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13) Do you think that by the time you retire there will be enough money in the system to pay you the benefits you are entitled to, or do you think there will not be enough money left to pay you benefits?12/20/2004
14) Which of the following four statements comes closest to your own view of the Social Security program - The program has no problems; minor problems; major problems, but is not in crisis; is in crisis?12/20/2004
15) Would you support or oppose a plan in which people who chose to could invest some of their Social Security contributions in the stock market?12/20/2004
16) What if setting up a stock-market option for Social Security means the government has to borrow as much as two trillion dollars to set it up, with that money to be paid back over time through cost savings from the current system? (asked of those who support a stock market option)12/20/2004
17) People in a plan where some contributions were invested in the stock market would get higher benefits if the stock market went up, but lower benefits if the stock market went down. Knowing that, would you personally put some of your Social Security money in the stock market, or not?12/20/2004
18) How much of your Social Security money would you put in the stock market - all of it, most of it, some of it or just a little of it? (asked of those who would choose to put some of the Social Security contributions in the stock market)12/20/2004

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