Create a caucus: Seating arrangements
at the 2011 State of the Union

The 2010 State of the Union. (AP)

Washington Post staff writers Monica Hesse and Jason Horowitz write in Tuesday's Washington Post about some of the lesser recognized commonalities between legislators across the partisan divide. They suggest seating lawmakers in caucuses with names like "Coulda Been a Contender Row" (Sens. John McCain, John Kerry and Lamar Alexander) and "Timeout Corner" (Reps. Joe "You lie" Wilson, Steve "Big lie" Cohen and Randy "Baby killer" Neugebauer).

What common ground do you see on Capitol Hill? Using the form below, add a caucus composed of as many as five legislators and check out what other readers came up with.

United, we sit. Divided, we caucus. For one night Congress plays musical chairs.

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