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MSNBC's Olbermann Rises With Clinton Crises (Washington Post, Sept. 15)

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Full Coverage: Including More Post Stories

Satire: A Scandal Lineup for MSBCNNBS

By Michael Colton
Thursday, October 1, 1998; Page B01

MSBCNNBS, the 24-hour "news" channel, announces its new fall lineup, beginning Friday:

6 a.m. White House in Crisis

7 a.m. The President in Turmoil

8 a.m. The President in Crisis

9 a.m. Crisis in Turmoil

10 a.m. A Nation Reacts: Enough Is Enough

11 a.m. Clinton's Testimony, Best Of

Noon A Lot of Yelling With Chris Matthews

1 p.m. This Week in Congressional Infidelity

2 p.m. People Ducking Into Courthouses

3 p.m. A Look Back: Watergate

4 p.m. Nixon in Crisis

4:30 p.m. Turmoil in Nixon

5 p.m. Nixon in Clinton

5:30 p.m. Clinton in the Mood

6 p.m. A Nation Reacts: What Do You Think Hillary Is Thinking?

7 p.m. Rampant Speculation by Loud People

8 p.m. When Lawyers Attack!

8:54 p.m. Other News From Around the World

9 p.m. The Big Show With Keith Olbermann: I Know This Program Is Morally Bankrupt, but . . .

10 p.m. Movie: "White House in Crisis" (1998)

Midnight Breaking News: White House in Crisis

1 a.m. Sports! With Ken Starr

2 a.m. MSBCNNBS/Time/Cigar Aficionado Newsstand

3 a.m. Wall Street [Crisis] Week

4 a.m. Weather

5 a.m. Weather in Crisis

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