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'You Let Me Down'

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Letter from Lewinsky to Clinton dated Nov. 12, 1997:


I asked you three weeks ago to please be sensitive to what I am going through right now and to keep in contact with me, and yet I'm still left writing notes in vain. I am not a moron. I know that what is going on in the world takes precedence, but I don't think what i have asked you for is unreasonable. I can't help but to have hurt feelings with I sent you a note last week and this week, and you still haven't seen me or called me.

I thought if I took away your burden of having to try to place me in the WH you would open yourself up to me again; I missed that more than anything. It was awful when I say you for your birthday in August. You were so distant that I missed you as I was holding you in my arms.

You have functions tonight, tomorrow night and that you leave on Friday afternoon. Yesterday was the best window of opportunity to see me and you didn't. I'm left wondering why. I am begging you to please be nice to me and understanding until I leave. This is so hard for me. I am trying to deal with so much emotionally, and I have nobody to talk to about it. I need you right now not as president, but as a man. PLEASE be my friend.

Betty said that you come back from your dinner tomorrow somewhere between 8:30 and 9:00. For my sake, can we make an arrangement that I will be waiting for you when you get back, and we can visit just for a little while. I'm really not that difficult...yes or no?

On Jan. 7, Lewinsky signed an affidavit saying she "never had a sexual relationship with the president." But unbeknownst to her, Tripp had been tape-recording their phone conversations. On Jan. 12, Tripp contacted Starr's office and the following day, FBI agents equipped Tripp with a hidden microphone and recorded four hours of conversation between her and Lewinsky at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Pentagon City. Using the tape recordings, Starr sought an expansion of his investigation to include the possibility of subornation of perjury and obstruction of justice in the Paula Jones case. The next day, FBI agents lured Lewinsky and Tripp to another meeting at the Ritz. What follows is the Office of Independent Counsel's account of their efforts to persuade a reluctant Lewinsky to cooperate:

LEWINSKY was advised OIC attorneys were waiting in the room and that the agents and the attorneys wished to discuss her culpability in criminal activity related to the PAULA JONES civil lawsuit. LEWINSKY was advised she was not under arrest and the agents would not force her to accompany them to the hotel room. LEWINSKY told SSA (redacted) he could speak to her attorney.

Also present in room 1016, the adjoining room, were Associate Independent Counsel (AIC) BRUCE UDOLF, AIC MICHAEL EMMICK, AIC STEVEN D. BINHAK, Deputy Independent Counsel JACKIE M. BENNETT JR., AIC STEPHEN BATES AND Contract Investigator COY A. COPELAND, all members of the Office of the Independent Counsel staff. The chronology of the meeting, with all times approximate, is as follows:

1:05 p.m. LEWINSKY arrived in Room 1012, AIC EMMICK entered Room 1012 and began talking to LEWINSKY.

1:10 p.m. LEWINSKY given bottled water.

1:33 P.M. SSA (redacted) began reading LEWINSKY her rights as found on the form FD-395, "Interrogation, Advice of Rights." SSA (redacted) was unable to finish reading the FD-395.

1:40 p.m. LEWINSKY was offered a towel.

1:47 p.m. LEWINSKY was offered water.

1:02 p.m. The air conditioning in room 1012 was turned on at LEWINSKY'S request.

2:13 p.m. LEWINSKY was offered water.

LEWINSKY said, "if I don't cooperate, I can talk to whomever I want."

2:29 p.m. LEWINSKY stated, "if I leave now, you will charge me now."

2:30 p.m. LEWINSKY said, "I don't know much about the law.'

2:33 p.m. LEWINSKY asked and was allowed to go to the restroom.

2:36 p.m. LEWINSKY requested and was given her second bottle of water.

3:10 p.m. LEWINSKY asked if she could be escorted to New York to see her mother, Marcia Lewis.

3:20 p.m. LEWINSKY called her mother, MARCIA LEWIS, in New York.

3:36 p.m. LEWINSKY requested and was allowed to go to the restroom.

4:12 p.m. LEWINSKY called MARCIA LEWIS. LEWIS requested to speak with an OIC attorney. AIC EMMICK and SA (redacted) got on the phone and identified themselves to LEWIS. LEWIS advised she would travel to Washington D.C. via AMTRAK Metroliner.

5:00 p.m. LEWINSKY called her answering machine to retrieve messages

5:21 p.m. LEWINSKY requested and received aspirin.

5:40 p.m. LEWINSKY, AID EMMICK and SA (redacted) departed room 1012, en route to the Pentagon City Mall. LEWINSKY, AIC EMMICK and SA (redacted) walked in the mall.

6:03 p.m. LEWINSKY requested and was permitted to visit the restroom on the third level of the MACY'S department story in the mall.

6:30 p.m. LEWINSKY, AIC EMMICK and SA (redacted) dined at MOZZARELLA'S American Grill, within the Pentagon City Mall. LEWINSKY paid for her portion of the dinner.

