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House Roll Call on Term Limits

Associated Press
Friday, March 31, 1995; Page A28

Following is the 227-204-1 vote Wednesday night by which the House rejected a proposed constitutional amendment for 12-year term limits on lawmakers in the House and Senate. A two-thirds majority was required for passage.

A "yes" vote is a vote to approve the amendment.

Voting yes were 189 Republicans and 38 Democrats.

Voting no were 40 Republicans and 163 Democrats and one independent.

One Republican voted "present."

ALABAMA -- Republicans: Bachus, yes; Callahan, yes; Everett, yes. Democrats: Bevill, yes; Browder, yes; Cramer, yes; Hilliard, no.

ALASKA -- Republicans: Young, yes.

ARIZONA -- Republicans: Hayworth, yes; Kolbe, yes; Salmon, no; Shadegg, yes; Stump, yes. Democrat: Pastor, no.

ARKANSAS -- Republicans: Dickey, yes; Hutchinson, yes. Democrats: Lambert-Lincoln, no; Thornton, yes.

CALIFORNIA -- Republicans: Baker, yes; Bilbray, yes; Bono, yes; Calvert, yes; Cox, yes; Cunningham, yes; Doolittle, yes; Dornan, yes; Dreier, no; Gallegly, yes; Herger, yes; Horn, yes; Hunter, no; Kim, yes; Lewis, no; McKeon, yes; Moorhead, yes; Packard, yes; Pombo, yes; Radanovich, yes; Riggs, yes; Rohrabacher, yes; Royce, yes; Seastrand, yes; Thomas, yes. Democrats: Becerra, no; Beilenson, no; Berman, no; Brown, no; Condit, yes; Dellums, no; Dixon, no; Dooley, no; Eshoo, yes; Farr, no; Fazio, no; Filner, no; Harman, yes; Lantos, no; Lofgren, no; Martinez, no; Matsui, no; Miller, no; Mineta, no; Pelosi, no; Roybal-Allard, no; Stark, no; Torres, no; Tucker, no; Waters, no; Waxman, no; Woolsey, no.

COLORADO -- Republicans: Allard, no; Hefley, no; McInnis, yes; Schaefer, yes. Democrats: Schroeder, no; Skaggs, no.

CONNECTICUT -- Republicans: Franks, yes; Johnson, no; Shays, no. Democrats: DeLauro, no; Gejdenson, no; Kennelly, no.

DELAWARE -- Republican: Castle, yes.

FLORIDA -- Republicans: Bilirakis, yes; Canady, yes; Diaz-Balart, yes; Foley, yes; Fowler, yes; Goss, yes; McCollum, yes; Mica, yes; Miller, yes; Ros-Lehtinen, yes; Scarborough, yes; Shaw, yes; Stearns, yes; Weldon, yes; Young, yes. Democrats: Brown, no; Deutsch, yes; Gibbons, no; Hastings, no; Johnston, no; Meek, no; Peterson, yes; Thurman, no.

GEORGIA -- Republicans: Barr, yes; Chambliss, yes; Collins, yes; Gingrich, yes; Kingston, yes; Linder, yes; Norwood, yes. Democrats: Bishop, no; Deal, yes; Lewis, no; McKinney, no.

HAWAII -- Democrats: Abercrombie, no; Mink, no.

IDAHO -- Republicans: Chenoweth, yes; Crapo, yes.

ILLINOIS -- Republicans: Crane, yes; Ewing, yes; Fawell, no; Flanagan, yes; Hastert, yes; Hyde, no; LaHood, yes; Manzullo, yes; Porter, no; Weller, yes. Democrats: Collins, no; Costello, no; Durbin, no; Evans, no; Gutierrez, no; Lipinski, no; Poshard, yes; Reynolds, no; Rush, no; Yates, no.

INDIANA -- Republicans: Burton, yes; Buyer, yes; Hostettler, no; McIntosh, yes; Myers, no; Souder, yes. Democrats: Hamilton, no; Jacobs, yes; Roemer, no; Visclosky, no.

IOWA -- Republicans: Ganske, yes; Latham, yes; Leach, yes; Lightfoot, yes; Nussle, yes.

KANSAS -- Republicans: Brownback, yes; Meyers, yes; Roberts, no; Tiahrt, yes.

KENTUCKY -- Republicans: Bunning, yes; Lewis, yes; Rogers, no; Whitfield, yes. Democrats: Baesler, no; Ward, no.

LOUISIANA -- Republicans: Baker, no; Livingston, no; McCrery, yes. Democrats: Fields, no; Hayes, yes; Jefferson, no; Tauzin, yes.

MAINE -- Republican: Longley, no. Democrat: Baldacci, yes.

MARYLAND -- Republicans: Bartlett, yes; Ehrlich, no; Gilchrest, yes; Morella, no. Democrats: Cardin, no; Hoyer, no; Mfume, no; Wynn, no.

MASSACHUSETTS -- Republicans: Blute, yes; Torkildsen, yes. Democrats: Frank, no; Kennedy, no; Markey, no; Meehan, yes; Moakley, no; Neal, no; Olver, no; Studds, no.

MICHIGAN -- Republicans: Camp, yes; Chrysler, yes; Ehlers, yes; Hoekstra, yes; Knollenberg, yes; Smith, yes; Upton, yes. Democrats: Barcia, yes; Bonior, no; Collins, no; Conyers, no; Dingell, no; Kildee, no; Levin, no; Rivers, no; Stupak, no.

