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Full text of Starr's report and the White House rebuttal are online.

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House Roll Call

Associated Press
Saturday, September 12, 1998; Page A15

Following is the 363 to 63 roll call by which the House adopted a resolution yesterday dealing with a report by independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr on President Clinton's alleged impeachable offenses. Voting "yes" were 224 Republicans, 138 Democrats and one independent. Voting "no" were 63 Democrats.

ALABAMA – Republicans: Aderholt, yes; Bachus, yes; Callahan, yes; Everett, yes; Riley, yes. Democrats: Cramer, yes; Hilliard, no.

ALASKA – Republican: Young, not voting.

ARIZONA – Republicans: Hayworth, yes; Kolbe, yes; Salmon, yes; Shadegg, yes; Stump, yes. Democrat: Pastor, yes.

ARKANSAS – Republicans: Dickey, yes; Hutchinson, yes. Democrats: Berry, yes; Snyder, yes.

CALIFORNIA – Republicans: Bilbray, yes; Bono, yes; Calvert, yes; Campbell, yes; Cox, yes; Cunningham, yes; Doolittle, yes; Dreier, yes; Gallegly, yes; Herger, yes; Horn, yes; Hunter, yes; Kim, yes; Lewis, yes; McKeon, yes; Packard, yes; Pombo, yes; Radanovich, yes; Riggs, yes; Rogan, yes; Rohrabacher, yes; Royce, yes; Thomas, yes. Democrats: Becerra, no; Berman, yes; Brown, no; Capps, yes; Condit, yes; Dixon, yes; Dooley, yes; Eshoo, yes; Farr, yes; Fazio, yes; Filner, no; Harman, yes; Lantos, yes; Lee, no; Lofgren, no; Martinez, no; Matsui, yes; Millender-McDonald, yes; Miller, no; Pelosi, no; Roybal-Allard, no; Sanchez, yes; Sherman, yes; Stark, no; Tauscher, yes; Torres, no; Waters, no; Waxman, yes; Woolsey, no.

COLORADO – Republicans: Hefley, yes; McInnis, yes; Schaefer, Dan, yes; Schaffer, Bob, yes. Democrats: DeGette, yes; Skaggs, no.

CONNECTICUT – Republicans: Johnson, yes; Shays, yes. Democrats: DeLauro, yes; Gejdenson, yes; Kennelly, yes; Maloney, yes.

DELAWARE – Republican: Castle, yes.

FLORIDA – Republicans: Bilirakis, yes; Canady, yes; Diaz-Balart, yes; Foley, yes; Fowler, yes; Goss, yes; McCollum, yes; Mica, yes; Miller, yes; Ros-Lehtinen, yes; Scarborough, not voting; Shaw, yes; Stearns, yes; Weldon, yes; Young, yes. Democrats: Boyd, yes; Brown, no; Davis, yes; Deutsch, no; Hastings, no; Meek, no; Thurman, yes; Wexler, no.

GEORGIA – Republicans: Barr, yes; Chambliss, yes; Collins, yes; Deal, yes; Gingrich, yes; Kingston, yes; Linder, yes; Norwood, yes. Democrats: Bishop, yes; Lewis, no; McKinney, yes.

HAWAII – Democrats: Abercrombie, yes; Mink, yes.

IDAHO – Republicans: Chenoweth, yes; Crapo, yes.

ILLINOIS – Republicans: Crane, yes; Ewing, yes; Fawell, yes; Hastert, yes; Hyde, yes; LaHood, yes; Manzullo, yes; Porter, yes; Shimkus, yes; Weller, yes. Democrats: Blagojevich, yes; Costello, yes; Davis, no; Evans, yes; Gutierrez, yes; Jackson, no; Lipinski, yes; Poshard, not voting; Rush, no; Yates, no.

INDIANA – Republicans: Burton, yes; Buyer, yes; Hostettler, yes; McIntosh, yes; Pease, yes; Souder, yes. Democrats: Carson, no; Hamilton, yes; Roemer, yes; Visclosky, yes.

IOWA – Republicans: Ganske, yes; Latham, yes; Leach, yes; Nussle, yes. Democrat: Boswell, yes.

KANSAS – Republicans: Moran, yes; Ryun, yes; Snowbarger, yes; Tiahrt, yes.

KENTUCKY – Republicans: Bunning, yes; Lewis, yes; Northup, yes; Rogers, yes; Whitfield, yes. Democrat: Baesler, yes.

LOUISIANA – Republicans: Baker, yes; Cooksey, yes; Livingston, yes; McCrery, yes; Tauzin, yes. Democrats: Jefferson, no; John, yes.

MAINE – Democrats: Allen, yes; Baldacci, yes.

MARYLAND – Republicans: Bartlett, yes; Ehrlich, yes; Gilchrest, yes; Morella, yes. Democrats: Cardin, yes; Cummings, no; Hoyer, yes; Wynn, yes.

MASSACHUSETTS – Democrats: Delahunt, no; Frank, no; Kennedy, no; Markey, no; McGovern, yes; Meehan, no; Moakley, yes; Neal, no; Olver, yes; Tierney, yes.

MICHIGAN – Republicans: Camp, yes; Ehlers, yes; Hoekstra, yes; Knollenberg, yes; Smith, yes; Upton, yes. Democrats: Barcia, not voting; Bonior, yes; Conyers, no; Dingell, yes; Kildee, yes; Kilpatrick, no; Levin, yes; Rivers, yes; Stabenow, yes; Stupak, yes.

