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The 1996 Virginia News Quiz

By Marylou Tousignant, Michael D. Shear Marylou Tousignant and Michael D. Shear

Wednesday, December 25 1996; Page V01

You lived through it. You saw it on TV. You read about it in the paper. Now see whether you remember any of it.

1. The Vienna Town Council got dyspeptic over a proposed Taco Bell because the fast-food eatery: (Go to the answer.)

A) Might draw an undesirable clientele.

B) Would worsen the town's litter problem.

C) Would add to congestion on Maple Avenue.

D) Has too many colors in its corporate logo.

2. After an hour-long standoff, officials near Roanoke needed four shotgun blasts to bring down: (Go to the answer.)

A) A dangerous, escaped convict.

B) A marauding black bear.

C) An empty runaway fishing boat.

3. When nationally acclaimed Thomas Jefferson High School came in second during a statewide band competition, the band's director: (Go to the answer.)

A) Made a gracious thank-you speech.

B) Congratulated his band members for their hard work.

C) Threw the trophy in the trash.

4. The most talked-about food item at the Prince William County fair this year was: (Go to the answer.)

A) Brunswick squirrel stew.

B) Old Milwaukee beer.

C) Paul B. Ebert's five-alarm chili.

D) Ostrich on a stick for $3.50.

5. When John and Sandra Wagner showed up for their son's graduation at Virginia Tech, they were stunned to learn that he was: (Go to the answer.)

A) On the dean's list.

B) Giving the commencement address.

C) Not even enrolled.

6. Archaeologists at Jamestown made a historic discovery when they unearthed: (Go to the answer.)

A) The remains of an old English fort.

B) A colonial privy.

C) Blueprints for an 18th-century Jack Kent Cooke Stadium.

D) Jimmy Hoffa.

7. To get more cars on the Dulles Greenway, the private road's owners: (Go to the answer.)

A) Raised the speed limit.

B) Lowered the tolls.

C) Renamed it the Beltway.

8. With Disney's America now out of the picture, town officials in Haymarket turned their attention to the more pressing problem of: (Go to the answer.)

A) Sewer and water hookups.

B) Traffic congestion.

C) Whether to ban "silly string."

9. The biggest wildlife problem for Virginia game officials was: (Go to the answer.)

A) Deer in the suburbs.

B) A shortage of blue crabs in the Chesapeake.

C) Out-of-season hunters.

D) A toxic toad named Bufo.

10. One of the more noteworthy crimes occupying Prince William police investigators this year involved: (Go to the answer.)

A) A missing fire truck.

B) A missing penis.

C) A missing Frosty the Snowman lawn ornament.

11. Speaking of John Wayne Bobbitt, he made the news again when he: (Go to the answer.)

A) Became a Las Vegas minister.

B) Became a Las Vegas blackjack dealer.

C) Became a Las Vegas bouncer.

D) Became a Las Vegas showgirl.

12. A bubbling hot tub display at a home supply store was believed responsible for: (Go to the answer.)

A) Soaring sales of whirlpools.

B) A flood in the plumbing department.

C) An outbreak of Legionnaires' disease.

13. A nasty business feud in Fairfax County's exclusive Great Falls neighborhood culminated when a corporate jet salesman pleaded guilty to: (Go to the answer.)

A) Bilking his customers.

B) Price fixing.

C) Altering company documents.

D) Repeatedly spitting on a jewelry store door.

14. A one-time FBI agent gave the agency a black eye when Prince William police said he: (Go to the answer.)

A) Threatened to kill his ex-wife, also a former agent.

B) Threatened to blow up his ex-wife's minister.

C) Set up another woman to take the fall in a life-insurance scam.

D) Planted explosives at two local colleges.

E) Planted explosives outside a Manassas church.

F) Accused his ex-wife of having a lesbian affair with a prominent novelist.

G) All of the above.

15. Breaking with its 157-year-old tradition, Virginia Military Institute agreed under legal pressure to: (Go to the answer.)

A) Admit women.

B) Open a school of cosmetology.

C) Make mini-skirts optional.

16. In his successful reelection bid for U.S. Senate, Republican John W. Warner's greatest obstacle was: (Go to the answer.)