8:19 p.m. MARCIA LEWIS telephoned room 1012, and advised she was on the "163 Northeast Direct", and was experiencing travel delays.

10:16 p.m. MARCIA LEWIS arrived and all members of the OIC staff left LEWIS andLEWINSKY alone.

10:20 p.m. A meeting was held in room 1018 between LEWIS, AIC EMMICK, SSA (redacted) and SA (redacted).

LEWIS advised that this wasn't an emotional experience for LEWINSKY. LEWIS advised LEWINSKY was younger than her chronological age. LEWIS asked if tapes were admissible in court. LEWIS advised she wanted to protect LEWINSKY. LEWIS asked how she would know LEWINSKY would not be charged if she cooperated. LEWIS asked about LEWINSKY's safety if LEWINSKY cooperated. LEWIS advised that LEWINSKY talked about suicide six years ago. After LEWINSKY'S parents divorced, LEWINSKY saw a therapist, but she is not currently seeing one. LEWIS advised she alone could not take responsibility for convincing LEWINSKY to cooperate with the OIC.

11:06 p.m. LEWIS telephonically contacted BERNARD LEWINSKY [Lewinsky's father], her ex-husband, at (redacted.)

11:20 p.m. BERNARD LEWINSKY telephoned room 1018.

11:35 p.m. BERNARD LEWINSKY telephoned room 1014. BERNARD LEWINSKY advised AIC EMMICK that MONICA LEWINSKY was represented by counsel.

11:36 p.m. MONICA LEWINSKY talked to BERNARD LEWINSKY on the telephone.

11:37 p.m. AIC EMMICK spoke with BERNARD LEWINSKY. AIC EMMICK asked MONICA LEWINSKY if she had an attorney and LEWINSKY advised it was GINSBURG.

MONICA LEWINSKY asked if there was still a chance she would go to jail if she cooperated . MONICA LEWINSKY suggested she may not have told the truth in previous conversations. MONICA LEWINSKY asked, "what if I partially cooperate?"

MARCIA LEWIS asked what would happen if MONICA LEWINSKY gave everything but did not tape anything. MONICA LEWINSKY asked if the PAULA JONES case went away would "this" go away and was advised by AIC EMMICK "no."

MONICA LEWINSKY asked how the OIC would resolve the chance that MONICA LEWINSKY said something to LINDA TRIP (sic) that was not true.

MARCIA LEWIS advised that she appreciated the OIC members waiting until she arrived to proceed. MONICA LEWINSKY advised she appreciated having her mother present.

11:55 p.m. BILL GINSBURG telephoned room 1018 and spoke to AIC EMMICK, who advised GINSBURG he was uncomfortable with the relationship between GINSBURG and MONICA LEWINSKY. MONICA LEWINSKY advised she was not 100 percent sure it was the right thing to do because GINSBURG was a medical lawyer.

11:59 p.m. MONICA LEWINSKY advised she was represented by GINSBURG.

12:08 a.m. GINSBURG was advised by AIC EMMICK that MONICA LEWINSKY always had the right to leave at any time.

12:17 a.m. MONICA LEWINSKY spoke with Ginsburg, outside the presence of the OIC staff.

12:23 a.m. AIC EMMICK ended the phone call with GINSBURG and advised MONICA LEWINSKY and MARCIA LEWIS they were free to leave.

12:30 a.m. MARCIA LEWIS and MONICA LEWINSKY thanked the Agents and the staff of the OIC for being so kind and considerate.

After the interview at the Ritz, Lewinsky worried over what to do next. Now represented by L.A. attorney William Ginsburg, Lewinsky drafted a hand-written proffer of evidence that she and her lawyers hoped might win her immunity from prosecution. But amid suspicions on both sides, a deal fell through. Following are excepts from Lewinsky's proffer, dated Feb. 1, 1998:

l. Ms. Lewinsky had an intimate and emotional relationship with President Clinton beginning in 1995. At various times between 1995 and 1997, Ms. Lewinsky and the President had physically intimate contact. This included oral sex, but excluded intercourse.

2. When asked what should be said if anyone questioned Ms. Lewinsky about her being with the President, he said she should say she was bringing him letters (when she worked in Legislative Affairs) or visiting Betty Currie (after she left the WH). There is truth to both of these statements.

3. After Ms. Lewinsky was informed she was being transferred to the Pentagon, Mr. Clinton told her that he promised to bring her back to the WH after the election.

After the election, Ms. Lewinsky asked the Pres. to bring her back to the WH.

Ms. Betty Currie asked Mr. John Podesta to take over placing me in the WH. Three weeks after that, Ms. Linda Tripp informed Ms. L. that a friend of Ms. Tripp's in the NSC, Kate, had heard rumors about Ms. L; Ms. L. would never work at the WH with a blue pass; and suggested to Ms. Tripp that Ms. L. leave Washington, DC.

Following this conversation, Ms. Lewinsky requested of the Pres. that he ask Vernon Jordan to help secure her a non-government position in NY. He agreed to ask Mr. Jordan.

