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Ginsburg and Lewinsky
Ginsburg and his client. (AFP File Photo)


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Ginsburg Urges Clinton to Fire Starr

Associated Press
Thursday, May 28, 1998; Page A18

In an open letter urging that President Clinton fire Kenneth Starr, Monica Lewinsky's attorney charged that the Whitewater prosecutor at most "may have succeeded in unmasking a sexual relationship between two consenting adults."

William H. Ginsburg said that "the government has no business in our bedrooms" and accused the independent counsel's office of "running amok" and trampling on his client's privacy and constitutional rights.

"I would like to see Congress muster the courage to tear down the nonconstitutional office you hold, with the president taking the equally courageous approach of firing you and setting America free once again," Ginsburg said in the open letter to Starr published in the June edition of California Lawyer magazine.

"It's time to rid ourselves of this dangerous creature," he wrote.

Peter Allen, editor of California Lawyer, said the magazine had asked Ginsburg in early April to write a column about what it meant to represent Lewinsky and said he submitted the piece a short time later.

Ginsburg's high-profile role as Lewinsky's lawyer and spokesman has been sharply curtailed in recent weeks after widespread criticism that his often contradictory pronouncements were hurting his client. Lewinsky's family has hired a public relations consultant and is said to be looking to hire another lawyer more experienced in criminal cases.

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