MINNESOTA -- Republicans: Gutknecht, yes; Ramstad, yes. Democrats: Luther, yes; Minge, yes; Oberstar, no; Peterson, yes; Sabo, no; Vento, no.

MISSISSIPPI -- Republican: Wicker, no. Democrats: Montgomery, no; Parker, no; Taylor, no; Thompson, no.

MISSOURI -- Republicans: Emerson, yes; Hancock, yes; Talent, yes. Democrats: Clay, no; Danner, yes; Gephardt, no; McCarthy, yes; Skelton, no; Volkmer, no.

MONTANA -- Democrat: Williams, no.

NEBRASKA -- Republicans: Barrett, yes; Bereuter, yes; Christensen, no.

NEVADA -- Republicans: Ensign, yes; Vucanovich, yes.

NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Republicans: Bass, yes; Zeliff, yes.

NEW JERSEY -- Republicans: Franks, yes; Frelinghuysen, yes; LoBiondo, yes; Martini, yes; Roukema, no; Saxton, yes; Smith, no; Zimmer, yes. Democrats: Andrews, no; Menendez, no; Pallone, no; Payne, no; Torricelli, no.

NEW MEXICO -- Republicans: Schiff, yes; Skeen, no. Democrat: Richardson, no.

NEW YORK -- Republicans: Boehlert, no; Forbes, yes; Frisa, yes; Gilman, no; Houghton, yes; Kelly, yes; King, no; Lazio, yes; McHugh, no; Molinari, no; Paxon, yes; Quinn, yes; Solomon, yes; Walsh, yes. Democrats: Ackerman, no; Engel, no; Flake, no; Hinchey, no; LaFalce, no; Lowey, no; Maloney, no; Manton, no; McNulty, yes; Nadler, no; Owens, no; Rangel, no; Schumer, no; Serrano, no; Slaughter, no; Towns, no; Velazquez, no.

NORTH CAROLINA -- Republicans: Ballenger, yes; Burr, yes; Coble, yes; Funderburk, yes; Heineman, yes; Jones, yes; Myrick, yes; Taylor, yes. Democrats: Clayton, no; Hefner, no; Rose, yes; Watt, no.

NORTH DAKOTA -- Democrat: Pomeroy, not voting.

OHIO -- Republicans: Boehner, yes; Chabot, yes; Cremeans, yes; Gillmor, yes; Hobson, yes; Hoke, yes; Kasich, yes; LaTourette, yes; Ney, yes; Oxley, no; Portman, yes; Pryce, yes; Regula, yes. Democrats: Brown, yes; Hall, no; Kaptur, no; Sawyer, no; Stokes, no; Traficant, yes.

OKLAHOMA -- Republicans: Coburn, yes; Istook, yes; Largent, yes; Lucas, yes; Watts, yes. Democrat: Brewster, yes.

OREGON -- Republicans: Bunn, yes; Cooley, yes. Democrats: DeFazio, no; Furse, yes; Wyden, no.

PENNSYLVANIA -- Republicans: Clinger, yes; English, yes; Fox, yes; Gekas, yes; Goodling, yes; Greenwood, yes; McDade, no; Shuster, yes; Walker, yes; Weldon, yes. Democrats: Borski, no; Coyne, no; Doyle, yes; Fattah, no; Foglietta, no; Holden, yes; Kanjorski, no; Klink, no; Mascara, yes; McHale, no; Murtha, no.

RHODE ISLAND -- Democrats: Kennedy, no; Reed, no.

SOUTH CAROLINA -- Republicans: Graham, yes; Inglis, yes; Sanford, yes; Spence, yes. Democrats: Clyburn, yes; Spratt, no.

SOUTH DAKOTA -- Democrat: Johnson, yes.

TENNESSEE -- Republicans: Bryant, yes; Duncan, yes; Hilleary, yes; Quillen, no; Wamp, yes. Democrats: Clement, yes; Ford, no; Gordon, yes; Tanner, no.

TEXAS -- Republicans: Archer, no; Armey, yes; Barton, no; Bonilla, yes; Combest, yes; DeLay, no; Fields, yes; Johnson, Sam, yes; Smith, yes; Stockman, present; Thornberry, yes. Democrats: Bentsen, no; Bryant, no; Chapman, no; Coleman, no; de la Garza, not voting; Doggett, no; Edwards, no; Frost, not voting; Geren, no; Gonzalez, no; Green, no; Hall, yes; Jackson-Lee, no; Johnson, E. B., no; Laughlin, no; Ortiz, no; Stenholm, no; Tejeda, no; Wilson, yes.

UTAH -- Republicans: Hansen, yes; Waldholtz, yes. Democrat: Orton, yes.

VERMONT -- Independent: Sanders, no.

VIRGINIA -- Republicans: Bateman, no; Bliley, no; Davis, yes; Goodlatte, yes; Wolf, yes. Democrats: Boucher, no; Moran, no; Payne, no; Pickett, no; Scott, no; Sisisky, no.

WASHINGTON -- Republicans: Dunn, yes; Hastings, yes; Metcalf, yes; Nethercutt, yes; Smith, yes; Tate, yes; White, yes. Democrats: Dicks, no; McDermott, no.

WEST VIRGINIA -- Democrats: Mollohan, no; Rahall, no; Wise, no.

WISCONSIN -- Republicans: Gunderson, yes; Klug, yes; Neumann, yes; Petri, no; Roth, yes; Sensenbrenner, no. Democrats: Barrett, no; Kleczka, no; Obey, no.

WYOMING -- Republican: Cubin, yes.

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