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The 24 Media Reports Called Prima Facie Violations of Grand Jury Secrecy

Friday, October 30, 1998

Following is a list of the 24 media reports Judge Norma Holloway Johnson cited as clear evidence of violations of grand jury secrecy in her September 25 court order. For more information, see the Post story.

1. Thomas Galvin, "Monica Keeping Mum -- For Now Fends Off Query on Internal Affairs," New York Daily News. January 23, 1998.

2. Don Van Natta, Jr. & John M. Broder, "Lewinsky Would Take Lie Test in Exchange for Immunity Deal," New York Times. February 2, 1998.

3. Claire Shipman, "Ken Starr Rejects Lewinsky's Immunity Deal," NBC Nightly News, February 4, 1998.

4. Fox News Broadcast, May 6, 1998.

5. Scott Pelley, "Exclusive Information About Kenneth Starr's Next Moves," CBS Evening News, May 8, 1998.

6. Steven Brill, "Pressgate," Brill's Content, August 1998.

7. David Bloom, "Newest Clinton Sex Scandal Causing Republican Calls for Impeachment," NBC Nightly News, January 21, 1998.

8. David Bloom, "President Clinton Faces Allegations of Affair with Former White House Intern, Then Telling Her to Lie About It,' NBC News at Sunrise, January 22, 1998.

9. Michael Isikoff, "Diary of a Scandal," Newsweek (America Online ed.), January 22, 1998.

10. Francis X. Clines & Jeff Gerth, "Subpoenas Sent as Clinton Denies Reports of an Affair with Aide at White House," New York Times, January 22, 1998.

11. Phil Jones, "Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr Moves Quickly in His Investigation Regarding President Clinton and Intern Monica Lewinsky," CBS Evening News, January 23, 1998.

12. Susan Schmidt and Peter Baker, "Ex-Intern Rejected Immunity Offer in Probe," The Washington Post, January 24, 1998.

13. Claire Shipman, "Still No Deal Between Monica Lewinsky and Whitewater Prosecutor Ken Starr Regarding White House Sex Scandal." NBC News Special Report, January 25, 1998.

14. Howard Fineman & Karen Breslau, "Sex, Lies and the President," Newsweek, February 2, 1998.

15. Francis X. Clines, "Stephanopoulos Testifies as Beset Lewinsky Flies Home," The New York Times, February 4, 1998.

16. Jackie Judd, "Clinton Team on the Offensive," World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, January 30, 1998.

17. Scott Pelley, "Talks between Monica Lewinsky's Attorney and Prosecutors at an Impasse", CBS Morning News, January 30, 1998.

18. John King, "Investigating the President: Lewinsky Immunity Talks Collapse," CNN Early Edition, February 5, 1998.

19. Don Van Natta Jr. & James Bennet, "Starr Turns Down Limit on Questions to Clinton's Aides," New York Times, February 5, 1998.

20. Susan Schmidt & Peter Baker, "Starr Rejects Proposal on Lewinsky Testimony," Washington Post, February 5, 1998.

21. Lisa Myers, "Possible Indictment of Monica Lewinsky by Kenneth Starr Discussed," Today, February 24, 1998.

22. John Ellis, "It's the Beginning of the End for Clinton's Presidency," Boston Globe, February 7, 1998.

23. Scott Pelley, "Kathleen Willey's Grand Jury Testimony Contradicts the President's Sworn Deposition," CBS Evening News, March 13, 1998.

24. Lisa Myers, "Ken Starr Asks for an Emergency Hearing on Executive Privilege from the Supreme Court, and Monica Lewinsky Fires Lawyer Ginsberg, Hiring Two New Attorneys," NBC Nightly News, June 2, 1998.

© Copyright 1998 The Washington Post Company

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