It can be tough to figure out today's real estate market, especially if you are trying to make decisions about buying or selling a home.

» Shifting Winds, Shifting Choices


State of the Market

From owners to sellers to renters, the changing market affects all kinds of Washingtonians.

A Buyer's Market? Yes, Lenders Permitting

There's plenty of room to negotiate home purchases, but not in arranging a mortgage.

How Much For That House?

What can your money get you today? Here's an overview of properties on the market.

The Choices We Face

Take a personal look at the area's housing market from the perspective of real Washingtonians.

Poor Credit Clouds Hopes For a Bargain

A home shopper looking to upgrade is finding his plans bedeviled by his credit score.

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Regional Property Values

How did real estate prices in your neighborhood change last year? Check our maps and data.

Online Discussion

Live Chat
The Post's Real Estate Editor Maryann Haggerty came online to discuss the Washington-area housing market with readers.

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