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Monday, November 20, 2000
_____Note to Users_____
Washingtonpost.com is moving its offices. Full coverage of breaking news will continue but some site features may be unavailable.
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President Of Peru To Resign; Fujimori, in Japan, Cites Rivals' Gains
By Anthony Faiola, Page A01
With his once iron grip on Peru crippled during a roiling political crisis, President Alberto Fujimori said today he will step down within 48 hours by sending a formal letter of resignation to the Peruvian Congress from Japan.

Analysis; Clinton Witnesses 2 Sides of Vietnam; Leaders Indifferent, Youth Enthusiastic
By Rajiv Chandrasekaran, Page A11
President Clinton's historic journey to Vietnam ultimately turned into a visit to two very different countries, one run by Communist Party stalwarts loath to change their ways and another teeming with restless young people yearning for a more open economy and political system.

India Announces One-Month Cease-Fire in Kashmir; Unilateral Move Aimed at Opening Talks With Rebel Groups
By Pamela Constable, Page A11
The Indian government tonight announced a one-month unilateral cease-fire in Kashmir, the mountainous region bordering Pakistan where Indian troops have been fighting Muslim separatist rebels for the past decade.

Turkey Struggles to Bring Order to Lawless Prisons; Controversial Amnesty Plan Could Free 25,000
By John Ward Anderson, Page A11
First came the prison riot, in which 28 guards and officials at a Turkish jail were taken hostage. Then came the horrifying deaths of inmates thrown from prison windows. Next was a 10-hour standoff between police and a leader of the uprising, who inexplicably was allowed to keep a gun, drugs and two cell phones during his transfer to another institution.

Barak, Arafat Show Signs Of Restraint
By Keith B. Richburg, Page A12
An Israeli diplomat was slightly injured in an apparent assassination attempt in Jordan today, and Israeli troops shot and killed a 14-year-old Palestinian stone-thrower in Gaza. But overall, the level of violence seemed sharply lower than it has been for the past seven weeks as both sides cooled their rhetoric and appeared to step back from a full-scale confrontation.

Yemen Detains Possible Accomplices in Cole Bombing
By Karl Vick, Page A12
Authorities have detained some alleged accomplices, all Yemenis, in the Oct. 12 suicide bombing of the USS Cole, a Yemeni security official said today.

ASIA JOURNAL; Indians Cash In on Kashmir With Blockbuster Film, Novel
By Pamela Constable, Page A15
The decade-long guerrilla conflict in Kashmir has all the ingredients of an action thriller: horrific violence set against a backdrop of scenic lakes and mountains, daring men in uniform pitted against determined insurgents, families wrenched apart by turmoil and suspicion.

Russia Orders Questioning of TV Executive
Page A15
Russian prosecutors have summoned the outspoken director of the country's largest private television station for questioning, the company said today.

Page A16
MADRID--The Basque separatist group known as ETA claimed responsibility yesterday for 17 attacks since July that killed eight people in Spain, but said it regretted the death of a Madrid bus driver during an Oct. 30 car-bomb attack on a judge. ETA has now claimed responsibility for all 20 assassinations that the government has blamed on the outlawed group this year.

Clinton Urges Vietnam to Open Its Markets; In Ho Chi Minh City, President Extols Foreign Investment
By Clay Chandler, Page A18
On the final day of his historic visit to Vietnam, President Clinton stood today at a container port on the Saigon River and urged the heirs of the communist revolutionaries who chased out U.S. soldiers 25 years ago to "liberate" their children by throwing open the country's markets to foreign trade and investment.

Letter From Cuba; Island Of Faith; As Havana's Fortunes Fall, Yoruba's Prayers Are Rising Up
By Eugene Robinson, Page C01
The babalawo is in. Step this way; he will see you now.

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