Part 3: Northern Resurgence

Although dispirited by its defeat at Bull Run, the North doggedly continues its efforts to crush the rebellion. By early spring the persistence will pay off and the Union will push the Confederacy to the brink of collapse.

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GRAPHIC: Gene Thorp - The Washington Post. Published Oct. 7, 2011.

Part 1: The Road to War

Abraham Lincoln's election spurred the slave-holding states of the Deep South to secede.

Part 2: Fury Unleashed

Years of built up tension are released when the opening shots of the Civil War are fired.

Part 4: Rebellion Rebound

Confederate armies pull together and push the Federals back to the gates of Washington.

Part 5: A new birth of freedom

The first Confederate invasion is stopped in the fall, while winter Union counterthrusts meet with disaster.

Battles & Casualties interactive map

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Civil War 150

The Washington Post continues its special coverage of the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War.