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Clinton's Response to Jones's Request for Documents Related to Willey


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Released on Saturday, March 28, 1998

Following is an excerpt from President Clinton's Jan. 15 responses to a series of document requests from the Paula Jones legal team. It was released by the Jones legal team on March 28 as evidence of a White House cover up.


Please produce all documents concerning Kathleen Willey, including but not limited to: all documents concerning any federal governmental employment, appointments, occupations, or duties of or by Mrs. Willey (including such employment within the White House Office of Social Affairs and Office of the General Counsel); all federal governmental appointments to attend overseas or international conferences or meetings (including all remuneration, salary or payment documents and all travel documents, expenses, and vouchers); all appointments to any government-related entities or agencies (including the United Service organization or USO); and all documents (such as logs, telephone records, security videotapes, or lists) reflecting any communications, meetings, or visits involving Defendant Clinton and Mrs. Willey, especially within the White House.

RESPONSE: President Clinton objects to this Request for Production as it is intended solely to harass, embarrass, and humiliate the President and the Office he occupies. President Clinton also objects to this Request for Production in that it pertains to subject matter beyond the reasonable scope of discovery in this proceeding and is not likely to lead to the discovery of admissible evidence. Notwithstanding the above objections, President Clinton has no documents responsive to this Request. Also notwithstanding the above objections, the Clinton Campaign has no documents responsive to this Request.

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