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Monica Lewinsky (Reuters)


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Witness Says Lewinsky Detailed a Relationship

By Peter Baker
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, June 29, 1998; Page A04

A friend of Monica S. Lewinsky's family said she told a grand jury last week that the former White House intern confided in her details of an intimate relationship with President Clinton.

Dale Young, 47, a Scarsdale, N.Y., businesswoman, said Lewinsky told her during an outing on Memorial Day weekend in 1996 that she was involved with Clinton. However, according to Young, Lewinsky said Clinton set certain limits, engaging in physical activity without allowing it to reach a sexual culmination.

Young described her testimony last Tuesday in a subsequent interview with Newsweek and confirmed the gist of the account when reached by telephone at home yesterday. Asked if the Newsweek story accurately represented her testimony, Young said, "Nothing was taken to completion, it was essentially foreplay? I'm not saying that's false." Her lawyer, John A. Verni, later provided a detailed description of Young's account.

Lewinsky had no response yesterday. "Monica Lewinsky continues to have no comment on the public allegations that have and are being made," said spokeswoman Judy Smith. "This in no way implies a confirmation of these allegations." The White House also had no comment.

Young is the latest associate to say Lewinsky talked of a relationship with Clinton. Former Pentagon colleague Linda R. Tripp, who is to testify Tuesday before the grand jury, released a statement detailing what she said Lewinsky told her of Lewinsky's affair with Clinton. Andy Bleiler, a former boyfriend, said Lewinsky told him of an affair with an unnamed high-ranking White House official. A Los Angeles man said that during a date Lewinsky boasted of having had sex with Clinton, although a source close to Lewinsky has disputed such a claim.

Several high school, college and Washington friends of Lewinsky also reportedly told the grand jury about confidences she shared.

Other than Tripp, though, none has suggested publicly that Lewinsky described any obstruction of justice by Clinton. Lewinsky's lawyers have told independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr that in exchange for immunity, she would testify that she engaged in sexual activity with Clinton, but not that he encouraged her to lie under oath.

Young, who owns a firm that helps homeowners and businesses challenge tax assessments and who has been involved in local Republican politics, met Lewinsky and her mother, Marcia Lewis, on separate occasions at a spa in the Catskills in 1995, according to Young's lawyer. Young and Lewinsky spent time together there again in May 1996 and it was on this occasion that Lewinsky opened up during a long walk, Verni said.

Lewinsky disclosed that she and Clinton had engaged in intimate touching in the study adjoining the Oval Office, according to Verni, but the president would not allow the activity to be completed, reasoning that it could not, therefore, be considered sex. "The president didn't trust anyone," Verni said.

But when Paula Jones's attorneys questioned Clinton about Lewinsky during a Jan. 17 deposition, they used a definition of sexual relations that included activities such as fondling, foreplay or uncompleted oral sex. Asked if he had had sex with Lewinsky under the terms of this definition, Clinton said under oath that he had not.

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