Oy Vey in response to a subpoena.

184. was deleted and the citation added to 183.

185. Lewinsky 8/6/98 GJ at 27-28, 183-84; Lewinsky 7/27/98 Int. at 13; GJ Exhibit ML-7. Ms. Lewinsky testified that she had seen the book in the President's study in November 1997. Lewinsky 8/6/98 GJ at 183-84. The President did not produce this book in response to a subpoena.

186. was deleted and the citation added to 185.

212. Lewinsky 8/8/98 GJ at 197.

213. was deleted.

451. was deleted.

459. was deleted and its citation noted in 458.

© Copyright 1998 The Washington Post Company

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