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'Seek the Truth And Render A Judgment'

Tuesday, September 15, 1998; Page A09

Statement of House Democratic Leader Richard A. Gephardt (Mo.) on Report of the Independent Counsel.

What was true before the release of the Independent Counsel's report is still true today: the President had a wholly inappropriate sexual relationship with a young White House intern and failed to be truthful about it. We must now consider the implications of his actions, seek the truth and render a judgment.

With the Starr referral and the White House rebuttal to his report now in hand, the Congress needs to move with deliberate speed to answer the country's call to resolve this matter as soon as possible. Democrats will continue to be vigilant in our efforts to see to it, that the President and thereby the nation, are afforded a fair and nonpartisan process in our review of the facts. The sooner this crisis can be resolved the sooner we can turn our full energies to the promise of our policy agenda.

One of the most important virtues of the American character is our ability to approach the complexities that life presents us with common sense and decency. The considered judgment of the American people is not going to rise or fall on the fine distinctions of a legal argument but on straight talk and the truth. It is time for the President and the Congress to follow that common sense for the good of the country.

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