MINNESOTA – Republicans: Gutknecht, yes; Ramstad, yes. Democrats: Luther, yes; Minge, yes; Oberstar, yes; Peterson, yes; Sabo, no; Vento, yes.

MISSISSIPPI – Republicans: Parker, yes; Pickering, yes; Wicker, yes. Democrats: Taylor, yes; Thompson, no.

MISSOURI – Republicans: Blunt, yes; Emerson, yes; Hulshof, yes; Talent, yes. Democrats: Clay, no; Danner, yes; Gephardt, yes; McCarthy, yes; Skelton, yes.

MONTANA – Republican: Hill, yes.

NEBRASKA – Republicans: Barrett, yes; Bereuter, yes; Christensen, yes.

NEVADA – Republicans: Ensign, yes; Gibbons, yes.

NEW HAMPSHIRE – Republicans: Bass, yes; Sununu, yes.

NEW JERSEY – Republicans: Franks, yes; Frelinghuysen, yes; LoBiondo, yes; Pappas, yes; Roukema, yes; Saxton, yes; Smith, yes. Democrats: Andrews, yes; Menendez, yes; Pallone, yes; Pascrell, yes; Payne, no; Rothman, yes.

NEW MEXICO – Republicans: Redmond, yes; Skeen, yes; Wilson, yes.

NEW YORK – Republicans: Boehlert, yes; Forbes, yes; Fossella, yes; Gilman, yes; Houghton, yes; Kelly, yes; King, yes; Lazio, yes; McHugh, yes; Paxon, yes; Quinn, yes; Solomon, yes; Walsh, yes. Democrats: Ackerman, no; Engel, no; Hinchey, no; LaFalce, yes; Lowey, yes; Maloney, yes; Manton, yes; McCarthy, yes; McNulty, yes; Meeks, no; Nadler, no; Owens, no; Rangel, yes; Schumer, yes; Serrano, no; Slaughter, yes; Towns, no; Velazquez, no.

NORTH CAROLINA – Republicans: Ballenger, yes; Burr, yes; Coble, yes; Jones, yes; Myrick, yes; Taylor, yes. Democrats: Clayton, no; Etheridge, yes; Hefner, no; McIntyre, yes; Price, yes; Watt, no.

NORTH DAKOTA – Democrat: Pomeroy, yes.

OHIO – Republicans: Boehner, yes; Chabot, yes; Gillmor, yes; Hobson, yes; Kasich, yes; LaTourette, yes; Ney, yes; Oxley, yes; Portman, yes; Pryce, not voting; Regula, yes. Democrats: Brown, yes; Hall, yes; Kaptur, yes; Kucinich, yes; Sawyer, yes; Stokes, no; Strickland, yes; Traficant, yes.

OKLAHOMA – Republicans: Coburn, yes; Istook, yes; Largent, yes; Lucas, yes; Watkins, yes; Watts, yes.

OREGON – Republican: Smith, yes. Democrats: Blumenauer, yes; DeFazio, yes; Furse, not voting; Hooley, yes.

PENNSYLVANIA – Republicans: English, yes; Fox, yes; Gekas, yes; Goodling, yes; Greenwood, yes; McDade, yes; Peterson, yes; Pitts, yes; Shuster, yes; Weldon, yes. Democrats: Borski, yes; Brady, no; Coyne, yes; Doyle, yes; Fattah, no; Holden, yes; Kanjorski, yes; Klink, yes; Mascara, yes; McHale, yes; Murtha, yes.

RHODE ISLAND – Democrats: Kennedy, no; Weygand, yes.

SOUTH CAROLINA – Republicans: Graham, yes; Inglis, yes; Sanford, yes; Spence, yes. Democrats: Clyburn, no; Spratt, yes.

SOUTH DAKOTA – Republican: Thune, yes.

TENNESSEE – Republican: Bryant, yes; Duncan, yes; Hilleary, yes; Jenkins, not voting; Wamp, yes. Democrats: Clement, yes; Ford, no; Gordon, yes; Tanner, yes.

TEXAS – Republicans: Archer, yes; Armey, yes; Barton, yes; Bonilla, yes; Brady, yes; Combest, yes; DeLay, yes; Granger, yes; Johnson, Sam, yes; Paul, yes; Sessions, yes; Smith, yes; Thornberry, yes. Democrats: Bentsen, yes; Doggett, yes; Edwards, yes; Frost, yes; Gonzalez, not voting; Green, yes; Hall, yes; Hinojosa, yes; Jackson-Lee, no; Johnson, E.B., not voting; Lampson, yes; Ortiz, yes; Reyes, yes; Rodriguez, yes; Sandlin, yes; Stenholm, yes; Turner, yes.

UTAH – Republicans: Cannon, yes; Cook, yes; Hansen, yes.

VERMONT – Others: Sanders, yes.

VIRGINIA – Republicans: Bateman, yes; Bliley, yes; Davis, yes; Goodlatte, yes; Wolf, yes. Democrats: Boucher, yes; Goode, yes; Moran, no; Pickett, yes; Scott, no; Sisisky, yes.

WASHINGTON – Republicans: Dunn, yes; Hastings, yes; Metcalf, yes; Nethercutt, yes; Smith, Linda, yes; White, yes. Democrats: Dicks, yes; McDermott, no; Smith, Adam, yes.

WEST VIRGINIA – Democrats: Mollohan, no; Rahall, yes; Wise, yes.

WISCONSIN – Republicans: Klug, yes; Neumann, yes; Petri, yes; Sensenbrenner, yes.Democrats: Barrett, yes; Johnson, yes; Kind, yes; Kleczka, yes; Obey, yes.

WYOMING – Republican: Cubin, yes.

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