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President Imperiled as Never Before
By Dan Balz Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, January 22, 1998; Page A13
If President Clinton has proven anything in his political career, it is that he can survive wounds that would be fatal to other politicians. But the ...
 In Clinton, a Past That's Ever Prologue
By David Maraniss Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, January 25, 1998; Page A01
The news reached Ron Addington at home in Arkansas one morning last week as he was preparing to drive over to Henderson State University to teach a ...
 A Crisis With No Parallel Clinton Scandal Fits Coarser, Faster-Paced '90s
By Dan Balz
Monday, January 26, 1998; Page A01
In the culture of Washington scandal, there is no parallel to the crisis that so swiftly enveloped President Clinton's White House -- not Whitewater, ...
 Composed in the Center of the Storm NEWS ANALYSIS
By David S. Broder
Wednesday, January 28, 1998; Page A01
On a night of extraordinary offstage drama, President Clinton delivered a robust yet relaxed State of the Union address that gave no hint that he ...
 First Lady's Determination Binds Power Partnership
By David Maraniss
Sunday, February 1, 1998; Page A01
In the early morning darkness of Wednesday, Jan. 21, up in the second-floor bedroom of their residence, the husband awakened his wife and said there ...
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