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Affidavit of Julie Hiatt Steele


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Released Wednesday, March 18, 1998

The following is the full text of an affidavit sworn out by Julie Hiattt Steele on Feb. 13, 1998. In it Steele, a friend of Kathleen E. Willey's, says Willey "never said anything to suggest that President Clinton made sexual advances towards her or otherwise acted inappropriately in her presence" until 1997, when Willey asked Steele to lie to a Newsweek reporter.

1. My name is Julie Hiatt Steel.

2. I have known Kathleen Willey since approximately 1978. In the fall of 1978, my former husband and I contracted to purchase a home from Ed and Kathleen Willey. Although the transaction was never complete, Ms. Willey and I later became friends.

3. On the Monday after Thanksgiving 1993, Ed Willey committed suicide. Kathleen Willey did not learn of his death until the next day. Some time after Ed Willey's death, Ms. Willey told me that on that same Monday she had traveled to Washington and met with President Clinton to request that she be given a paid position at the White House instead of serving as a volunteer. During the course of our discussion, Ms. Willey never said anything to suggest that President Clinton made sexual advances towards her or otherwise acted inappropriately in her presence.

4. In mid March or early April 1997, Ms. Willey called me and stated that she was in the office of her attorney, Daniel Gecker. She informed me that she was with Mr. Gecker and Michael Isikoff, a reporter from Newsweek Magazine. I had no prior knowledge of this meeting. Ms. Willey advised me that Mr. Isikoff wanted to meet with me. I did not know what Mr. Isikoff wanted to discuss, but I agreed to meet with him that afternoon at my home. However, before ending the conversation, I told Ms. Willey that she needed to call me back and tell my why he was coming to see me.

5. Before Mr. Isikoff arrived at my home, Ms Wiley called me again. She told me that she needed my help to corroborate a story she had just told Mr. Isikoff. Specifically, Ms. Willey asked me to tell Ms. Isikoff that on the day she had visited with President Clinton in November 1993, she had returned to Richmond and come directly to my house. She further requested that I tell Mr. Isikoff that on that day she told me that President Clinton had made sexual advances towards her, had "groped" her, and had pulled at her clothing. Ms. Willey also asked me to describe her demeanor at the time as "upset," "humiliated," "disappointed," and "harassed."

6. I told Ms. Willey that I could not make such statements because she had not come to my house that day and had never told me of any sexual advances made by President Clinton. She repeatedly assured me that any discussion with Mr. Isikoff would be "off the record" and that it would be all right if I lied to him. She told me she needed me to do this for her and that she would explain it all later.

7. I met with Mr. Isikoff that afternoon and, as requested by Ms. Willey, I lied to him about her coming to my home after meeting with President Clinton. In an effort to support Ms. Willey, I tried to repeat the story she had told me – for the first time – literally minutes before Mr. Isikoff arrived at my home. During our conversation, he repeatedly assured me that my comments were "off the record." Mr. Isikoff readily accepted the story I provided. After he left, I called Ms. Willey to advise her that I had done as she requested. When I asked why she wanted me to do this, she explained that Mr. Isikoff was likely to interview Linda Tripp, who would not support her version of the encounter with President Clinton.

8. In late July 1997, Mr. Isikoff called to advise me that he intended to publish a story regarding Ms. Willey's alleged encounter with President Clinton. I told Mr. Isikoff that I wanted to set the record straight before he published the story and I proceeded to explain to him that Ms. Willey had asked me to lie to support her version of the event and that I had in fact, done so. I told him that I had not seen Ms. Willey the day she claimed to have met with President Clinton and that I had never heard any allegations of improper conduct by President Clinton until she called to tell me her story in 1992 as Mr. Isikoff was en route to my home.

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