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Post 200 Editor Terri Rupar and Stan Soloway, of Professional Services Council, discuss Washington's economy.
Post 200 (Michael Kirkham for The Washington Post)
Federal Spending Is Region's Bright Spot

The boom in government spending is attracting keen interest from big utilities, technology firms, start-ups and the lobby firms they employ. And it has foreign investors scouting real estate opportunities.

[Steven Pearlstein]

Always Looking Up

Steven Pearlstein profiles real estate magnate Joe Robert, who despite the downturn and illness keeps moving forward.

[Tom Heath]

Value Added

The Recession Playbook

Business leaders discuss how to adapt to the uncertain economy with The Post's Tom Heath.

[Kim Hart]

The Download

New Source of I.T. Work

Kim Hart writes how tech contractors are shifting focus to cloud computing and virtualization.

Editor's Note

It is impossible to read through the company profiles in this year's Post 200 and not get a sense of the damage that has been inflicted by the economic downturn. And yet, all is not gloom and doom.

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See how the Post 200, which starts with a list of the 95 largest public companies with headquarters in the District and its suburbs, was compiled.

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