Your tech persona revealed

It's easy to get blinded by a gadget's cool factor or processing power. But smartphones, tablets and e-readers are increasingly becoming mere portals for the content pushed by four major technology companies: Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft. In many cases, you can't transfer your apps, entertainment or other data between the platforms, making switching between them difficult.

Before you snap up your shiny new toy, take a second to think about the entertainment and other options tied to the device of your choice. Do you prefer choice or simplicity? Do you want a gizmo for work or for play? Are you more a reader or a cinephile? Five minutes of research could save you hours in the returns line. Read Hayley's article or see more holiday gift suggestions.

From a tablet or smartphone, I want:

Find out your tech gadget personality!

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SOURCE: Hayley Tsukayama. ILLUSTRATIONS: Serge Seidlitz for the Washington Post. GRAPHIC: Emily Chow - The Washington Post. Published Nov. 19, 2012.