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Week 7: Bills 24, Redskins 7
Got Game? Try the Postgame Quiz  Game Story  |  Grade Redskins

By Dan Hargett
Special to washingtonpost.com
Web Posted: Monday, Oct. 20, 2003; 12:18 a.m. EDT

1) Who was ultimately responsible for causing Patrick Ramsey's fumble on the Buffalo goal line during the second quarter?
Larry Moore
Takeo Spikes
Derrick Dockery
London Fletcher

2) Fox play-by-play announcer Kenny Albert confessed early in the ballgame that he and partner Darryl Johnston had traveled where the day before the game?
Johnston's mother's house for dinner
To Game 1 of the World Series
Niagara Falls
A happening nightclub with Rosie O'Donnell

3) As reported during Sunday's broadcast, what were the Redskins prepared to ship to San Francisco in exchange for enigmatic wide receiver Terrell Owens?
Laveranues Coles
Champ Bailey and a second-round pick
Two No. 1 draft picks
Rod Gardner and a first-round pick

4) What ambiguous product hawked during Sunday's broadcast implies that by taking it one might become a better quarterback?

5) Who was the first Redskin to draw a dreaded yellow flag during Sunday's game?
Jeremiah Trotter
Byron Chamberlain
LaVar Arrington
Chris Samuels

6) Bills running back Travis Henry broke several Florida high school rushing records of which current NFL running back?
Fred Taylor
Emmitt Smith
Jamal Lewis
Willis McGahee

7) The Redskins entered Sunday's game averaging the second-most penalties per game (10.7) in the NFL. Who was No. 1 and was No. 3?
Tampa Bay, Oakland
Oakland, San Francisco
Oakland, Tampa Bay
Philadelphia, Oakland

8) How many times did the Redskins go three-and-out against the Bills?

9) In a laudable effort to keep Sunday's game somewhat interesting, what did a thankful viewing audience learn about Fox color analyst Darryl Johnston?
He once participated in a punt, pass and kick competition
He has four sisters, three of whom are divorced
He keeps his gall bladder in a jar in his refrigerator at home
He never really liked former coach Jimmy Johnson

10) Which of the following bands or artists did not allow their music to accompany the hawking of essential products or services during Sunday's broadcast?
Steve Miller Band
The Cure
Sheryl Crow

11) The Redskins certainly didn't resemble an NFL team on Sunday. Which of the following athletic teams did they in fact most resemble?
The L.A. Clippers
The George Mason intramural champions
The Tampa Bay Devil Rays' AA team

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Note: This is an unscientific survey of washingtonpost.com readers.

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