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One for the Ages: The Darrell Green Trivia Quiz

By Lauren Silva and Dan Hargett Staff Writers
Web Posted: Thursday, Dec. 26, 2002; 1:58 p.m. EST

 Darrell Green acknowledges the cheering crowd as he leaves FedEx Field on Dec. 22, a day in which fans frequently chanted "We Want Darrell." (Jonathan Newton - The Washington Post)
Darrell Green's remarkable career with the Washington Redskins comes to an end Sunday, fittingly against the Dallas Cowboys. Green, 42, is the last holdover from Washington's Super Bowl years. He played his first game on Sept. 5, 1983 ó during Ronald Reaganís first term and is the oldest player ever to play cornerback in the NFL.

He hasn't played much lately, a disappointment for him and his thousands of fans, but will be with the starters for at least one play Sunday after a 30-minute celebration of his career. He's at peace saying goodbye after 20 years with the Redskins and will spend time with his family, church and foundation for inner-city kids."I leave with zero regrets, no hard feelings," he says. "Itís been a joyous career ó including this year."

As Green says so long, take our trivia quiz and see how much you know about the career of a Washington sports icon.

1) Redskin players and units have had some unique and peculiar nicknames over the years. What nickname was thrust upon the Redskins' porous secondary which featured Darrell Green in 1983?
The Fun Bunch
The Pearl Harbor Crew
The Danger Zone
The Smurfs

2) Which Redskins' record does Green currently not hold?
Most regular season interceptions
Most regular season games played
Most regular season games started
Most Pro Bowl appearances

3) When Green returned a memorable punt 52 yards for a touchdown against the Bears in a divisional playoff game in 1988, what part of his body did he suffer an injury to?
Left knee

4) Green was drafted in the first round of the 1983 draft. What pick was he and which player was drafted right before him?
28, Dan Marino
27, John Elway
22, Eric Dickerson
31, Dave Krieg

5) Green has earned what title on four separate occasions during his NFL career?
NFL's Man of the Year
NFL's Fastest Man
Commissioner's Intern of the Year
NFL's Shortest All-Pro

6) Green has earned seven Pro Bowl appearances, two fewer than the Redskins player with the most appearances. Who owns that distinction?
Linebacker Chris Hanburger
Receiver Charley Taylor
Receiver Art Monk
Quarterback Joe Theismann

7) Which of the following movies was the top box-office hit during Green's rookie year in 1983?
Raiders of the Lost Ark
The Right Stuff
Return of the Jedi

8) The names of Green's wife and children all begin with what letter?

9) In Green's college days at Texas A&I, he was a nationally-renowned sprinter. During his senior year, his 10.8 second 100-meter time was second to which future Olympic champion?
Carl Lewis
Donovan Bailey
Renaldo Neamiah
Edwin Moses

10) Green has often said this Cardinals' receiver and frequent golf partner of Michael Jordan was always one of the toughest for him to cover. Name him.
Mike Quick
Roy Green
David Boston
Harold Carmichael

11) Green has scored more than one touchdown against three opponents during his career. Which of the following teams does not belong on that list?
Dallas Cowboys
New York Giants
Detroit Lions
Philadelphia Eagles

12) As of 2002, Green is one of only 13 active players in professional sports that have stayed with their current team for 15 years or longer. Which player in on that list?
Greg Maddux, Atlanta Braves
Steve Yzerman, Detroit Red Wings
Brett Favre, Green Bay Packers
Morten Andersen, Kansas City Chiefs

13) Which of the following quarterbacks did Green intercept a career-high three times in one game?
Philadelphia's Randall Cunningham
St. Louis Cardinals' Neil Lomax
Detroit's Chuck Long
Dallas's Gary Hogeboom

14) Which of the following Eagles' quarterbacks has Green not intercepted a pass against?

Randall Cunningham
Ron Jaworski
Bobby Hoying
Koy Detmer

15) Which of the following Super Bowl records did Green hold for many years before it was finally broken?
Longest interception return
Longest punt return
Most passes defended, game
Longest fumble return

16) Green didn't complete his bachelor's degree until 1998, but what university does he hold an honorary doctorate from?
University of Texas
Marymount University
George Mason University
George Washington University

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Note: This is an unscientific survey of readers.

© Copyright 2002

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