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The Paula Jones Story: Two Versions

The Washington Post
Saturday, February 21, 1998; Page A10

The following are excerpts from Paula Jones's accounts of her alleged run-in with then-Gov. Bill Clinton in an Arkansas hotel room. One account was included in her Nov. 12, 1997, deposition in the lawsuit she filed against Clinton and released this week; the other is from a March 1994 interview with The Washington Post.


Deposition: He sat down on the windowsill, leaned up against it with his bottom. And I was standing in front of him just talking because I was the one looking out the window. And he proceeded to – he just reached right over while we were talking and we were just talking in general and I don't know exactly everything we were talking about but nothing sexual. And...

... Because what was so shocking to me is I'm sitting here talking to this man but nothing related to what's on his mind and he's over here while he's answering my questions pulling me over like he has done this a million times and grabs me and pulls me over to him to the windowsill and tries to kiss me and just didn't ask me or nothing. And I was really shocked. And I pulled away. That was the first time I pulled away. I said, 'No.' I said, 'What are you doing?'

Post interview: He sat down at the window sill. ...And he picked my hand up and just kind of like this, he wasn't grabbing it, you know he just held it. He kind of pulled me over and he back up just against the windowsill like this or something. And I said I want to get away or something. I didn't want to be there.


Deposition: By the wingback chair close to where I was at. Then it's like he wasn't even paying attention to what I was saying to him. Then he goes, "Oh, I love the way your hair flows down your back. And I was watching you," and stuff like that. Downstairs. And then he did it again. Then he started – he pulled me over to him while he was leaning up against the wingback chair and he took his hands and was running them up my culottes.

... And he had his hand up, going up to my middle pelvic area, and he was kissing me on the neck, you know, and trying to kiss me on the lips and I wouldn't let him. And then I backed back. I said, "Stop it. You know. I'm not this kind of girl."

Post interview: He was leaning up against the back of the wingbacked chair and I was talking to him again and I thought I guess he was listening to me because he was going, oh he just killed me with this look on his face. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

... He reached in and went like this and put his hand up my leg. And I said, "What are you doing, what is going on?" He was trying to nibble on my neck and I was trying to back off. I said, "What is ..." I said, "I don'twant to do this." I said, "What is going on?" I backed away and then he started telling me, he said, "I was just noticing downstairs, I was looking at your curves and the way you walked around the front of the table and I love the way your hair came down your back, the middle of your back and your curves."


In both accounts, Jones describes Clinton lowering his pants and asking her for oral sex, which she says she refused.


Deposition: And then I proceeded to go on to the door, and he rushed up behind me. I started to open up the door, he put his hand on the door to where I could not open it up any further, and he stopped me and he says, 'You're a smart girl, let's keep this between ourselves....''

Q: Are you saying that the governor did not let you go out the door?

A: Not for a split second, yeah. He confined me for a moment to let me know that I'm a smart girl and let's just keep this between ourselves.

Q: And the governor had his hand on...

A: On the door. When I opened the door, he stopped it, the back of the door, long enough to let me know what he wanted to tell me.

Q: Now have you ever said that before?

A: Yes, I have....

Q: In any of the many press conferences you gave, did you say that before?

A: I don't recall if I have or not.

Q: Did he let you go out the door?

A: Yes. After he told me what he told me.

Q: And what did you understand him to have meant by that?

A: Well he was threatening me. He said, "You're a smart girl. Let's keep this between ourselves." Apparently he didn't want this to get out.

Post interview: I jumped up and I said, "No, I don't do that. I'm not that type of person, I need to be going back downstairs." And at this point he tried to persuade me again, said, "If you have" – no he said, now let me go back. He said, "Well I don't want to make you do something you don't want to do." But then he said "you have any trouble" – now that's when he pulled his boxer shorts up then – but "if you have any trouble," he said, "you have Dave Harrington contact me immediately. You won't have any trouble."

You jumped and said, "No I don't do that, I'm not that type of person."

Right. And I was ready to just get out of there and that's when he said, "Well I don't want to make you do something you don't want to do," but then he said, "but if you have any trouble," he said, "you're not going to get in trouble, I can have Dave Harrington, if you have any trouble you have Dave Harrington contact me immediately. You won't be in trouble." He was letting me know that I could stay even further, that I would not get in trouble. But I left.

© Copyright 1998 The Washington Post Company

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