Clinton Accused Special Report
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They met in the private study off the Oval Office.

They talked about Buddy the dog.

They talked about Paula Jones.

They talked about how in the world Paula Jones's lawyers had known to name her as a witness, and he said, "Maybe it was the woman from the summer with Kathleen Willey," and she thought: Linda.

They talked about the subpoena, and the gifts she would have to produce, which included two T-shirts, a dress, a baseball cap and a mug he had given her in September after he had flown back from Martha's Vineyard with Vernon Jordan on Air Force One. Which was incredibly meaningful, she told Linda Tripp, because it was the most money anyone other than a family member had spent on her since she was 14 years old and a boy named Danny gave her a dozen roses and took her to the movie "La Bamba."

They talked for nearly an hour.

He gave her some Christmas gifts: a box of cherry chocolates, a stuffed animal, a Rockettes blanket, a pin with the New York skyline on it, a novelty pair of sunglasses and a marble sculpture of a bear's head that he told her was an Indian symbol of strength. "You can hold onto this when you need to be strong," he said about that.

They kissed once, in a doorway, and in the midst of it, when she opened her eyes, she saw that his eyes were open, too, and he was looking out a window.

"Well, I was just looking to make sure no one was out there," he said.

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