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Joe Gibbs Returns Trivia Quiz

 Joe Gibbs coached the Redskins between 1981 and '92 and led them to three Super Bowl victories. (Jonathan Newton - Post File Photo)
Joe Gibbs Special Report

By Dan Hargett
Special to washingtonpost.com
Web Posted: Monday, Jan. 12, 2004; 12:59 p.m. EST

1) Which current or former Washington, D.C.-based sports reporter once elicited an exasperated reaction from Joe Gibbs when he asked the then-Redskins coach what he thought of Playboy magazine picking Washington to go to the Super Bowl?
Glenn Brenner
Steve Buckhantz
Warner Wolf
George Michael

2) Joe Gibbs once dropped to his knees to witness the final play of which historic game in Redskins lore?
1987 NFC Championship Game vs. the Vikings
1982 NFC Championship Game vs. the Cowboys
1983 Monday night free-for-all vs. the Packers
1982 season-opener vs. the Eagles

3) The Redskins under Joe Gibbs were always known for finishing strong. What was Gibbs' career mark in games in December and January?

4) Joe Gibbs had no fiercer rival than Bill Parcells and the New York Giants during his tenure in Washington. What was Gibbs's record against the current Dallas Cowboys coach?

5) Who was Gibbs's first draft selection as coach of the Redskins?
WR Art Monk
DE Dexter Manley
LT Mark May
CB Darrell Green

6) Soon after being named Redskins head coach in 1981, Gibbs flew to Kansas in an attempt to convince this player to return to the Redskins. Who was he?
Joe Washington
John Riggins
Dexter Manley
Joe Jacoby

7) Gibbs famously began his first season as head coach of the Redskins in 1981 with an 0-5 record. Against which team did Gibbs earn his first victory?
Baltimore Colts
Los Angeles Rams
St. Louis Cardinals
Chicago Bears

8) Gibbs had 10 winning seasons in his 12-year tenure as Redskins coach. How many winning seasons have the Redskins had in the ensuing 11 seasons?

9) Which of the following teams has Joe Gibbs never defeated as an NFL head coach?
Cincinnati Bengals
San Diego Chargers
Carolina Panthers
Houston Oilers

10) Gibbs's playoff winning percentage (.762) is second in NFL history for coaches with at least 10 playoff appearances to which former legendary coach?
John Madden
Vince Lombardi
Bud Grant
Tom Landry

11) Which current or former Washington-based sportscaster first broke the story of Joe Gibbs's retirement in March of 1993?
Glenn Brenner
Steve Buckhantz
George Michael
Frank Herzog

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Note: This is an unscientific survey of washingtonpost.com readers.

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