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Votes on Videos, Live Lewinsky Testimony

Thursday, February 4, 1999

In the impeachment trial of President Clinton, the Senate voted Thursday on motions to:

Admit the videotaped depositions of Monica Lewinsky, Vernon Jordan and Sidney Blumenthal into evidence: Approved, 100-0. Republicans, 55 yes; Democrats, 45 yes.

Call Monica Lewinsky as a live witness: Rejected, 70-30. Republicans, 30 yes, 25 no; Democrats, 45 no.

Present only the transcripts of the videotaped depositions to the Senate: Rejected, 73-27. Republicans, 2 yes, 53 no; Democrats: 25 yes, 20 no.

Present six hours of the videotaped depositions to the Senate: Approved, 62-38. Republicans, 53 yes, 2 no; Democrats: 9 yes, 36 no.

Begin closing arguments: Rejected, 56-44. Republicans, 55 no; Democrats, 44 yes, 1 no.

Require House managers to notify the White House which excerpts of depositions will be presented to the Senate: Rejected, 54-46. Republicans, 1 yes, 54 no; Democrats: 45 yes.

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