A) Widespread opposition within his own party.

B) Heavy spending by his well-heeled Democratic opponent.

C) An endorsement from Dan Quayle.

17. Which of the following was observed on area interstates in 1996? (Go to the answer.)

A) 1,000 pounds of cat litter.

B) A dozen stampeding cows.

C) 46,000 pounds of orange juice concentrate.

18. An Arlington mother said she was going to file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission after discovering that her 7-year-old son had been watching one of the following on television: (Go to the answer.)

A) Barney. For the millionth time.

B) Bruce Lee.

C) Regis and Kathie Lee.

D) An erotic movie on the "Spice" channel.

19. Fairfax County fired its top official, William J. Leidinger, for: (Go to the answer.)

A) Shoplifting at a Herndon clothing store.

B) Failing to communicate with his board of supervisors.

C) Proposing to build a baseball stadium at Mount Vernon.

D) Slashing the tires of a high school student's car.

20. Which of the following did NOT happen at a Virginia college this year: (Go to the answer.)

A) William and Mary's president was tattled on for tippling sherry in his office.

B) Six VMI students were disciplined for hazing a cadet with bone spurs.

C) U-Va. held an etiquette dinner to teach students which fork to use.

D) Virginia Tech's Hokie Bird mascot punched out a rival school's mascot.

21. A regional panel studying how to replace the aging Wilson Bridge recommended: (Go to the answer.)

A) Constructing two bridges with 12 lanes.

B) Building a tunnel from Springfield to Bowie.

C) Purchasing a dozen hovercraft to ferry traffic across the Potomac.

D) Moving the river.


Score 1 point for each correct answer.

1. C. (Vienna has a three-color limit on business signs. Taco Bell has a six-color logo. Enough said.) Go back to the question.

2. C. (The boat's owner was tossed by choppy water in Smith Mountain Lake.) Go back to the question.

3. C. (He later apologized.) Go back to the question.

4. D. (Animal rights activists were not amused.) Go back to the question.

5. C. (Although his parents kept sending tuition and walking-around money, Brad Wagner secretly had dropped out of school two years earlier.) Go back to the question.

6. A. Go back to the question.

7. A and B. (Although we think C might work better.) Go back to the question.

8. C. ("It got out of hand," the town clerk said after youngsters at a local festival went wild with the stuff.) Go back to the question.

9. D. (At least in Albemarle County, where Bufo, a three-pound South American toad with poisonous skin, proved deadly for Duke, an 11-year-old German shepherd who regrettably mistook Bufo for a doggie toy.) Go back to the question.

10. C. (The penis, as the whole world knows, is no longer missing.) Go back to the question.

11. A. (Honest.) Go back to the question.

12. C. (Investigators blamed contaminated vapors.) Go back to the question.

13. D. (The three-year contretemps started over a disputed watch repair.) Go back to the question.

14. Trick question. The correct answer is: all of the above. (If convicted on all charges, Eugene Bennett could face a sentence exceeding two life terms.) Go back to the question.

15. A. (For now.) Go back to the question.

16. A or B. (Quayle, in fact, helped bolster Warner's standing among conservatives.) Go back to the question.

17. A. (The cows were last year. The orange juice tanker jackknifed this year, but not all the juice escaped.) Go back to the question.

18. D. (Cable officials blamed a computer glitch that allowed off-color pay-per-view movies to be seen by subscribers who didn't order them.) Go back to the question.

19. B. (D was the county auditor, who denied the act but resigned.) Go back to the question.

20. Another trick question. All are true. (In his defense, William and Mary's president pointed out that serving sherry to guests on Friday afternoons is "an academic indulgence" rooted in the college's history. The Hokie Bird, meanwhile, was suspended for "conduct detrimental to the game" of football, but the school quickly appointed a backup bird.) Go back to the question.

21. A. (But don't bet against D -- nothing's final yet.) Go back to the question.

Scoring: 16-21 points, apply for the job of Washington Post Virginia editor; 8-15 points, apply for the job of Washington Post Virginia reporter; 0-7 points, you probably are a Washington Post reporter.

© Copyright 1996 The Washington Post Company

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