1. I would feel safer and better protected if the authorities:
a. conducted random stops and searches of air and train passengers without regard to their looks, age or sex.
b. stopped and searched only passengers who look like the terrorists in previous incidents.
c. stopped and searched only passengers who wear comically overstuffed coats and behave in a shifty, nervous manner.
d. stopped and searched only passengers who were unable correctly to identify the winner of the last Super Bowl, the name of the bandleader on the David Letterman program, and the names of three characters from Sesame Street.

2. The dumbest and most wasteful public works project now under consideration in the Washington area is:
a. the Intercounty Connector linking I-270 with I-95 in Montgomery and Prince George's counties.
b. the plaza that would cover the E Street Expressway and link the Kennedy Center with the street grid of downtown Washington.
c. the extension of Metrorail out to Tysons Corner and beyond to Dulles International Airport.
d. a baseball stadium to be built near S. Capitol Street in Southeast Washington.
e. the so-called Lexus lanes--requiring drivers to pay extra, hefty tolls--on the Capitol Beltway in Virginia.

3. The single best way to get the Washington Nationals back on track is:
a. provide psychological counseling for Jose Guillen and Livan Hernandez.
b. give Cristian Guzman his unconditional release.
c. allow random fans to replace Cristian Guzman at shortstop each inning.
d. bring Barry Larkin out of retirement to replace Cristian Guzman at shortstop.
e. put Frank Robinson at shortshop to replace Cristian Guzman.

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