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Feb. 9: Motion to Keep Session Open

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  • From the Congressional Record
    Tuesday, February 9, 1999


    Mr. LOTT. On behalf of myself and Senator Daschle, I move to suspend the rules on behalf of Senators Hutchison, Harkin, and others in order to conduct open deliberations.

    Mr. WELLSTONE addressed the Chair.

    The CHIEF JUSTICE. The Senator from Minnesota.

    Mr. WELLSTONE. I ask unanimous consent that there be a 40-minute debate, equally divided, between the leaders or their designees in open session on the motion to suspend the rules.

    The CHIEF JUSTICE. Is there objection?

    Mr. GREGG. I object.

    The CHIEF JUSTICE. Objection is heard.

    The question is on the motion to suspend the rules. The yeas and nays are automatic. The clerk will call the roll.

    The legislative clerk called the roll.

    The yeas and nays resulted--yeas 59, nays 41, as follows:

    Rollcall Vote No. 15

    Rollcall Vote No. 15]

    Subject: Lott motion to suspend the rules



    • Abraham
    • Akaka
    • Baucus
    • Bayh
    • Biden
    • Bingaman
    • Boxer
    • Breaux
    • Bryan
    • Byrd
    • Cleland
    • Collins
    • Conrad
    • Daschle
    • DeWine
    • Dodd
    • Dorgan
    • Durbin
    • Edwards
    • Feingold
    • Feinstein
    • Gorton
    • Graham
    • Hagel
    • Harkin
    • Hollings
    • Hutchison
    • Inouye
    • Jeffords
    • Johnson
    • Kennedy
    • Kerrey
    • Kerry
    • Kohl
    • Kyl
    • Landrieu
    • Lautenberg
    • Leahy
    • Levin
    • Lieberman
    • Lincoln
    • Lugar
    • McCain
    • Mikulski
    • Moynihan
    • Murray
    • Reed
    • Reid
    • Robb
    • Rockefeller
    • Sarbanes
    • Schumer
    • Smith (OR)
    • Snowe
    • Specter
    • Stevens
    • Torricelli
    • Wellstone
    • Wyden


    • Allard
    • Ashcroft
    • Bennett
    • Bond
    • Brownback
    • Bunning
    • Burns
    • Campbell
    • Chafee
    • Cochran
    • Coverdell
    • Craig
    • Crapo
    • Domenici
    • Enzi
    • Fitzgerald
    • Frist
    • Gramm
    • Grams
    • Grassley
    • Gregg
    • Hatch
    • Helms
    • Hutchinson
    • Inhofe
    • Lott
    • Mack
    • McConnell
    • Murkowski
    • Nickles
    • Roberts
    • Roth
    • Santorum
    • Sessions
    • Shelby
    • Smith (NH)
    • Thomas
    • Thompson
    • Thurmond
    • Voinovich
    • Warner

    The CHIEF JUSTICE. On this vote the yeas are 59, the nays are 41. Two-thirds of those Senators voting--a quorum being present--not having voted in the affirmative, the motion is not agreed to.

    Mr. LOTT. Mr. Chief Justice, I suggest the absence of a quorum.

    The CHIEF JUSTICE. The clerk will call the roll.

    The bill clerk proceeded to call the roll.

    Mr. LOTT. Mr. Chief Justice, I ask unanimous consent that the order for the quorum call be rescinded.

    The CHIEF JUSTICE. In the absence of objection, so ordered.

    Mr. LOTT. Mr. Chief Justice, I want to make this reminder: Only those people who are properly authorized to be on the floor of the Senate should be here. The Sergeant at Arms will act accordingly.

    Now, Mr. Chief Justice, there is a desire by a number of Senators that it be possible for their statements, even in closed session, to be made a part of the Record. Senator Daschle and I have talked a great deal about this. We think this is an appropriate way to proceed.


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