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Can a Lewinsky Sitcom Be Far Behind?

By Mo Rocca
Special to The Washington Post
Sunday, August 23, 1998; Page G09

HOLLYWOOD—Don't expect the Lewinsky Matter to fade from the consciousness anytime soon. The real-life ratings bonanza is spawning a slew of fall programming changes. "People can't get enough," says one exec. "It's beyond must-see."

Rumored additions to the new season lineup include:

"Man From Hope" -- Burt Reynolds and Markie Post star as a smart and sexy boomer president and his wife who wow Hollywood, the Hamptons and lesser-known parts of the globe. Sure, they've had problems in their marriage, but who hasn't? These two are in love, plus they're fun. With John Goodman as the trusty trash man, Mr. Hubbell, and Charles Nelson Reilly as the mean and tacky prosecutor who's actually a member of a vast right-wing conspiracy to destroy the lives of public servants from Arkansas. Produced by Harry Thomason and Linda Bloodworth-Thomason; theme sung by Barbra Streisand.

"I Love Lucianne" -- This wisecracking redhead (still to be cast) is determined to destroy the president. So what if the White House hasn't invited her over since the Nixon administration? So what if she doesn't have a hunky Cuban band leader husband? She's got a thousand dirty tricks up her sleeve and a best friend with a tape recorder. Together they'll win your heart and help prove that someone may have committed a crime. Mondays, right after "Caroline in the City."

"My Two Lannys" -- Two White House lawyers, one silly name and one majorly mixed-up client. It's "Spin City" meets "Patty Duke." The commander in chief digs himself in deeper as he tries to figure out which Lanny to follow. Things turn wacky when former First Friend Lani Guinier shows up to give her two cents. Tuesdays, following "Grand Jury Gaffes and Practical Jokes."

"Talking Points" -- It's "The View" for the "Ally McBeal" set -- very cynical, very urban and very ironic. Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky is joined by three other smart, post-feminist, micro-miniskirted babes with more on their minds than catching a man, yet totally obsessing about it. In the first episode, Monica gushes about her First Crush and what it's like to get a letter from John Dean, "who happens to be a very successful investment banker -- not that that matters."

"The Wiggle Room" -- From the wonderful world of Disney comes this magical family series. Two young friends discover a foggy place where lies can be true and actions have no consequences. With Anthony Quinn as the voice of Zegna, the necktie with a special secret.

"South Lawn" -- "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone bring their outrageous brand of funny to the White House back yard in this series starring animated paper cutouts of First Dog Buddy and First Cat Socks. These pets are raunchy, randy and totally inappropriate. At least once per episode, Buddy mistakes Socks for a fireplug and the fur flies.

Tentative mid-season replacement: "That Woman" -- A White House intern with a Marlo Thomas flip makes it big in D.C. comedy (or drama; to be determined this fall).

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