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A selection of Web sites from organizations for and against granting President Clinton "fast track" authority to negotiate trade agreements.


The White House
The White House's "Fast Track: Renewal of Traditional Trading Authority" site includes a fact sheet, the full text of the proposed bill and a section-by-section analysis.

America Leads on Trade Coalition
Located at, this site belongs to a coalition of more than 585 companies, associations, small- and medium-sized businesses, and organizations that support the renewal of traditional fast-track trade negotiating authority.

Chamber of Commerce
This site encourages members of the chamber to push for swift passage of fast-track authority.


The AFL-CIO's "Stop Fast Track" site features a fact sheet outlining the union's reasons for opposition.

Public Citizen
Public Citizen's "Fair Trade Action Kit," which is part of its Global Trade Watch, includes a FAQ.

The Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees hosts a "NAFTA Scam" Web site, explaining its opposition to fast track.

Sierra Club
The Sierra Club issued a "Responsible Trade Campaign Action Alert" in August 1997, calling for opposition to fast-track authority.

Also See

Free Trade Area of the Americas
Official home page of the Free Trade Area of the Americas process. Includes text of the agreement between President Clinton and government leaders of Central and Latin America that was signed in Miami in 1994.
"Fast Track: More Than Just a Trade Law" was a "Issue of the Week" in September 1997.

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