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More Webs of Wisdom for Scandalmongers

Style Showcase By Linton Weeks
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, January 30, 1998; Page D2

Internet invention Matt Drudge appears on "Meet the Press." Someone claiming to be Monica Lewinsky posts a member profile on America Online, with the personal quote, "Oh what a tangled Web we weave." The MSNBC network points folks to something called And the Special Report "Clinton Accused" is sponsored by 1-800-FLOWERS.

Sacre bleu! It’s happening. Life online is spilling over into real life. Since many of the reports – true and false – in this scandal-opera continue to show up first on the Internet, The Washington Post offers another installment of A Web Guide for Scandalmongers.

C-SPAN Online ( When the president avoids the accusations during the State of the Union address or denies them at a photo opportunity, C-SPAN will be there. In fact, the breathless Web site tells us in its "Investigation of the President" section that its cameras will also be "staked out at the U.S. District Court for any possible reaction." Boredom on demand.

Linda Tripp ( Innuendos in your Windows. Honolulu Web page designers Bruce Fisher and Dan Stetser – the same guys who brought you the Hooters Hula Bowl Web site – registered Linda Tripp’s name as soon as the story broke. The info on the site is highly suspect, but the message board is full of love, and loathing, for the president. "We’ve tapped into an anger that people have about this greedy trend that exchanges loyalty and privacy for personal gains," Fisher said.

Toon Town ( On the left is Ronald Reagan, in a suit, labeled "The Teflon President." On the right is Bill Clinton, in a suit covered with articles of ladies’ clothing, labeled "The Static-Cling President." Daryl Cagle’s Professional Cartoonists Index posts witty and weird editorial cartoons of all stripes. A new section, "Scandal in the White House," is updated every day. Drawing bored this is not.

Buzz Words ( resources/dict): Befuddled by the strange language being tossed around in the Lewinsky situation? Now, with the online edition of the American Standard Law Dictionary, you, too, can know the meaning of "transactional immunity" and "subornation of perjury." For the definitions of other words, however, you’ll have to ask your parents.

© Copyright 1998 The Washington Post Company

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