Top TVs for your living room

By David Pierce |

Here are some of the top TVs being sold this season for everyone from the budget- conscious to the budget-free.

Panasonic VIERA VT30

If you watch a lot of dark movies or a lot of sports, you'll want the sharp detail and dark blacks plasma TVs offer. The VT30 is one of the best plasmas on the market — it doesn't come cheap, but its picture quality, 3D performance and Internet connectivity are hard to beat.

  • Price: $2,499.95 for 55-inch set
  • Pros: Excellent contrast and picture quality. 3D-capable. Plenty of Web apps.
  • Cons: Expensive. Plasma isn't very energy-efficient.
  • Ideal for: A big, dark home theater.
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Samsung UND8000

Samsung's D8000 TVs tick all the boxes: fantastic image quality, wireless capabilities, lots of Internet apps and a gorgeous design. If you can stomach the price, the D8000's overall performance is as good as any TV on the market.

  • Price: $3,599.99 for 55-inch set
  • Pros: Beautiful design. Excellent 2D and 3D picture quality. Lots of apps, with a keyboard included.
  • Cons: Extremely expensive. Lousy user interface.
  • Ideal for: The spare-no-expense videophile.
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LG LW5600

TVs look good only in the darkest of settings, but sometimes you can't blot out the sun while you watch a movie — that's what the LG LW5600 TVs are for. They have matte screens, which don't take on glare like glossy sets, and still have solid picture quality and features for a reasonable price. It even has a motion-sensitive remote, so you can control the TV Wii-style.

  • Price: $989 for 47-inch set
  • Pros: Matte screen is great for bright rooms. Good picture quality. Cool motion-controlled remote.
  • Cons: 3D performance isn't great. Internet offerings aren't particularly robust.
  • Ideal for: The living room TV.
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Vizio E3D0VX

Vizio's E3D0VX series TVs aren't the best-looking sets you'll see, but they have solid image quality, all the Internet features you'll need — not to mention they're as cheap as you'll find for 1,080-pixel 3D playback.

  • Price: $699.99 for 42-inch set
  • Pros: Cheap for a 1,080-pixel, 3D-enabled TV. Plenty of Internet options.
  • Cons: Picture quality isn't as good as it could be. Not a very good-looking set.
  • Ideal for: 3D on a budget.

Samsung LNC350

Believe it or not, you can buy a decent TV without paying an arm and a leg. The Samsung LNC35o's image quality isn't the best, but it's solid, and the TV even has a USB port built in so you can plug in your camera or music player and use your TV as the hub of your home theater.

  • Price: $429.99 for 26-inch set
  • Pros: USB port integrated. Very affordable.
  • Cons: Mediocre picture quality. Not a lot of inputs.
  • Ideal for: The budget-conscious TV watcher who can't tell HD from SD.

SOURCE: The Verge. GRAPHIC: Wilson Andrews and Michelle Williams - The Washington Post. Published Nov. 22, 2011.