Home prices in the Washington area soared in 2004. Get an overview of the housing market in each jurisdiction, complete with median sales prices and number of homes sold.

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The Post's annual Real Estate Housing Outlook provides an in-depth analysis of housing trends in the metro area. Read about how much house your money can buy (hint: not much), compromises you'll need to make to buy that dream home, and the up-and-coming areas to live in.

Higher Prices, Tougher Choices

Higher Prices, Tougher ChoicesSharon and Edward Virag had a clear vision of the house they wanted to buy when they moved here from Phoenix.

How Much Home Does Your Money Buy Now?

How Much Home Does Your Money Buy Now?So, as home prices here continue to hit new highs, what can a house-hunter expect to find out there?

Median Sales Price Tops $300,000

Median Sales Price Tops $300,000House prices throughout the Washington area continued their relentless climb last year, with costs rising in every jurisdiction and the median sales price topping $300,000.

Live Online Discussion

Mary Ann HaggertyPost real estate editor Maryann Haggerty was online to answer your questions about trends in the local housing market.

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