In the beginning of November, 1997, Ms. L. met with Mr. Jordan. He asked Ms. L. why she was there to see him. Ms. L. explained to him (in more detail) that she and the Pres. were friends and people got the wrong idea, resulting in Ms. L's banishment to the Pentagon. Ms. L. said she was seeking Mr. Jordan's help to begin a new life; he agreed to help.

Ms. L. met again with Mr. Jordan in the beginning of December '97 , at which time he provided Ms. L. with a list of three people to contact and suggested language to use in her letters to them.

4. After Ms. Lewinsky was informed by the Pres., that she was identified as a possible witness in the Jones case, the Pres. and Ms. L. discussed what she should do. The Pres. told her (word crossed out) he was not sure she would be subpoenaed, but in the event that she was, she should contact Ms. Currie. When asked what to do if she was subpoenaed, the Pres. suggested she could sign an affidavit to try to satisfy their inquiry and not be deposed. In general, Ms. L. should say she visited the WH to see (word crossed out) Ms. Currie and , on occasion when working at the WH, she brought him letters when no one else was around. Neither of those statements untrue. To the best of Ms. L's memory, she does not believe they discussed the content of any deposition that Ms. L might be involved in at a later date.

5. After receiving a subpoena two days later, Ms. L. contacted Mr. Jordan (because Ms. Currie's brother had been killed in a car accident). Upon Ms. L's request, Mr. Jordan arranged an appointment for her with an attorney, Mr. Frank Carter.

Mrs. L expressed (word crossed out) anxiety (another word crossed out) with respect to her subpoena requesting the production of any gifts from the Pres., specifically citing hat pins which the Pres. had in fact given her. Mr. Jordan allayed her concerns by telling her it was standard language. Mr. Jordan asked Ms. Lewinsky two questions: Did you have sex with the Pres., and/or did he ask you for sex? (Words crossed out.) Ms. L. responded to both questions with "no."

Possibly later in that meeting but more probably the next meeting, Ms. L. (word crossed out) tried to make it clear to Mr. Jordan that she, in fact, did have a physically intimate relationship with the Pres. (Sentence crossed out.).

Ms. L. made it clear she intended to deny the sexual relationship with the Pres.

6. The Pres., through Ms. Currie invited Ms. L. to come see him to get her Christmas presents. Ms. L. asked him how he thought the (letters struck out) attorneys for Paula Jones found out about her. He thought it was probably "that woman from the summer. . .with Kathleen Willey' (Linda Tripp.) who lead them to Ms. L. or possibly the uniformed agents.

Ms. L. then asked if she should put away (outside her home) the gifts he had given her or, maybe, give them to someone else. (word crossed out) [Ms. Currie called Ms. L. later that afternoon as said that the Pres. had told her (word crossed out) Ms. L. wanted her to hold onto something for her. (Word crossed out.)

Ms. L. told the Pres. she was planning to sign an affidavit. When Ms. L. and the Pres. discussed when Ms. L. was moving to NY, the Pres. thought it might be possible that they would not seek her deposition if she was in NY.

7. Ms. Lewinsky called Mr. Jordan several times concerning her employment in NY.

Ms. L. said Ms. Tripp may have seen notes when she was in Ms. L's home. Mr. Jordan asked if the notes were from the Pres. Ms. L said that they were notes to the Pres. Mr. Jordan suggested to Ms. L. she check to make sure they are not there (something to that effect). Ms. L. interpreted that to mean she should get rid of whatever is there.

After Ms. L. received the draft of the affidavit, she called Mr. Jordan to ask that he look it over before she sign it. He instructed her to drop off a copy at his office. They spoke later by phone about the affidavit, agreeing to make some changes.

That evening, Ms. L. placed a phone call to Ms. Currie asking her to tell the Pres. that she wanted to speak with him before she signed something the next day. He returned Ms. L.'s call a few hours later. Ms. L. told him Mr. Carter had asked her some sample questions that might be asked of her in the deposition and she didn't know how to answer them. Furthermore, she was concerned that if the answers involved naming people in the WH who didn't like her, they would try to screw her over. Ms. L. asked him how she should respond to the question, "How did you get your job at the Pentagon?" He replied, "The people in Legislative Affairs helped you." This is, in fact, part of the truth – but not the whole truth. The Pres. told Ms. L not to worry about the affidavit as he had seen 15 others.

10. Ms. L. had a physically intimate relationship with the President. Neither the Pres. nor Mr. Jordan (or anyone on their behalf) asked or encouraged (crossed off the word me) Ms. L. to lie. (Crossed off the word I) Ms. L. was comfortable signing the affidavit with regard to the "sexual relationship" because she could justify to herself that (word crossed out) she and the Pres. did not have sexual intercourse.

11. At some point in the relationship between Ms. L and the President, the President told Ms. L. to deny a relationship if ever asked about it. He also said something to the effect that if (word crossed out) the two people who are involved say it didn't happen – it didn't happen. (word crossed out) Ms. L. knows this was said some time prior to the subpoena in the Paula Jones case.

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