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Stumped by the current housing market? You're not alone. These days, finding a bargain home or cashing in at closing, all depends on your zip code.

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For Buyers

If You Buy, Will You Lose Money?

In a saturated housing market, would-be buyers must decide whether purchasing right now is a smart move.

For Sellers

Housing Experts See Price Declines in 2008

These days, many sellers are being forced to lower asking prices. And experts say things won't get any better.

For Everyone

Been There, Done That

New to the ups and downs of the local market? A few readers share their tales of housing joy -- and angst.

The Market Now

Check out the number of homes listed, sold and median sales prices in your area.

Regional Property Values

Want to know how much that house down the block sold for? Find out by using our online tool.

Search for a Home

Search for new homes, condos and other real estate in and around the Washington area.
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