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Lewinsky and Ginsburg Ginsburg, shepherding Lewinsky nearly everywhere. (AP file photo)
Leaving No Tome Unturned

By Annie Groer and Ann Gerhart
From "The Reliable Source"
Wednesday, March 25, 1998

Is independent counsel Ken Starr interested in Monica Lewinsky's taste in literature?

On Monday, Kramerbooks & Afterwords was ordered to turn over records of Lewinsky's purchases at the Dupont Circle bookstore before she became a household name in January.

"We are cooperating," said Carol O'Riordan, Kramerbooks' attorney. "We are trying to work out . . . a response that is not unduly burdensome to a small company."

One of several books Lewinsky bought there is "Vox," Nicholson Baker's 1992 novel of yuppie phone sex between a man in a Western city and a woman in the East.

Word of the subpoena outraged Lewinsky's lawyer, William Ginsburg, who offered up a few literary references of his own. "We have now gone from invasion of the right of privacy to 'Fahrenheit 451,' " he told The Post's Peter Baker. "This is 'Animal Farm.' This is 'Brave New World.' My God, they've got the government in our bathroom."

Starr's spokeswoman Deborah Gershman would not comment.

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