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The Washington Post is now even more essential and more in tune with the way you interact with the news.

Get to the content you want faster. Follow stories as they develop and share your ideas as they evolve. Watch events unfold with expanded video content. Know what's getting the most buzz and what's really happening in the D.C. area. Take the tour of our bold, enhanced reader experience—where every change has enriched usability, imagery and engagement.

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What’s New: Navigation

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Politics section

Business section
  1. Core Pages: Politics, Opinions, Local and Sports

    These new destination pages are the hubs of core Post content. Since so many visitors come for our award-winning political coverage, informed and balanced perspectives, breaking local news and the best in D.C. sports coverage, we put it all up front with organized content you can get to faster.

  2. National, World, Business, Investigations and Multimedia

    Clearly labeled news sections guide you to categorized content. For example, in National you'll find Health & Science coverage, Energy & Environment and the blogs On Faith and On Leadership. World takes you to in-depth and breaking news from international hot spots. Find policy news, Capital Business, market news, columnist Ezra Klein and more in Business. And see what The Washington Post does best in the Investigations section.

  3. Entertainment and Lifestyle

    Previously presented together in the popular Arts & Living section, this content is now divided between two sections that are better defined and organized. Style, Food, Travel, Wellness, Home & Garden, Advice, Weddings—and great blogs and columns—are now in Lifestyle. Celebrities, Movies, TV, Going Out Guide, Books, Museums, Theater & Dance, Comics, Puzzles, Horoscopes—and more great blogs and columns—are now in Entertainment.

  4. Conversations

    The new destination for all of our social content. This is where to find our popular Discussions & Forums, plus Post Tweets, Facebook Fan Pages, Network News and Social Galleries.

What’s New: Features

New feature: The Post Most

Enhanced Video Content

More video in more sections. Better integration and much more visibility across the site, giving you more of the story than ever. The new Multimedia section will showcase photos and video galleries.

Post Today

Each morning, your news intake starts with a new video on the day's top local stories and features.

The Post Most

Stay on top of the most popular stories, videos and galleries of the day.  

In the News

Get right to the day's most important topics. You can find them on the home page as always, and now from any page across the site as well.

Top Comments

Join the discussion among Post writers and our new reader communities. Get badged as a Post Forum member, a Washingtologist, or a SuperFan.


This new blog pulls the curtain back, giving users a behind-the-scenes look at our latest digital product launches.

What’s Moved


Rather than a single navigation bar labeled "news," all news content is now distributed under core pages and sections for a more organized presentation. As examples, you'll find campaign news under Politics, crime news under Local, Afghanistan news under World and celebrity news under Entertainment.

Arts & Living

The name is gone, but you'll find all the content you want in two new sections, Entertainment and Lifestyle.

Where can I find the Live Discussions schedule?

The daily and weekly schedules can be accessed via the ‘Live Discussions’ module on the right side of the home page. Two of the day’s top discussions are highlighted in the main content area of the home page below ‘Featured Videos’. You can also access the schedule by clicking on ‘Discussions and Debates’ in the Conversations section.

How can I find my favorite blog?

Blog listings can be found under each section and a comprehensive list of all Washington Post blogs can be found at washingtonpost.com/blogs.

How can I get to the Capital Weather Gang?

Simply click on the weather icon that can be found at the top of the home page and core pages (Politics | Opinions | Local | Sports) and that will take you to the main weather page and the Capital Weather Gang blog.

Where is the Pets section?

Pets, which used to be in Arts & Living, can now be found in Classifieds.

The Washington Post Magazine; Local Living section

These sections are now available in Today's Paper, the online version of The Post print newspaper. You can access The Magazine within Sunday's paper and Local Living within Thursday's paper. Weekly sections remain accessible throughout the week. Simply click on the section and the article you want to read to open a new screen and adjust text size as needed.

‘On Leadership’ and ‘On Success’ blogs

These blogs can be found under National on the main navigation bar.

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