The Clients

Over the last five years, Giuliani Partners has represented dozens of clients worldwide who sought its advice on security, contracting, crisis management and investments. A partial list of major clients is included below:

Seisint Inc.Purdue Pharma
AonRichard C.B. Ellis
NextelBears Stearns
Aloha AirlinesU.S. Airways
Delta AirlinesMusicland
Premium Papers Holdco LLCWe the People
Lighting Science GroupApplied DNA Sciences
Broadwater EnergyCognos
EntergyGreater New York Hospital Association
National Thoroughbred Racing AssociationBio One
Atlantis PlasticsAirnet Systems
Lance, Inc.Quipp, Inc.
Scientific GamesArgyle Security
Command SecurityPureWorld
Merrill LynchHawaiin Airlines
Mexico CityPhRMA (lobbyist)

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